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5 Everyday Hacks for Men That Attract Women – Simple things to do!

5 Everyday Hacks for Men That Attract Women – Simple things to do!

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5 Everyday Hacks for Men That Attract Women - PostIn today’s video we’re gonna teach you a technique you’ll use for the rest of your days: everyday hacks for men that attract women and how to get maximum benefit for minimum effort.

I’m not gonna lie to you, guys. Figuring out how to attract women takes a little work. But it doesn’t require a total makeover or a fake macho man persona.

And with these 5 everyday hacks  for men that attract women- these 5 simple things you can do every day – we’ll teach you how to get a girl to like you by sanding down those last rough edges, and show you how to look noticeably more attractive, and how to feel more confident immediately.

Plus, we’re gonna talk about the fastest way to turn girls off, so you can make sure to never make that mistake.

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence.

Note from the editor, Kyle: Big thanks to Mack for Men for partnering with us to make this post/video possible. Mack for Men is a high quality styling pomade that I personally use and love. If you want everyday hacks for men that attract women, I highly recommend it.

How To Attract Women: 5 Everyday Hacks For Men

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5 Everyday Hacks For Men That Attract Women

Don’t let the little things trip you up when you’re so close to the finish line. Here are 5 everyday hacks that attract women.

5. Scent Accent

5 Everyday Hacks for Men That Attract Women - Scent Accent

It happens to the best of us: you’re going about your day, things are going great, and then all of a sudden… you smell something.

Without being obvious, you have to check… yep. It’s you. And of course you’re out of gum and far from your deodorant.

Nothing drains your confidence like realizing you smell. It’s all you can think about whenever you get close to someone, and it makes it all but impossible to act natural.

But with just a little tweak to your routine, you can make sure you never let your stank chase anyone away again.

Obviously, you should brush and floss every morning and night – but there’s no rule that says you can’t brush in between!

Keep a travel toothbrush and toothpaste in your car or in your work bag, and use it after meals or anytime you feel that hhhhhalitosis creeping in. And in between, make sure you stay hydrated. Because a dry mouth is a breeding ground for bad-breath-bacteria.

Let’s face it guys, everyone struggles with bad breath, but body odor is something us guys have an extra hard time managing. I remember my teens, spraying on enough cheap cologne to burn my own hole in the atmosphere.

And my college years when showers were… optional and my daily deodorant just wasn’t cutting it. It took me too long to get it just right, but I did! And now I’m gonna teach you how to get girls to chase you – and not make them run upwind – by mastering the scent accent.

First thing’s first: Get the right deodorant. Something that won’t have your armpits burning like the surface of the sun or drowning in sweat.

Then cautiously move onto your cologne. Choose a scent you like, but avoid aerosol cans. They come on strong… but fade too fast.

All you gotta do is pump once on your neck, chest, and each forearm, and your body heat will activate the scent, giving you a subtle, irresistible aroma.

Just remember: Your scent should draw her in after you’ve gotten her in close, not hook her by the nose from across the room… So go easy on the cologne until you get it just right.

4. Everyday Hacks For Men That Attract Women : Care for the Hair

5 Everyday Hacks for Men That Attract Women - Care For The Hair

Fellas, we ladies love a guy with nice hair. It’s an extension (no pun intended) of your personality and a sign of how much you care for yourself.

So just like when you’re fishing, you use to different bait to attract different fish, the hairstyle you choose will attract girls who like that hairstyle.

And yeah I see you, guy about to comment something totally original about “not asking a fish,” This “fish” is telling you that whatever hairstyle you choose will be perfect, not for everyone, but for your type of girl. The one thing you can’t do is not care at all.

Ok, so now we all agree styling is important… but have you looked through the hair care aisle at the store recently?

There are a million products that all claim to do the same thing, so it’s no wonder so many guys give up and let their mops flop free.

That’s why we’re so excited to partner with today’s sponsor Mack for Men on this video.

Mack for Men understands the importance of a well styled head of hair, which is why they pack their products full of organic, nourishing ingredients and leave out all the chemicals and compounds you’ll find in their competitors.

The result is a product that not only styles your mane with an incredible hold, it actually makes your hair healthier!

You guys will love their money back satisfaction guarantee, and the ladies will love the natural look of your new style.

No crusty, flaky, artificial looking hair here. Just lots of natural and organic ingredients that give you a naturally stylish look.

Wanna get that look women love? Try Mack for Men for yourself with our link in the description and promo code MAN for an exclusive discount.

This offer is only good for a limited time, so don’t wait to get healthy, stylish hair that will boost your confidence and attract your type of woman.

Click here to check out Mack for Men

3. No Stress Dress

5 Everyday Hacks for Men That Attract Women - No Stress Dress

If you’ve ever wandered around a clothing store with no idea of where to begin, or if your closet consists almost entirely of hand me downs… aka clothes other people don’t want, go ahead and give this video a thumbs up, because you’re really gonna appreciate this.

Dressing nicely is not that hard if you bring it back to the basics.

First off, every man should have one nice suit. Trust me, you’re gonna wanna spend a little money to get one tailored so you can bring the Bond vibes to any formal occasion.

Next, every guy should own a watch, a nice belt, and dress shoes. Look for quality products you can get a lot of use out of until you expand your wardrobe.

The rest really comes down to personal preference. Your style is an expression of your personality, so you can feel free to wear whatever items and styles you like.

But the one thing that’s absolutely essential in any style is a proper fit. Professional, alternative, or athletic… clothes that work with your shape make every body more attractive, no matter what shape that body is.

Your clothes shouldn’t hang loose off your body, but you should be able to relax without stretching your shirt or pants. Aim for one or two finger widths between your skin and the fabric.

And finally, this is one of the easiest clothing tricks girls love and most guys don’t know: slim fit is not just for slim guys, it’s for guys that want to look slim!

2. Everyday Hacks For Men That Attract Women : Daily Download

5 Everyday Hacks for Men That Attract Women - Daily Download

One of the most important things you can do to become more attractive has nothing to do with your appearance. It has everything to do with your mind.

See, you can be the most handsome guy on earth, but if talking to you is like talking to a brick wall, eventually any girl will get bored and search for someone more exciting.

So to make sure your mind is sharp and you’re an interesting guy that women love talking to, make a habit of reading every day.

Whether it’s a novel, a short story, a blog, or an article in a magazine, reading expands your mind and gives you a never ending source of things to talk about.

So next time you’re hanging out with a cute girl, you can relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about running out of things to say.

More attractive and more confident? Check and check!

Plus, reading is one of the best tricks to become an alpha male. Shocked? Well, Alphas are leaders, and leaders are readers.

Reading allows you to understand how other people think and helps you build communication skills. Things every alpha needs.

1. Get Fit

5 Everyday Hacks for Men That Attract Women - Get Fit

Ok, I know that getting into shape isn’t something you can do overnight… but god, wouldn’t it be nice if you could?

The hack for making progress in fitness isn’t a drastic lifestyle change – those last for a week before you go diving head first back into your junk food loving, couch sitting ways.

Instead, make small adjustments that you can build on. Start by cutting out sugary drinks and replacing your normal snacks with fruits and vegetables.

This isn’t groundbreaking information, but it’s a simple change with a huge impact that so many guys don’t bother to make.

Then, combine your improved diet with daily exercise, just 20-30 minutes of activity that gets your heart pumping.

You don’t even need gym equipment. Go for a jog, do some push ups, or chop wood shirtless somewhere in a forest.

You’re gonna be amazed at what a huge difference these little hacks make to your health and confidence, and your crush will definitely take notice.

And here’s a bonus pro-tip: check out these Alpha male body language tricks to use your new and improved body to your advantage.

The Number 1 Easy-to-Make Mistake You Need to Avoid

5 Everyday Hacks for Men That Attract Women - The Number 1 Easy-To-Make Mistake You Need To Avoid

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out with a group of friends and seen guys make this horrible mistake.

It’s so bad, and so obvious, that the only explanation I can think of is that these guys must not realize they’re doing it. Every time I’m in a mixed-company group, one of the girls gets creeped out by some dude staring her down.

Fellas, is this elementary school stuff. Share your toys, don’t pick your nose, and don’t stare!

I’ve seen girls get turned off by genuinely handsome dudes because of the way they stared. It’s rude, creepy, and indicates that you don’t have the courage to do anything else. Pretty much the worst first impression you can make.

So next time you catch yourself staring at a girl, get up and say something to her. In fact, something like “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help but stare, so I thought I ought to come over and actually introduce myself,” is a great flirty introduction.

Just turn that natural attraction into purposeful action, or if you don’t plan on speaking to her at least stop staring!

In Conclusion

Those are 5 everyday hacks for men that attract women and one easy to make mistake you should definitely avoid.

And before you forget, visit [KEEPS MNTL LINK] to see just how easy it is to maintain a healthy head of hair.

Thanks for watching!

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