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Windowpane, stripe, and Bed-ford stripe

Make Your Whole Bed Feel Like the Cold Side of the Pillow [Review]

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Imagine this:

A woman you’ve just been on a date with follows you to your bedroom… and the first thing she sees is faded, holey, stained sheets on your bed.

Guys… not only do most women see this as a huge turn off, but most will question even getting into a bed when it looks like that: uninviting, unappealing and… well, gross. But on the other hand, if you have sheets that are incredibly soft, comfortable, and clean, she’ll want to crawl in (to her, this is the bed of a man… not a teenager).

…And we’ve found that exact kind of sheet in Brooklinen’s Classic Core sheet set. It can instantly make your bed the comfortable, inviting place that she won’t want to leave.

Check it out in our review of the Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set:

An Elevated, More Comfortable Cotton Sheet


Brooklinen’s Classic Core sheet set comes with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases… all made from long-staple cotton.

Long-staple (which essentially means long-fiber) cotton tends to produce considerably more comfortable sheets, as those physically longer fibers mean fewer fiber ends poking out of the thread (fewer ends mean smoother, much less scratchy sheets).

…And not only is long-staple cotton dramatically more comfortable, but it only gets softer and softer the more you wash it (without losing its beautiful, classic matte finish).

In other words:

These long-staple sheets are incredibly comfortable, get more comfortable with every wash… and are the exact type of sheet that any girl would want to roll around in.

With a Cooling, Breathable Weave


These Classic Core sheets are carefully woven to be the most breathable, cool, crisp sheets possible… and here’s how:

First, Brooklinen takes those same long-staple fibers and spins them together to form incredibly thin (single-ply) threads.

These single-ply threads are then woven using a percale weave (a weave that’s designed to let air flow), to create a sheet that’s ridiculously lightweight/breathable and that will keep you (and her) cool all night.

…And as Brooklinen puts it:

[These sheets] make your whole bed feel like the cool side of the pillow.”

And That Look Great (Especially to Women)


Of course you want your sheets to look great… your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, right?

…But one thing a lot of guys don’t think about is what women think about their bed. In her article on 7 Big Things that Turn Women Off, our own Robin Sutherns said that when a woman sees a man’s sheets, she wants to see an adult style (neutral colors and subtle patterns).

And here’s the great thing about Brooklinen’s Classic Core Sheets:

They have that exact adult style (that won’t women off)without being boring.

They have classically manly solid colors (like navy and charcoal), and classic, yet bold patterns (like windowpane, stripe, and Bedford stripe). This means that your sheets will look great, and they’ll be female approved/ready.

In Conclusion

Here’s the bottom line:

Make your bed a place that she never wants to leave, with Brooklinen’s crisp, ridiculously comfortable Classic Core Sheets.

Mantelligence Exclusive Discount

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Just click the button, and use code Mantelligence at checkout to get your exclusive discount!

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