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Estream: The Essential Generator for the Outdoor Man [Review]

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We publish a lot of pieces about outdoor adventuring at Mantelligence… because most men have a passionate desire to be outdoors, learn survival skills, and experiment with really cool outdoor/survival technology.

…And I’m incredibly excited to show those ‘outdoor men’ this Kickstarter project: the Estream mini-power plant, by Enomad. This device is a portable (13″ tall, and under 2 pounds) water power generator, that will power any USB-driven device: your smartphone, tablet, PC, or GoPro.

How does it work?

It converts any moving water source into stored energy… three turbine blades send power to a generator, which stores that built-up power in a lightweight, powerful lithium-ion battery.

After 4.5 hours of turning in water, it stores enough energy to fully charge up to 3 USB devices (even tablet PC’s).

And to make it even more perfect for the outdoor man:

The translucent cover that protects the blades can be converted into a waterproof lantern (to use underwater, or in the rain). Pretty cool, right?

Now… here’s the best part:

The Estream is over 160% funded on Kickstarter, but the funding period doesn’t end until next Monday, Sept. 12.

…So right now, you can get the Estream, plus a duct to protect turbines, cable and peg to secure it underwater, and a free USB cable… but after Sept. 12, you’ll have to pay separately for each of those items.

Click the link to the right to learn more about the project.

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13″ tall


Potable water power generator


USB-driven device: smartphone, tablet, PC, or GoPro

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