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53 Birthday Gifts For Dad – Items that will make his day extra special!

53 Birthday Gifts For Dad – Items that will make his day extra special!

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Trying to find awesome birthday gifts for dad is always a particularly challenging task, particularly because dads think they already have everything they need.

If you’re looking for guaranteed winning gifts for men, look no further. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of gift ideas that are sure to delight any man.


7 Best Birthday Gifts for Dad

There are birthday gift ideas for men, and then there are the best birthday gifts. This list is the latter.

For the dad who always has backup batteries for the flashlights and never hesitates to open the most stubborn jars, these gift ideas are specifically for the most important dude in your life.

Here are the 7 best birthday gifts for dad:

1. Dad Clock

The perfect timepiece to display on his office desk that will remind him of your thoughtfulness.

2. Led Flame Speakers

These weatherproof, Bluetooth, mobile stylish speakers are perfect for dad’s outdoor entertainment.

3. Massage Chair

Because dad busts his hump and deserves a little R&R when he gets home.

4. Wireless Charging Smart Table – 360° Bluetooth Speaker

The most capable and well designed table with technology that is sure to astound even the most tech-savvy dads.

5. Gas Pump Cabinet

This manly cabinet is perfectly fit for dad’s garage or man cave.

6. Golf Cart with Removable Seat

A premium, ergonomically-designed golf cart with a built in seat so he can rest his bum in between swings.

7. The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook

A comprehensive cookbook unlike any other, written by one of the most famous carnivores of our time, Steven Rinella.

9 Cool Birthday Gifts for Dad

Your dad is the coolest dad in town, and deserves cool gifts for dad that reflect his supreme ruggedness.

These cheap gifts for dad will perfectly compliment his fresh style.

Here are 9 cool birthday gifts for dad:

8. Pressurized Beer Mini Keg System

This mini keg is the next evolution of the growler and will amaze the craft beer lover in your life.

9. GoPro Fusion

The GoPro Fusion is the perfect gift for every water-loving adventure photographer.

10. Countertop Jukebox

This modern take on a vintage jukebox is the perfect solution to satisfy his love for the classics and oldies using modern technology.

11. Electric Indoor Grill

A perfect tool for the mancave or a backup plan for barbecuing in bad weather.

12. Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

This toaster is ingeniously designed to instantly provide hassle-free delicious hot dogs to your mouth in record time.

13. GreenWorks Combo Pack

This combo pack is the ideal upgrade for his old lawncare equipment.

14. Rustic Shave kit

This vintage, rustic shave kit will immediately elevate his morning routine like a trip to a classic barber.

15. Insulated Cooler Lunch Box w/ 3 Compartment

This well-designed heavy-duty lunch box is perfect for day trips or everyday use on the job.

16. Anti Air Pollution Smoke Mask

This face mask is the ideal safety device to protect the lungs from any pollutant, from mowing the grass to sanding wood.

7 Unique Birthday Gifts for Dad

For the man who never flinches when faced with the ugliest cockroach or the scariest spider, these unique birthday gifts will show your favorite man just how much you appreciate him.

Here are 7 unique birthday gifts for dad:

17. Ice Cubist Cocktail Slide

This inventive cocktail tool will keep your whiskey cold and pure so you can savor every last drop.

18. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

If you have a rescue of uncertain breed, this DNA test is the definitive answer to the never-ending question, “what kind of dog is that?”.

19. Travel Cocktail Set

A handsomly complete cocktail for the principled mixologist that’s guaranteed to keep the party going.

20. Letters to My Dad

This thoughtful, heart-felt gift for dad will create little time capsules that will be certain to make him smile.

21. Miniature File Cabinet for Business Cards

The miniature filing cabinet is a smart organizational tool for the hustler, the networker, the businessman in your life.

22. Automatic Revolving Tie and Belt Rack

Another fantastic organizational tool for his sophisticated wardrobe with a built-in light so he can get dressed early before the sun comes up without waking his sleeping beauty.

23. Rustic Leather Cylinder Case

A handmade, bourbon brown, leather carrying case, the perfect accessory for every elegant man.

7 Small Birthday Gifts for Dad

Just because your dad is larger than life, doesn’t mean he needs a big gift. This list of small gifts for dad is ideal for the minimalist in your life.

Here are 7 small birthday gifts for dad:

24. Dads ‘You Are Tea Riffic’ Slate Coaster

These sleek slate coasters engraved with clever sayings are a thoughtful gift any dad will appreciate.

25. 1 oz PU Leather & Stainless Steel Mini Keychain Flask

A small, unique novelty gift for the man who has everything.

26. Small Engraved Luggage Tag

This luggage tag is a personalized and functional gift any traveler would want.

27. Fisherman Gift Tool Fishing Multi Tool

The perfect multi tool to accompany every fishing excursion.

28. Handmade Leather Wallet

A one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, leather wallet for a truly classy man.

29. Mens Leather Coin Pouch

Because no one should have to carry coins around in their pockets.

30. Novelty Socks

A silly yet cozy and practical gift for the good humored, beer-loving man in your life.

6 Cheap Birthday Gifts for Dad

Your dad is probably your true penny hoarding sensei. He taught you the definition of frugality and always searches for the best deals.

These cheap gifts will pay homage to his wise lessons; he’ll be thrilled to know you’ve been listening all this time.

Here are 6 cheap birthday gifts for dad:

31. Classic Man Snack Gift Basket

This classic snack gift basket is a fun, easy gift stuffed full of interesting treats to enjoy.

32. Gold Tie Clip Ship

This is a subtle, elegant accessory every man needs.

33. Beard Brush & Comb Set

A complete beard grooming kit for the manly bearded dude in your life.

34. Handheld Cordless Percussion Massage Gun

A well-designed massager to help every hard-working man decompress.

35. Multi Tool Pen with Screwdrivers and Flashlight

Never be unprepared with this smart 7-in-1 multi tool set.

36. Engraved Compass

A vintage, engraved compass with carrying pouch every wanderer needs.

6 Birthday Gifts for Dad That Can Also be Christmas Gifts

Maybe your dad was a Christmas miracle, or maybe his birthday just happens to fall close to that magical holiday.

Whatever the case, if you’re looking for birthday gifts for dad that can also be Christmas gifts, make sure you check out these Christmas gifts for dad .

Here are 6 Christmas gifts for dad:

37. Walnut Liquor Dispenser

A fantastic, fun and functional piece of décor to spruce up any old liquor cabinet or table.

38. Yo Da Best Daddy – Coffee Mugs

A clever Yoda themed coffee mug every Star Wars geek needs.

39. ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf for Echo Dot

The best charging station for your Amazon Echo that easily mounts to your wall outlet.

40. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

A sturdy yet comfortable hiking boot to help the avid adventurer handle the toughest terrain.

41. Travel Case Humidor W/Cutter Lighter Set

A sleek, elegant, wood humidor with hygrometer that any cigar connoisseur will love.

42. The Compact Cigar Ashtray with Cigar Cutter and Punch

The perfect accessory for his home office or favorite coffee table that doubles as an elegant piece of decor.

6 Birthday Gifts for Dad Who Has Everything

Most dads tend to think they have everything they need in life. That’s why we compiled this list of birthday gifts for dad who has everything.

Watching dad keep up with the marketplace can be tortuous. They often don’t know what they need because they don’t know what’s available anymore.

Help your old man keep up with the times with these perfect gifts for dad who has everything, or at least he thinks he does.

Here are 6 birthday gifts for dad who has everything:

43. Zippo Personalized Custom Engraved Lighter

Because there are lighters, and then there are Zippo lighters, a best in class accessory every man should own.

44. Custom Dad Money Clip

A personalized chic alternative to the bulky leather wallet.

45. Wireless Car Charger Mount

An efficient, smart, 2-in-1 phone charger for your car.

46. Personalized Fishing Lure Set In Fly Box

These engraved fishing lures will definitely be his new lucky tackle set.

47. Grill Master Personalized Men’s Apron

This hilarious and purposeful apron is sure to complete his grill master set.

48. Dad Challenges Activity Box

The activity box is a fun, engaging game to motivate dad to get out there and seize the day.

5 birthday gifts for new dads

Is his birthday coming up? You’ll want to read this.

Men are usually not too fussy about birthday gifts. But you can always become more inventive that giving him a new watch every year – especially now that he’s a dad. Check out our amazing list of gifts for new dads. These gifts are bound to bring some cheer into his life.

Here are 5 birthday gifts for new dads:  

49. Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

Everyone loves a laugh…

50. Beer Bottle Cap

For the dad who loves collecting beer bottle caps.

51. The New Dad’s Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers

Every dad needs a survival guide.

52. Coffee Travel Mug

So dope…

53. Skechers Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker

All dads should have a pair of comfortable slip-on sneakers.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

Need some more awesome gift ideas for a special guy in your life? Check out these additional gift ideas that are sure to satisfy the most difficult to please.

  1. These sudsy beer gifts will definitely blow away the craft beer enthusiast in your life.
  2. These gifts for wine lovers were hand selected to impress the most enlightened vino connoisseur.
  3. Interested in a subscription box for men? This cigar of the month club is the manly gift that keeps on giving month after month.

How to Pick the Best Birthday Gifts for Dad

Gift giving can be extremely tough, especially for a man who wants for nothing. Dad is a career man. He’s a hard worker and a principled man.

He’s been so busy providing; he often forgets how to ask for things. So when you don’t have much to go on, follow these few simple guidelines for how to pick the best birthday gifts for dad.

Here is how to pick the best birthday gifts for dad:

1. Refresh an old treasure

Take a look at what dad used to love but doesn’t use as often anymore. Is an old fishing reel, a specialty tool from the garage, or a weathered grilling accessory?

Just as restringing a guitar with new strings will bring immediate joy back to playing an old instrument, refreshing an old treasure is a surefire way to rekindle an old passion.

2. Look at what’s NOT there

Often times, the best gifts we receive are those that we wouldn’t purchase for ourselves.

That’s why identifying what’s missing in your dad’s tool set or wardrobe, for example, is a great strategy to help dial in the perfect gift for dad.

3. Introduce a new technology

With old timers like dads, technology is a great category to target for great gift ideas.

New technologies are supposed to make our lives easier, but dads are conditioned to go at it the hard way. It builds character, they might say.

That’s why they’re unlikely to buy new gadgets for themselves; they need someone to introduce new technologies into their lives. Once they try out the latest gizmo, they’ll be sure to fall in love with the new device, whatever it may be.

In Conclusion

Finding the perfect birthday gifts for dad doesn’t have to be an unconquerable task. These gift ideas are certain to please every kind of man from the outdoors man to the businessman, from the techy to the hobbyist.

Of all the possible gifts for men, these gifts for dad will even delight the man who has everything. Just follow the steps above and dial in the perfect gift for dad, whatever the occasion might be.

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