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The Montpellier Chronograph

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Every man needs to wear a wristwatch.

The right watch can immediately make you look and feel like a more stylish, elegant, and classic gentleman. What's the right watch?

In short... it is classic. It has a timeless, versatile style (minimal, but bold). It's well made (from the inside, out). And above all... when you wear it, you feel classic.

That’s exactly why you need to look at the review of this Grand Frank Montpellier Chronograph:

It's that exact type of watch. It blends a bold, modern style, with high-quality design and parts, and even includes extra, uncommon features that will make you fall in love with it (like its chronograph and butterfly deployment strap).

Bold, Modern Style

The Montpellier Chronograph comes in two unique and distinct styles (Blue and White). And while they each have clearly a different look, they both use a similar Scandinavian-inspired, minimalistic design that helps them boldly stand out (without seemingly flashy or overstated).

Take a look at each style to see which is a better fit for you:

Montpellier Blue Chronograph

The Montpellier Blue Chronograph blends darker features with a modern design to help it look great dressed up or down.

It features a rich brown, crocodile-embossed leather band, that combined with its striking blue face and white sub-registers, give it a distinct and uniquely bold look. The Montpellier Blue is finished with rose gold colored hands, clasp, and case... completing and softening the timepiece.

Its clean, modern look helps it look great dressed down, while its darker external features help it to pair perfectly with a suit or nicer shirt.

Click here to see more of the Montpellier Blue Chronograph.

Montpellier White Chronograph

The Montpellier White Chronograph is the perfect summer watch.

It blends three distinct design features: a beautiful and uncommon navy blue, crocodile-embossed leather band... a minimal and clean white face... and elegant and timeless silver-colored hands, case and clasp.

These three combine to give it a simple, yet contrasting design... helping it to perfectly polish and complete almost any outfit (t shirt and shorts, jeans and button-up, even a navy suit).

Click here to see more of the Montpellier White Chronograph.

Craftsmanship and Quality

A watch is one of those things that you wear so frequently, that it quickly becomes a part of you and your style.

And that's one of the main reasons you'd be drawn to Grand Frank and the Montpellier Chronograph.

All of their pieces are designed in house (in their Scandinavia headquarters) and combine the best parts from around the world (places like Italy and Japan). Outside, the Montpellier Chronograph features a genuine leather strap and stainless steel case and clasps (both incredibly durable materials)… and inside, it contains a high-quality Japanese Miyota quartz movement.

The watch is even water resistant to 5 ATM (meaning it's resistant to the pressure that occurs 50 meters underwater)!

The Extras

In addition to the genuine leather band, stainless-steel parts, and Japanese Miyota quartz movement, there are two features that will make you fall in love with this watch:

It's a chronograph. A chronograph is likely the most sought after watch complication for watch collectors. In short, a chronograph is a stopwatch that allows you to measure seconds, minutes, and hours (and that can be reset at any time).

Its stainless-steel butterfly deployment clasp. This deployment clasp replaces the traditional buckle strap, allowing you to take your watch off and on quickly and incredibly easily (it also dramatically reduces the chance of dropping your watch when you take it off).

In Conclusion

Here's the bottom line:

The Montpellier Chronograph Watch (in Blue or White) impresses from the inside out. The White is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe... while the Blue is the perfect watch if you're looking for something unique and bold.

Mantelligence Exclusive Discount

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$175 @


Crocodile-embossed leather band

Water Resistant

Yes, up to 5 ATM


Butterfly deployment clasp


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