Can you order beer online?

Unfortunately, many states remain behind the times and make it very difficult to get your beer through the internet. It is important for you to check whether your state allows you to receive beer through direct shipping before you purchase beer subscription boxes through a beer of the month club.

In many circumstances, you can purchase beer online and get it delivered to your home, but your ability to do so is dependent upon the state (or territory) you are living in.

The good news is that many beer of the month clubs have found ways to work around these outdated laws. There are beer clubs with specialty shipping! If you get discouraged by the rest of this article, know there are some options that still exist to slake your thirst!

That being said, the laws of this land can be pretty bleak for those who want to order their beer online.

Does Your State Allow for Online Beer Purchases?

Some states (Oklahoma, Alabama, and Utah) outright ban all out-of-state shipments of alcohol, including beer. Other states and territories (Mississippi, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands) don't have specific regulations in place that allow for this practice.

Many other states allow for the shipping of alcohol but they place limits on the activity. For instance, Delaware requires all shipments to be processed through a licensed wholesaler instead of allowing for unimpeded shipment from a company to the customer.

Another common requirement is for purchases to be made on-site before they can be shipped. That means, if you are in Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, or Rhode Island, you have to make a purchase in person before it can legally be shipped to your home.

That might make sense for your wine trip out to Napa Valley, but the law does no favors to those looking to get a new set of beers on their doorstep each month.

However, that bias towards wine drinkers runs across the country. Many states allow for the direct shipment of wine but haven't yet changed their laws to allow for the shipment of beer. While this may seem fairly nonsensical (it is), that's just the way it is at the moment.

At this point, it's easier to list the states that allow for the shipment of beer to your home than those that forbid it. There are five states (and one district) that allow you to ship whatever you want, those are: Arizona (although, again, you need to make the purchase in person first here), Florida, Hawaii, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and Washington, D.C.

A further eight states allow you to deliver beer to your home. These include: Delaware, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont, and Virginia.

What to Do If Your State Doesn't Allow Online Beer Purchases

If you aren't in one of these 14 locations, you'll need to double-check your state laws before signing up for the beer subscription boxes you want to join. And do make sure to check, because these laws are likely to change as craft beer continues to gain popularity.

As craft beer becomes an acceptable alternative to wine, laws may quickly change to reflect this new preference.

You should also check with your beer of the month club to see if there are alternative pick up options, so you can still enjoy new beers every month.

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