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Cute Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - FEATURED

24 Cute Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend - Start A Really Cheerful Talk


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by | | October 24, 2021

This list of cute questions to ask your girlfriend is just what you need.

Writing countless blogs about how to make a girl laugh has made me quite the expert on the best questions to ask and things to talk about with women. So, trust me when I say that you have found the list you need.

Let's dive right in!


Ultimate List Of Cute Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Asking your girlfriend all kinds of questions helps you bond with her and get to know her on a deeper level. Even couples who have been together for a long time need some things to keep the conversation going. Plus, you never really stop getting to know your partner, and that's why you should keep asking them about the things they like or hate. These questions here should be a great place to start.

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4 Best Questions For Your Girlfriend To Make Her Adore You More

When you want to make your girlfriend feel like a prize, asking these questions will definitely help. These are all about her and the things that she likes. Asking these would let her know that you're interested in making her feel good and special.

Here are 4 of the best questions for your girlfriend to make her adore you more:

1. How do you treat yourself?

This is an intimate question that you should be asking in the early parts of the relationship. Knowing what she likes to do when she's stressed can help you find out how to keep her relaxed. Be the boyfriend who learns how to massage her back or feet after a long day. Or, be the guy who surprises his girlfriend with a dinner date to celebrate her achievements.

2. What sounds or smells bring you comfort?

This is another good question to ask your girlfriend. Sounds and smells are often connected to memories. When you ask her about this, it might even bring up her favorite memory. Find out if she likes the smell of vanilla because her grandmother used to spray her scent all over the carpet. Or, maybe she likes the sound of the ocean because she stayed with her cousins during the summer at their beach house. It will do you a lot of good when you know these little things about her.

3. What game are you insanely competitive about?

This is an important question to ask because it tells you what she's passionate about. Every romantic relationship should have a little thrill, so find out what games she likes to play and challenge her! It will make a fun date night for both of you. Plus, you'll get to see precisely how much of a gracious winner (or sore loser) your girlfriend might be.

4. What makes you laugh the hardest?

This is a great question to ask because it helps you know how to make her happy. Whenever she's having a bad day, you should be ready with the thing that makes her laugh. Whether it's her favorite movie or videos of dogs bloopers, you'll look like a great boyfriend if you show these to her when she's down.

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5 Questions For Your Cute Girlfriend That Are Funny To Ask

When you're chilling with your girlfriend, and it gets a little boring, having funny conversation starters is the best way to get a good exchange going. Not only will you make her think about the answers, but you'll also get her mind going about what funny questions to ask you back.

Here are 5 questions for your cute girlfriend that are funny to ask:

5. If the earth could only have one condiment for the rest of time, what would you pick to keep around?

It may be a weird question, but if you know your girlfriend enough, you'll probably be able to guess her answer. Is she a lover of ketchup? Does she put soy sauce on everything? Or, maybe she's the kind of person who can't live without hot sauce. If you spend enough time with her, you'll know what she's going to pick even before you ask.

6. Have you ever lied about your age?

If she says she has, get ready with the cheesiest compliment ever. It goes like, "You know you don't need to do that. You look so much younger than you are." It's cheesy, but it will put a big smile on her face. Paired with a bit of a nudge and a "Stop, you're lying!" and you'll be in her good graces for the rest of the day.

7. How would you react if I was able to read your mind?

This is a cute question to ask to see if she still thinks of you a lot. Sometimes, couples may find themselves too used to each other that sweet gestures or thoughts may not occur as often as they used to. If she knew you'd be able to read her mind, you'll see her cheeks flush a little. If that doesn't make you feel lucky to be her boyfriend, I don't know what will.

8. If there was only one cookie left, would you share it with me?

Are you sure your girlfriend is ready to go all-in with you? This flirty question will tell you if she likes you enough to share the last piece of cookie left. Now, when she says yes, put it to the test and bring out a fresh box of cookies. Let's see if it's true!

3 Cute Yet Interesting Things To Ask Your Partner

If you ever think of interesting things to talk about, maybe it's time to learn from this list. We've got the best interesting questions to ask that can be great conversation starters for you and your girlfriend. Try some of these out the next time you need something to spice up your conversation.

Here are 3 cute yet interesting things to ask your partner:

9. What do you think is the first thing people notice about you when they meet you for the first time?

This is an interesting question to ask because you get to find out one of two things. First, it may be the thing she's most confident about. Second, it may be the thing she's most insecure about. Either way, this is something that you should know about so you know to compliment her or stay silent about it.

10. Who was your first crush?

Personal questions like this are always interesting to talk about. If she answers this question with the name of her celebrity crush, don't accept the answer. Let her answer with a real person's name and ask what crazy thing she did to get his attention. It's her first crush... she's bound to have done something hilarious.

11. What have you always wanted to teach me?

This is a fun question to ask because it can lead to an excellent activity for both of you. She can teach you her favorite thing to do. Does she like to do pottery? Maybe she enjoys writing songs. Or, she might love doing DIY projects for the house. Whatever it is, asking this sweet question will let your girlfriend share with you what she's passionate about.

4 Flirty Questions To Ask Your Significant Other To Reveal Her Cute Side

Do you want to reveal your girlfriend's cute side? You should try these flirty questions to ask a girl and see if they unleash something new you haven't seen yet. You might even learn some new similarities you never knew you had.

Here are 4 flirty questions to ask your significant other to reveal her cute side:

12. What do you look forward to the most when you think about getting old?

This can turn into a romantic question real fast when your girlfriend answers something that involves you. If she imagines growing old with you, that's a great way to say that she really loves you. It can even turn into a deep conversation about your goals and plans you would have finished when you reach that age.

13. Would you kiss me where people are watching?

If she says yes, go ahead and try it out. Recreate a scene from her favorite movie and get her all giddy inside. She'll love how forward you are and how proud you are to be with her. You can also take her to her favorite place and kiss her like it's the first time. That's a memory she'll keep in her heart forever.

14. What do you feel when we hold each other's hands?

A deep question like this will get her talking about her feelings. If you've been together for a long time now, it's good to know if she still feels giddy and excited when you touch her. A relationship question like this is still a good conversation starter because she gets to share how much she still loves you even after all this time.

15. What would you like me to call you?

This is the right question to ask when you're still at the beginning of the relationship. Some women like pet names like baby, sweetheart, and honey. Some girls prefer to be called by their first names. Make sure that you're calling her with a word she's comfortable with. Don't take offense when she doesn't like you calling her sweetie or pumpkin; it's all a matter of preference with this matter.

5 Cutest Text Questions You Should Ask A Girl

Do you ever run out of questions to ask a girl over text? I know I have. There are lots of topics to talk about, but sometimes, we just blank. She needs your consistency, even if it's just texting. So, take a few notes here and try them out the next time you need something to text your girlfriend.

Here are 5 of the cutest text questions you should ask a girl:

16. Which do you like better: sunrise or sunset?

Random questions like this can also have a purpose. Planning the perfect date for her can be easy if you know what she likes better. Find out if she likes daytime activities like surfing or roller skating. Or, maybe she enjoys nighttime activities like dancing or stargazing. Then, you'll have a guide of which one to plan: a sunrise or sunset date.

17. What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Give her a chance to talk about her favorite hobby or pastime. Watch how her face lights up when she talks about playing the guitar or baking special treats. When you ask her questions like this, it shows her that you're interested in what she likes to do. You can even offer to take some lessons from her and let her teach you things she's passionate about.

18. What's the nicest thing you've ever done for anyone?

She will probably talk about her family or a past relationship, but listen and pay attention either way. This is something she perceives to be really good and generous for her. So, it will do you a lot of good if you do something similar. Pay attention to the things she does for you, too. If she does something similar, you should thank her intensely because, in her mind, she's doing a really good thing for you.

19. What are your romantic fantasies?

Sexy questions like this don't always have to be about that. It can be about her wedding fantasy. Or, maybe a fantasy about what kind of house she wants to have. If she says she wants an alien-themed wedding with an alien-themed home to follow, go for it! It might be the weirdest thing, but if you really love your girlfriend, show your support.

20. If your life was a book, what would its title be?

Listen carefully to how she answers this question. She'll have to talk about what the story would be. So, whether it's her biggest fear or the biggest lesson she's learned, pay attention. Share your own insights and hear each other out. You might even learn something new about her with this question.

4 Cute Questions To Ask Your Sweetheart About Your Relationship

If you're ever feeling insecure about your relationship or feel like she is, maybe you should try these out. These relationship questions will get you feeling giddy inside because you'll hear a lot of sweet answers and thoughtful replies.

Here are 4 cute questions to ask your sweetheart about your relationship:

21. If we could recreate one day from our relationship, what day would you choose?

You better be prepared when she answers this. If she answers a specific day and you can't remember what happened, that would be the worst thing to do! If you don't want this question to backfire, make sure that you know what she'll say before you ask.

22. At what point did you decide that you wanted us to be a couple?

Truth questions like this are always great to talk about. It lets the both of you reminisce and remember all the fond memories you had when you were just starting as a couple. It also allows you to know the things that made her choose you. It helps you be aware of the things that attracted her to you, so you can continue to do them.

23. What are three things that make you go weak in your knees?

Questions like these can quickly turn into dare questions. She will probably answer things you do for her, so be prepared if she dares you to do them. Don't worry, though. You'll probably get a good reward for them. Just make sure you're ready with the things she likes.

24. What's one similarity between us that you absolutely love?

Sometimes, this is what keeps a couple together. Common ground is the easiest way to bond with your partner. Even if it's something as simple as your favorite color or favorite cartoon character, if you have it in common, you're good.

Downloadable List and Printable List of Cute Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Here is a downloadable list and printable jpg/pdf list of cute questions to ask your girlfriend (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still a little confused about the cute things you should say to your girlfriend? Check out these frequently asked questions and see if they answer any of your concerns.

What questions make a girl blush?

You should definitely give the questions in this list a try because they are some of the cutest questions we have. Other girls have unusual preferences too. Some like cute questions. Some enjoy dirty questions. Some may even like trivia questions. You'll know which one your girlfriend likes when you see her reaction.

How do you flirt naturally with your girl?

Flirting tricks are always good things to try. But, when you want to make it seem more natural, the best thing to have is confident body language. When you are cool, calm, and collected, it will give off a mysterious and chill vibe. That's usually what attracts women.

Do girls find shy guys cute?

If you find yourself asking, "Do girls like shy guys?" then it's probably time to tell yourself to be a little more confident. Girls can find shy guys cute, but at the end of the day, confidence is what's going to make them like you.

What topics should I ask her when she's bored?

If you need conversation topics for when she's bored, you should try asking what she likes to do when she wants her day to pick up. Usual things to do when bored are going out for ice cream or taking a walk in the park. Find out if she likes these as well.

Is it okay to be cute and cheesy in a relationship?

It's alright to be cute and cheesy in a relationship because that's usually how you'll make your girl smile. Don't be afraid to get silly and have fun with her because she's going to love you for it.

How to Pick The Best Cute Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Are you wondering what things to consider when asking cute questions? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you out.

Here's how to pick the best cute questions to ask your girlfriend:

1. Pick the right time.

When asking your girlfriend a cute question, always make sure that you ask her when she's not busy or when she's not dealing with anything serious. Ask only when you know she has the time and energy to interact with you.

2. Say cute stuff sparingly.

You don't want to be the overly clingy boyfriend who relies on cute and cheesy lines to keep a conversation going. Be the boyfriend who can balance light discussions and deep talks. Be the guy she can come to when she needs to rant or when she needs someone to cheer her up.

3. Choose questions that fit her personality.

Some of these questions may not apply to her or may offend her, so make sure that you're choosing the right questions that are fit for her. You know what she likes to talk about and what she avoids, so consider that when you pick questions from this list.

4. Listen carefully and share your input.

The purpose of asking these questions is to start conversations, so make sure that you listen intently and are ready to share your answers. Pay attention to what she's saying because you'll be able to use these in your future conversations with her.

More Awesome Questions

Now that you know all these cute questions to ask your girlfriend, maybe you should also check out these other awesome questions for your next great conversation.

  1. Put the cute questions aside for now and find out if these deep questions to ask your girlfriend can start a good discussion between you two.
  2. Do you need something new to talk about? Maybe these interesting questions for couples are what you need.
  3. Have you just started dating, and you want to know more about them? Try these 21 questions for a new relationship and get deep with your partner.

In Conclusion

Now, you're all set with these cute questions to ask your girlfriend.

You no longer have to worry about what things to talk about or how to make a girl laugh because these questions to ask can do all that and more. Make sure to ask the ones that fit your girlfriend and find the right questions for your relationship. That way, you won't only make her smile, but you'll also start many good conversations for you two.

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