How to Build an Essential Wardrobe… for Under $1,000

Style is important. It earns you respect: from women, from bosses, and most importantly, from yourself. Think about it: Do you feel better about yourself when you’re in an old band t shirt and sweatpants… …or when you’re looking your absolute best in a nice suit?...
75 Good Mottos to Live By (+ Why You Need Them)

75 Good Mottos to Live By (+ Why You Need Them)

Do you want to be a better man? Most men would say hell yes… in fact, a better question might be “who doesn’t want to be a better man?” Men seem programmed to set goals, challenge themselves, and try to be the best man they can be. We are incredibly good at wanting to... read more


Quip: The Last Electric Toothbrush You’ll Ever Need [Review]

Brushing your teeth… it’s something we’re all supposed to know how to do, but so many of us (95 million Americans every year source) fail to do so correctly. Are you one of them? If you know you are (or think you might be), Quip can help. It’s...
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