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Aurum Brothers Premium Bracelets [Review]

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Guys, you’re probably thinking:

‘Bracelets aren’t something you often see on men’s wrists’.

but that will immediately change when you think about a bracelet like this:

Instead of an accessory without any real purpose, a well-worn, subtle bracelet (especially when paired with a beautiful, minimal watch) immediately looks and feels unique/highly stylish, without being ‘too much’ (like extremely modern haircuts, suspenders, etc.).

In other words, bracelets are a dead-simple way to increase your style and even your overall clothing attractiveness (the biggest factor that makes you attractive to women).

…And guys, you would love Aurum Brothers bracelets because they’re exactly the right type of bracelet:

Minimal, masculine, attractive, and incredibly unique without being flashy or over-the-top.

Check out their stylish, matte designs in our review:

A Minimal, Masculine Look

Aurum Brothers bracelets do not look like women’s jewelry and the simple/minimal style looks incredibly manly on your wrist.

Don’t believe it?

Take a look at the pictures above… see how the dark 12MM beads (like the tiger eye or the obsidian) blended with precious the metal beads (like sterling silver or 24 karat gold), create a look that’s subtle, yet also incredibly interesting?

That’s what makes these bracelets manly they don’t overly draw attention, but they give you an extremely unique look that’s intriguing.

…And here’s the really cool part:

Each bead was carefully selected because they display the most masculine traits from ancient cultures… some were used as ancient weapons, some were healing stones, and others were worn in battle (to evoke courage and bravery).

Pretty cool, right?

Any Man Can Wear

Now, if you wear bracelets, Aurum Brothers won’t be difficult to wear (since they’re both elegant and manly)…

…but if you don’t wear bracelets, it can be difficult to know how to wear them in that classic, subtle, manly way.

Here are a few tips, to show you how easy it is for any man to wear these bracelets (and actually look good doing it):

Tip 1. Aurum Brothers bracelets look incredible with a coordinating watch.

Many of the images on Aurum Brothers’ website show a man wearing a bracelet with a classic, minimal watch… and there’s a simple reason why:

A bracelet that’s close to your watch in color is the perfect way to ‘break into’ bracelets. Think about it:

You already wear something on your wrist, so a bracelet doesn’t stand out as much, and often isn’t even immediately noticeable (since the color is so similar to your watch band). But when it is noticed, it adds an interesting detail to your entire outfit, and makes your watch (and you) seem instantly more stylish.

Tip 2. The neutral colors are highly versatile, so wear your bracelet with any outfit.

Aurum doesn’t just offer one option for a man’s bracelet… they offer dozens. There’s the warm orange of tiger eye, to the sleek black of onyx, to the smooth blue of sodalite.

In other words… Aurum has a bracelet that will fit your sense of style exactly.

…And that can even go with any outfit: Aurum Brothers bracelets are of a high-enough quality that they can be worn both with a suit or to dress up jeans/shorts.

Tip 3: Wear your unique Aurum bracelet proudly.

Imagine this:

You walk up to a bar, and prop your elbows on it as you wait. Now, what does the beautiful woman next to you see… a plain watch, or bare wrists? That’s what she expects to see, right?

But on the other hand:

She definitely won’t expect to see a small, subtle bracelet… meaning without saying a word, you’ve instantly showed your uniqueness and confidence, since most men won’t wear a bracelet.

And that’s why it’s important to wear your bracelet with pride. Luckily, when your bracelet is made with handcrafted, high quality stones with manly histories/meanings, confidently wearing bracelets becomes incredibly easy.

In Conclusion

Aurum Brothers have created the perfect formula for the masculine bracelet:

Stylish + minimal + meaningful

Wearing their bracelets will help make you look (and more importantly, feel) more elegant, unique, and stylish than just wearing a watch or bare wrists alone.


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Minimal, masculine, attractive, and incredibly unique without being flashy or over-the-top.


Tiger eye, Onyx, Sodalite

How to Wear

With a coordinating bracelet and with any outfit

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