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Fashion Stork Review

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Guys, you’ve heard us say it countless times before, there are powerful reasons why you should be dressing well… it can:

  • Make you more attractive to women (both sexually and as a potential partner) source
  • Make you appear smarter, more competent, and more trustworthy source 1, 2
  • Help you get a job, and make you more likely to get promoted source 1, 2

…But I get it:

You either 1) don’t have the time to shop for clothes that fit and look good on your body, or 2) you (like a lot of guys) don’t know how to choose the right clothes/patterns/colors for your body/skin tone/etc… right?

Well… that’s why we love this men’s clothing subscription box:

Fashion Stork Club.

With Fashion Stork Club (FSC), you have a (real-life) personal stylist handpicks you clothes (chosen specifically for your body, and your style)… and send them right to your doorstep (every month). Check it out in our Fashion Stork Review: 

Fashion Stork Review: Handpicked, Stylish Clothes… Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

In our Fashion Stork Review, we’re going to show you:

  1. How their subscription works (jump to this section)
  2. Examples of Fashion Stork boxes (jump to this section)
  3. Go over their exchange policy + the cause they support (jump to this section)

How it Works

To start your subscription, FSC will ask you a few questions (note: this takes about a minute or two).

They start with the basic stuff (like: your age, height, weight, your normal sizes)… then, they ask questions to better understand you and your style (like: colors you like, the types of clothes you wear, the brands you wear).

And on your end, that’s it… FSC takes it from there: 

A real-life stylist (meaning a real human, who’s a trained stylist) reviews your profile… and using it, your stylist handpicks (meaning they choose these items specifically for you) 2 – 4 high-quality items, from their huge collection of brands (like Ben Sherman, Penguin, Nick Graham, Perry Ellis, PX, etc.).

But what if you don’t like something? Don’t worry, you can exchange it for something new (with a few (reasonable) exceptions)... and shipping is free both ways!

Here’s what our founder, Kyle Boureston, said about his experience with Fashion Stork Club:

“I’m often way too busy to take the time to go shopping. And that’s why I was so interested when Fashion Stork club reached out to us. Now: we’ve been reached out to by a few companies who offer a similar service… but what I liked so much about FSC was their personal touch.

They took the time to talk with me on the phone to really understand what clothes/styles I liked. And when I received my first box, I was really impressed with what was sent (everything was high-quality and designed to look good together).

Fashion Stork Box Examples + Samples

One thing that really sets Fashion Stork apart is that they send you a unique box.

What does this mean? With most men’s clothing subscription boxes, you get the same box as a hundred other guys (with no regard for your body, your style… or you, at all). 

…But with Fashion Stork, your stylist picks a unique box specifically for you. Here are a few examples:

FSC Box Example #1 – Casual

This box mixes a stylish Kenneth Cole button up, with a versatile pair of navy PX shorts, and a reversible Hendrix belt.

FSC Box – Example #2 – Dressing Up

This box comes with an eye-catching, textured Perry Ellis shirt and a well-fitted pair of Kenneth Cole chinos.

FSC Box – Example #3 – Formal

This more formal box comes with a classic, versatile Penguin blazer and a great Hendrix tie (which adds a perfect pop of color to the blazer).

The Other Stuff: Exchanging + Their Cause


Above, we mention that you can exchange items you don’t like (and that shipping is free both ways)… but that there are a few (reasonable) exceptions. So, to show you what we consider to be ‘reasonable’, here are those exceptions (from their return policy page, as of 5/15/17):

  1. Item is returned within 365 days
  2. Item is unused, undamaged, without odors, and in its original package (with original tags)
  3. You’re still subscribed to FSC (and haven’t requested a cancellation)

All three pretty reasonable, right?

Their Cause

For every box FSC sends, they donate $1 to help orphans, all over the world. 

FSC was founded in 2013, and since then… they’ve donated $150,000 (which has sponsored 13 adoptions, 10 families, and even built an orphanage).

Fashion Stork Review Conclusion

FSC is the easiest, most convenient way to get high-quality clothes, delivered right to your doorstep. Their subscription is affordable/painless, their exchange policy reasonable, and their clothing/styling high-quality.

PS: use code MT15 to get a big, but limited-time discount on the Fashion Stork Club!


$0 @

FSC Box Example #1 – Casual

Kenneth Cole button up, with a versatile pair of navy PX shorts, and a reversible Hendrix belt

FSC Box – Example #2 – Dressing Up

Eye-catching, textured Perry Ellis shirt and a well-fitted pair of Kenneth Cole chinos

FSC Box – Example #3 – Formal

Classic, versatile Penguin blazer and a great Hendrix tie

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