As guys, we're not usually known for our personal grooming skills.

...And yes, we've all been there:

Looking in the mirror, only to see a dirty, rugged, unknown caveman staring back... but here's the thing:

Women are super attracted to men who take care of themselves.

See... not only are they drawn to guys who both dress well and have good personal hygiene... but to women, your grooming habits are a direct reflection of who you are (and a man who neglects taking care of himself, will probably neglect other things in his life (like his responsibilities... or her)).

So, to help you look your best (and avoid turning her off/away) here are 7 grooming mistakes that women hate (and how to fix them):

Note: Big thanks to OneBlade for partnering with us to make this post possible. I've been using OneBlade to shave for the past few months... and use it in #2 below to help you avoid one of the grooming mistakes women hate the most.

1. Unruly Nose Hairs

According to a Men's Health poll, 46% of women would choose a guy with bad breath over a guy with a few stray nose hairs.

Crazy, right? And if you think that you don't need to worry about nose hairs (because you either don't grow too many of them, or you recently trimmed the visible ones)... then think about this:

As guys, we're usually a little bit taller than girls... meaning that when she's adoringly looking up at you, she's got a pretty clear view of your nostrils/nose hairs (and at a view that you don't usually check for unruly nose hairs).

Fix this grooming mistake with these action steps:

Use these two action steps to make yourself significantly more attractive to 46% of women:

  1. Invest in a rotary trimmer. Why a trimmer? Plucking your nose hairs is bad (it's horribly painful)... using a battery-powered trimmer is okay (but if the battery dies/fades mid-trim, the sudden stop can snag your nose hairs (again, horribly painful))... using a rotary blade is best (it trims (instead of pulls) and is not battery powered).
  2. Remember to use it (regularly). To make sure you don't forget, I suggest: 1. adding it to your morning routine, or 2. leaving your trimmer in a semi-visible place (so when you see it, you'll remember to use it).

2. Razor Burn and Bumps

We've all been there: after shaving (that day or the next) your face is covered with razor bumps/ingrown hairs... or it's bright red from razor burn.

Now: not only are both super unattractive to women... but having either of them also makes it seem like you don't really know how to shave (which is something every man should know how to do).

...But here's the thing most guys don't realize:

Usually, it's not that you don't know how to shave... it's that you're using the wrong type of razor. What's the wrong type of razor?

  1. One with more than one blade. Shaving experts say that this causes more irritation (as the first blade does the cutting, and the rest just drag across your skin).
  2. One that is either old/dull... or one that's cheap/low-quality.

And sure: after spending enough time, these wrong types of razors will trim your beard... but both will also horribly irritate (and damage) your skin (leaving you with razor burn and/or razor bumps/ingrown hairs).

Fix this grooming mistake with these action steps:

Avoid bumps and burn with these two simple steps:

  1. Upgrade your razor. I highly recommend the OneBlade razor. Made in the USA, the Core razor gives you a barbershop quality shave at home. It features engineer-grade Tritan (lightweight/highly durable), a solid stainless-steel core handle (so it's perfectly balanced), and a quick-load-blade system (which uses recyclable, Feather FHS-10 single edge razor blades). These three combine to create an innovative razor, specifically designed to prevent nicks, razor bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hairs.
  2. Use a shaving cream/aftershave balm kit. Yes, you can use one type of shaving cream and another type of aftershave balm... but when you use a kit that has both, the two have usually been designed to work well together, making them more effective (PS: both of these are part of the Black Tie Kit).

3. Dirty/Long/Gross Nails

Your fingernails (and toenails) say a lot about your overall hygiene habits.

...And when a woman notices that your fingernails are dirty or untrimmed, she's going to immediately start wondering about the rest of you.

Think about it: if you can't handle something simple like trimming your nails, what do you think she'll assume about the rest of your personal hygiene?

So... trim your nails. By doing so, not only will you not turn her off, but you'll also take a big/quick step in showing her that you're a self-sufficient man (that she won't have to take care of).

Fix this grooming mistake with these action steps:

The most important step to fixing this grooming mistake is #2:

  1. Get nail trimmers. If you don't already have nail trimmers, get some. Don't spend a fortune (they're nail clippers). Amazon has them for cheap... or go to a local pharmacy.
  2. Make trimming your nails a regular habit. At first, it's easy to forget to trim your nails (until you look down at your hands and wonder when they got so long). A few easy ways to remember to trim are: 1. set a weekly alarm on your phone, or 2. just like with nose-hair trimming, leave your trimmers in a visible/semi-visible place to remind you.

4. Bad Body Odor

Look: sometimes it's impossible to avoid getting a little smelly. Maybe you just worked out at the gym, or maybe it was a ridiculously hot day. That's understandable.

...But what's not understandable: showing up somewhere (that was planned ahead of time) reeking of bad BO. What's the difference? The first, things happen... and everyone knows that. The second, you had time to prepare (and avoid subjecting this girl to your bad BO) and you chose not to.

And to put the importance of this one into perspective:

According to a dating poll, 87% of women say they're completely turned off by a date with bad BO.

Fix this grooming mistake with these action steps:

Do you want to turn her off? No, of course not. So, use these 3 to take care of this grooming mistake:

  1. Shower every day (or more). The easiest way to make sure that you're consistently fresh/clean is to just start your day with a shower. And if you end up sweating a lot during that day, be sure to shower again when you can.
  2. Wear (almost) only clean clothes. While some clothing items (like jeans) don't necessarily need to be washed after every wear, it's important to put on clean, good-smelling clothes every day.
  3. Wear Deodorant. A good deodorant for men is your best friend. Put it on every morning (obviously), and reapply throughout the day (especially on days/circumstances where you're going to sweat more).

5. Bad Breath / Dirty Teeth

Your smile is one of the first things a girl will notice about you (this is especially true with a girl you don't know).

...And if you think about it, this makes sense: not only are women attracted to a guy who smiles and has a sense of humor, but it's one of the biggest, most noticeable parts of your face.

Plus, if you're in a relationship (or are planning on kissing a girl) this grooming problem is especially important to avoid. Few things drive a woman away faster than bad breath or food in your teeth (but remember: unruly nose hairs (#1 above) is one of those things).

Fix this grooming mistake with these action steps:

Luckily, some basic maintenance/simple changes go a long way:

  1. Upgrade your oral hygiene products. First, invest in an electric toothbrush. They vibrate to remove significantly more plaque, and, generally, do a better job.
  2. Brush/floss (2x per day/1x per day). If you don't already brush your teeth twice a day, come on... that's just gross. Add in flossing (which will not only help your breath smell better, but will also dramatically improve your oral hygiene).
  3. Clean your tongue (regularly). Finally, brush your tongue a few times a week (dentists say this removes bacteria living there and helps with bad breath).

6. Dry, Flaky Skin

No one wants to touch/caress skin that feels like sandpaper or a dried-out raisin.

So... if there's a woman in your life who is kind enough to touch your face (or if you want one in your life who is), the least you can do for her is make touching your skin enjoyable (or at least tolerable).

And worse than being non-touchable: dry skin makes you look less attractive to her.

...Because think about it like this: do you like when a girl has dry, flaking skin? Of course not, and neither does she. It looks unattractive, and it's another thing that makes her wonder if you're actually able to take care of yourself.

Fix this grooming mistake with these action steps:

Start hereWe did an entire post with 10 fundamental steps for getting skin women love. For you a few, quick tips:

  1. Use a moisturizer. This will pretty quickly take care of your dry, flaky skin. And to keep your skin moisturized, add a daily moisturizer, like Tiege Hanley, to your skincare routine.
  2. Stay Hydrated. Some experts say water helps here, others don't. The thinking is that hydrated skin stays moisturized and healthy, not weak or dry. Regardless, the University of Wisconsin Health well summarized how I feel in this article (in short... that it certainly can't hurt). Experts who do recommend it, say you should be drinking eight 8-ounce cups of water every day.

7. The Unibrow

A lot of guys grow hair in the little space between their eyebrows... and to the guys who rock it proudly, I salute you.

But for most of us guys, this isn't what we want... because it's not something that women find attractive.

And to make matters worse: the unibrow distracts women from the rest of your handsome face. When she's gazing longingly into your eyes, do you really want hers wandering up to something so unique as a unibrow?

Fix this grooming mistake with these action steps:

This one is super easy:

Tweeze it. You can easily remove the hairs between your eyes with a pair of tweezers. It maybe takes 3 minutes, and lasts a few months.

In Conclusion


To women, grooming isn't just about your physical appearance. Sure, that's part of it, but to them it also speaks to the type of man that you are:

  • One that takes care of himself... or one who doesn't.
  • One who cares about the respect of others... or one who doesn't.
  • And when it comes down to it... one who is lazy, and one who isn't.

If you've gotten this far, and you still don't believe me, at least try these tips for a few months. Chances are, you'll feel hugely more attractive, self-assured, and confident... and that confidence alone should make you dramatically more attractive to women.