Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock: The World’s Smartest Alarm Clock

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Our Mantelligence team really wants these Bonjour alarm clocks… because they’re the smartest ones we’ve seen yet on the market.

Bonjour pairs with Apple, Android, smart home systems, home security, and even Amazon Alexa and Fitbit, and responds to your voice commands with weather and traffic reports, sets alarms, and displays video.

…But what makes it really different?

Well, unlike the other voice-command devices, Bonjour can anticipate your schedule and even make changes for you on conditions you set. What does that mean?

Let’s say you want to go for a run in the morning… but only if it’s sunny outside. Just tell Bonjour to wake you up at 6:30 am if the weather is good, and to let you sleep if not. It’ll flawlessly obey your command.

…And that’s not all it can do… because it doesn’t even need to wait for your conditional commands to help you out. For example, if traffic is unusually bad, Bonjour might wake you up early to get to work on time. Or it might (nicely) suggest that you not snooze for five more minutes if your calendar shows an important meeting.

It’ll even show a live video if your security camera picks up something.

Pretty innovative (and helpful), right?

Now… check this out:

Bonjour is still being crowdfunded, so you’ve got a chance to receive a Bonjour for a $169 pledge… whereas they’ll cost $249 once backing is closed.