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Anson Vegetable Tanned Leather Belt [Review]

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By now, you guys know how much we love Anson Belt and Buckle’s holeless belt

…and the huge upgrade it gives you over your old, ratty belt (those stretched, worn-out belts that look incredibly sloppy and undignified (and are even a huge turn-off to women)).

And that’s why we were so excited when Anson let us know that they came out with a brand-new belt strap:

Check it out in our review of Anson’s brand new belt:

What Exactly is ‘Vegetable Tanned Leather’?

We know you’re probably thinking… ‘what’s vegetable tanned leather?’

Well, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that your leather belt strap is made of vegetables instead of real animal skin.

Tanning is “the process of treating skins and hides of animals to produce leather.” And vegetable tanned means that those leather hides are soaked in a mixture of organic materials (think tree bark from oak or chestnut trees), which slowly and carefully draw the water out of the hide, drying it to form a perfect leather strap.

The result?

An insanely tough and more durable leather strap that will last for years (and will look better with wear).

In short: vegetable tanning is widely considered the best way to turn animal skins into beautiful leather… which is why Anson’s Vegetable Tanned Leather straps are our pick for one of the strongest, longest-lasting belts a man can own.

The Incredible Versatility of Anson Vegetable Tanned Leather Straps

You’d rather own just one versatile belt that works with multiple outfits, instead of needing to buy several belts to match all your pants/shoes, right?

…Well, that’s one of the main reasons we like the Vegetable Tanned Leather Strap best:

It works with the most outfits (any formality, and any color).

It’s dressy enough to wear with suits (it’s sleek, high-quality leather)… but it’s also casual enough to wear with jeans or even shorts (it’s not overly glossy or formal).

…And it’s only available in the most versatile colors (black, brown, and tan), which will go with any color buckle, shoes, and pants.

Plus, Anson belts are completely combinable:

Each of Anson’s buckles can attach to each of their (same-sized) straps. This allows you can create multiple unique looks (without having to buy new belts to match every outfit). To put this into context, if you had 3 belt straps + 3 buckles, you can combine them to create 9 different, unique belts.

What’s more versatile than that?

Microadjust Technology

Like all of Anson’s belt straps, their vegetable-tanned leather strap uses their microadjust, holeless technology. If this is your first time hearing about Anson and their unique belt technology, here’s a quick refresher of why it’s so great:

  1. It has over 30 ratchet-style notches spaced 1/4 inch, meaning it will fit your waist perfectly (instead of old-school 5 holes spaced 1 inch apart, which aren’t guaranteed to fit any man perfectly),
  2. The buckle is held in place on both sides (instead of putting all the pressure on (and stretching) a single hole) so your belt won’t turn into a ratty mess.

In other words:

Anson belts fit perfectly, don’t stretch out, and are even more comfortable because they neither squeeze tightly across your hips (because they’re too tight) nor sag down/fall off your hips (because they’re too loose).

Pretty great, right?

In Conclusion

Look… you almost always wear a belt, why would you not get the best, most versatile belt you can?

The vegetable-tanned leather strap from Anson is the best (highest-quality) and most versatile (combinable, formal or casual) belt our Mantelligence team has seen.

Click here to check out Anson’s vegetable tanned leather strap, and see how just one well-made Anson belt can last you for years (through consistent wear, and with any outfit).


$24 @


An insanely tough and more durable leather strap that will last for years.


Black, Brown, and Tan

Microadjust Technology


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