Game night coming soon, and you don't have any fun drinking games for couples prepared? Don't worry; we've got a surprise in store for you!

As a lover of all kinds of games, from traditional to digital, I love hosting a good group game with my circle of friends! Now you might be thinking: is he really that much of a gamer? As my works published in OutwitTrade and Gamertelligence can tell you: Yes!

These drinking games to play with your girlfriend will surely be fun! So, ready your second player, and let's enjoy fun couple drinking games!


Ultimate List of Drinking Games For Couples

Looking for the ultimate couples drinking games for 2? We've got you covered! The best drinking games for couples have been compiled in this list. So, if you're looking to play more than just beer pong on your next game night, try these fun drinking games!

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5 Fun Games to Play While Drinking

Drinking may be fun by itself, but do you ever wish you could do more than just that? Aside from the usual conversations you can have with your drinking partners, you can also play some fun games! These games are a great way to enjoy the buzz you get from a hard drink... and may get you closer to your loved one. So, enjoy these addictive drinking games!

1. Flip Cup

Flip Cup is probably the most classic drinking game out there! For those who have never played it: Flip Cup is a team drinking game.

First, two teams with equal members must line up on opposite sides of a table, each with a single plastic cup. Then, each cup must be filled with an equal amount of beer or your drink of choice.

When the round starts, everyone must have a toast, then the first player of each team must empty their drink. Then, they must place their cup so it hangs off the table's edge, facing up. They must flip the cup using only one hand until it lands on the table, face-down! Then, the person after them must repeat this process without waiting for the other team to catch up. The first team to flip all their cups wins!

2. Never Have I Ever

I bet you've played Never Have I Ever before, but did you know that it started as a drinking game?

To play the game, a group of people must form a circle. The first player must state something they've never done - and people who have done that thing must take a drink. Then, the person next to them has to do the same. This can go on for as long as you like, but try to keep it reasonable!

Never Have I Ever is a fun game full of laughs and learning. You get to learn about the crazy things your friends have done and even learn more about your romantic partner. And if you don't know what to ask during this game, no worries! We have a helpful list of Never Have I Ever questions for couples that'll help you have a blast.

3. Movie Drinking Game

If you've never had a movie drinking game, you definitely should! It's a fun way to (re)experience a movie you've watched before.

To play: invite your partner or a group of friends to watch a movie with you. Then, each of you must set a bunch of rules for yourselves beforehand. For example: take a shot whenever someone says a specific word in the movie. It can be anything! You'll learn much more about your favorite movie this way and have a grand time drinking with friends.

Just don't take a shot every time you see a dinosaur in Jurassic Park!

4. Straight Face

Straight Face is exactly as it says: you must try to keep a straight face!

The group must prepare a bunch of funny, silly, or cringey things to read beforehand, and someone is chosen randomly to read it. You have to read the whole thing with a straight face, and if you don't, you have to take a drink. Simple, but definitely hard to pull off! It gets harder and harder the more you can't keep a straight face, so bring your best poker face when you play this game!

5. Most Likely To

Who is most likely to play Most Likely To? You might be, after reading this!

Most Likely To is a game that's best played among friends who know each other well. One person comes up with something, and the most likely to do or have done that is unanimously decided by the group members. That person must then take a drink!

This game's great for deepening your bonds with your circle of friends. Friends who know each other well will have lots of fun and laughs as they playfully rib with each other, and those who don't know each other all that well can learn a little more about everyone. And, of course, if everyone brings their romantic partner along, it'll allow you to form a deeper connection as you lightheartedly play around.

5 Exciting Activities For Your Next Drinking Night

If you wish you could spice up your next night out drinking, try some of these exciting activities! These games give you plenty of opportunities to socialize with your drinking buddies and learn a thing or two about them too. And even if you don't remember having so much fun the next morning, don't worry. You'll never forget the blissful feeling you had while doing it!

6. Two Truths and a Lie

This game is best played when you're not too familiar with each other, but even a close group of friends can have a lot of fun playing it!

The Goal of Two Truths and a Lie: to tell two truths about yourself and a lie and try to have everyone else guess wrong. Everyone must form a circle and have a drink in hand. Then, a person must say three things about themself: one of which is a lie. Everyone else must hold either one, two, or three fingers to indicate what they believe is the lie.

When everyone has decided, the person who told the two truths and a lie must admit which one is the lie. Whoever gets it wrong must take a drink. If everyone guesses right, however, the person telling the two truths and a lie must drink instead!

7. Higher or Lower

While the other games on this list are more about giving ample opportunities for socializing with friends, Higher or Lower is a simple game of skill and chance.

A deck is placed on the table, and the first card is put face-up. Then, players take turns guessing if the next card drawn is higher or lower. If the next card is equal to the previous card or lines up with the player's guess, they get to choose another player who will then drink. If they guess wrong, however, they must be the one to drink themselves!

8. Flip, Sip, or Post

For a drinking game with higher stakes, Flip, Sip, or Post is a game that raises it like no other.

For this game, you'll need a coin. One player must flip a coin, and the other must guess where it falls: heads or tails. If they guess correctly during this first flip, they get to flip the coin instead. If they guess wrong, the first player must flip it again.

Now, if they guess correctly during the second flip, they get to ask you a question, and you must answer. If they guess wrong the second time, however, it's time for the third and final flip.

This third flip is the most pivotal one. They get to take a shot if they guess right after two wrong guesses. However, if they guess wrong the third time, the person flipping the coin wins. What do they win? They get to post anything they like on the loser's social media account of choice. It could be anything, even embarrassing things!

However, if you're playing against your boyfriend or girlfriend, wouldn't it be so sweet if you posted something romantic instead?

9. Drunken Artists

Drunken artist is an adults-only version of Pictionary, so if you've played that game already, you know what the twist is!

If you haven't, though, the game is quite simple. The game needs a timer (a person with a stopwatch app) and an artist. The timer whispers to the artist a word, and the artist must draw something that represents it. Then, everyone else must try to guess what the word is!

If someone guesses the word correctly, they must stop the timer and record the time. Then, they divide that time by a number, usually 20, and that is the number of shots the artist must drink. Then, another artist is picked from the remaining players.

Hope you've got some artistic skills, or else you'll be downing quite a few shots!

10. Truth or Dare or Drink

Truth or Dare, but with a tipsy twist! Already the perfect game to play with friends, this one gives you a spicy third option in the form of Drink.

The game has simple rules: when it's your turn, you point at another person and ask them, "Truth, Dare, or Drink?" They have to pick one and either answer a question, do a dare, or take a drink. Then, it becomes their turn. The key here is that with everyone having a drink in hand, you can get away with much more than you normally would!

5 Romantic Things to Do While Drinking

If there's one thing drinking makes us feel, it makes us feel passionate. And that always leads to something fun to do when drinking with your partner. So, if you're looking to turn up the romance in the room, look no further than these romantic drinking games.

11. The Quiz Game

The Quiz Game is a simple but wholesome game that any number of players can play... but it's best enjoyed during a night out having fun with the bae.

The game is simple: You quiz the other player(s) on something, and the other players must try to guess the correct answer. If they get it wrong, they take a shot. If they get it right, you take a shot. Simple, right?

That's why, to make it more interesting, try to quiz your romantic partner about your relationship. Wouldn't it be fun to learn how much your partner knows about the time you've spent together? Just make sure not to forget your anniversary!

12. Speed Facts

Speed Facts is a game played between two people, making it perfect for playing with the love of your life.

The two players must take turns saying a fact about the other. They only have a few seconds to do so, and if they either state something false or take too much time, they must take a shot. So, better prepare ahead of time!

It's the perfect game to test your familiarity with the other person - like the number of kisses you've had, where you had your first date, and so many other things you'd be proud of your other half for remembering.

13. Answer A Relationship Question Or Drink

Answer a Relationship Question or Drink may be a mouthful, but it gets the point across. It's great for testing your girlfriend or boyfriend about your current relationship, but wouldn't it be fun to ask them about their other relationships?

The game is simple: you ask the other person a question about relationships - past, present, or future. If they don't want to answer, they drink.

Because the game is so straightforward, the real fun is coming up with questions. It may be a cliche to ask, "Would you like to spend forever with me?" but wouldn't it be so romantic?

14. Power Hour

Power Hour is not only a game for those who can handle their alcohol, but for some, it can be a rite of passage.

The goal is simple. You have to drink a number of shots in a period of time - everything being agreed to by the participants beforehand. Then, every participant must drink a shot simultaneously or as fast as they can - but it's usually safer (and healthier) to divide it into short rounds instead. The classic version is to drink 60 shots in an hour, but other variations exist. Either way, it's a test of endurance and a way to see who is the better drinker.

This game is great for a friendly contest between friends, but it can also be a way of enjoying a night of drinking with a loved one. Just make sure to do this at home unless you have a friend who can give you a ride back.

15. You Laugh, You Lose

You laugh, you lose. It's simple and straightforward, but the fun isn't in winning the game - but in how long it takes you to lose.

Like Straight Face above, you have to try not to laugh for as long as possible. One player has 30 seconds to make another player of their choice laugh. They can do anything - say something funny or do something silly. If they laugh, they have to drink!

It's just as fun watching it as it is to be the one made to laugh, so don't take it too seriously and have fun!

5 Sexy Games For You and Your Partner While Intoxicated

So, you've had more than a few pints in you, and your partner has too. You're having such a blast, but you can't help but think that you could still turn up the heat. So, turn the heat up with these sexy games for couples! Just make sure you've got a private place to try them.

16. Body Shots

For couples who aren't afraid of getting a little physical, a game of Body Shots takes physical affection to a whole new level.

To play this naughty game, either member of the couple must lie flat, face-up on a table or the floor. The other person then places a slice of lime in the laying person's mouth, skin facing inwards.

Whoever's not lying down must use only their mouth to lick a designated body part twice - first, plain, then the second, after sprinkling salt. Then, they take a shot from the glass in their hand and suck on the lime without removing it from the other's mouth.

If you'd love to explore your partner's body, give this sexy game a try!

17. Spin The Bottle

We've all played Spin the Bottle as youths or wanted to. But now that you're adults? It can quickly reach levels of passion even naughty teenagers couldn't hope to match.

Spin the bottle, and you kiss who it points to. You can give them a simple peck or fully make out with the person it points to. Because of this, it's best to play with a lot of single friends!

Just prepare a good bottle, and hope it lands on the person you've wanted to lock lips with.

18. Naughty Jenga

Jenga, but with a naughty twist! Naughty Jenga turns a challenging balancing act into something steamy and passionate.

The usual rules for Jenga are in place, but you can do a few new things with this version. One version has you write an instruction on each block you place, and the person who pulls it out must follow it. It can be anything, like "Kiss me" or "Hold my hand." Another version has the blocks already pre-written with instructions... some of which can be quite naughty. Of course, you can also play a steamier version of Truth or Dare Jenga. Either way, there are many ways to make this challenging game more interesting! Make sure to bring a drink - who knows how many blocks will ask you to take a drink.

And if the tower falls... We all know everyone's going to want to pile it back up.

19. Go Fish

Your standard game of Go Fish has been re-imagined by dirtier minds into something sexier. Why go fish when you can cast a line and hook up with whoever it hooks?

The standard rules of Go Fish apply, except that you have to take a drink whenever you lose. If you are told to "Go Fish," then you have to take a drink. If you get caught, as in, they ask for a card you have, you also have to drink. And when the game ends, each player has to drink a number of times equal to the number of books they lost by.

But why settle for simply taking a drink? You could easily make it so you have to kiss whenever you go fishing!

20. Striptease Dice

Striptease Dice is a game where everyone will play, and everyone will lose. But it gets more and more fun the more people lose, so you've got to give it a try!

Each player rolls two die in order. If you don't roll a double, you add the two numbers together. If you get an even number, you have to take a drink - but if you get an odd number, you have to strip an article of clothing.

However, if you get a double, you must follow a special rule. The players can decide these rules before the game or follow the standard rules of Striptease Dice. In order:

  • Double 1 – Snake eyes! You have to choose between stripping or drinking.
  • Double 2 – The next player drinks instead of you.
  • Double 3 – Freebie! You don't have to do anything, and it's the next player's turn.
  • Double 4 – You can make any player do Truth or Dare.
  • Double 5 – You get to put clothing back on. Not quite as fun!
  • Double 6 – If you want, you can skip your next turn.

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Downloadable and Printable List of Drinking Games For Couples

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of drinking games for couples (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

Will Drinking as a Couple Help Our Relationship?

After reading this article, you should have plenty of ideas on fun drinking games to enjoy with your special someone.

But the skeptic of you might ask: "Hang on a second. Isn't drinking bad?"

They told us about this: "Drinking ruins relationships!" And in some ways, you might be right. But before you nod your head and agree to what I just said, please remember that alcohol abuse is what ruins relationships, not the mere act of drinking.

Studies have shown that partners who share drinking habits may experience deeper intimacy, whether in the physical or emotional realm. That's not to say that it's the alcohol itself that's causing you to get closer - rather, having a point of commonality and engaging in a pastime with your significant other - is what gives the relationship a chance to deepen. Conversely, a relationship where only one person drinks are more likely to cause the other half of the relationship to blame the one drinking. So, there is some merit to drinking together with your partner.

But that, of course, doesn't mean that you should drink more with your partner. In the same study, couples who abstained from drinking altogether also experienced deeper intimacy. So the answer to the question isn't "Yes, drinking together is better." Whether you abstain or indulge, doing it together is what influences the relationship.

So, if your significant other drinks a bit, and you do too? It will help your relationship flourish. And in the same vein, if your significant other abstains from drinking, doing the same thing can also help you get closer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any more questions? We've answered a few questions you might have down below.

Is it okay to get drunk with my partner?

As long as you are both consenting adults, there's nothing inherently wrong with getting drunk! Before you commit to drinking a lot, however... make sure you both have someone to drive you home, are doing it in a safe place, and have someone who can stop you if you start acting oddly.

Will she have fun drinking with just the two of us?

Of course! She'll probably see it as a way to get closer to you and let loose. You'll have plenty of time for conversation, and fun drinking games, even with just the two of you.

What should I do if she's a heavier drinker than me?

If she's a heavier drinker, don't try to out-drink her! Settle for an amount that's just under your limit. You want to spend time with her, not pass out drunk before her.

What is the best hangover cure?

While there are many suggested cures for a hangover, nothing works the same for everyone. In my opinion, trying as many methods as possible will have at least one stick. That means hydrating, eating carbohydrates, drinking honey, and so on. Ultimately, what works best for you is something that won't work best for everyone else, so experiment to find out.

How to choose which game to play?

Whew, that's twenty whole games you can play with your significant other. Some of them let you have more people around, but for the most part, it can just as easily function with just the two of you. Now the question becomes, "What game should I play?" While it's plenty of fun just going with any of them... some games bring the two of you closer than others. So, how do you decide? Take these tips into consideration, and you'll find the perfect game for you.

  • Prepare the props beforehand.

Naturally, you can't play a dice game without dice. That goes for a game with cards, too. Some games are simply question-and-answer, but others require props. It's only natural and expected to prepare the items you'll need beforehand. And make sure they aren't lost in the aftermath, either!

  • Consider how deep your relationship is.

Before you play one of these games, you'll need to know just how deeply you feel for each other. If you're not that close yet, you should settle for a simpler drinking game that can get the two of you better acquainted. Going for a dirty game right off the bat may push her away from you instead of getting you closer. But if you're very close and want to take your relationship to the next level? Nothing brings two people closer than sharing a drink or a tipsy moment.

  • Figure out the level of difficulty.

Some games are all about simple social interactions, but others, like Naughty Jenga, require some things and some knowledge. If she's never played these games, try going for something simpler. It's more fun when you can understand what's happening!

  • Think about what her interests are.

Even if you're both set on playing a drinking game together, maybe your partner's more interested in talking than trying to down as many drinks as they can. Playing a game that aligns with said interests will make her have a funner time and get her to appreciate your thoughtfulness. At any rate, choose the best game for the player!

  • Check if the questions are appropriate and answerable.

A lot of these games are just ways to ask people questions, which is great for getting you closer to whoever you ask them. But before you ask the question, whether before the game or during it, you should ask yourself, "Is this appropriate?" If you feel like you'd be asking them something too personal and the game obligates them to answer, you could make them uncomfortable or even angry. So, unless you're absolutely sure you can ask the question, don't pop it just yet.

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