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Harry and David – Is this wine subscription box for you?

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Harry and David is a, nay, the premier destination for luxury food and drink gift baskets at reasonable prices.

And while the two brothers started this world-class brand as humble pear orchardists, today, they offer a wide array of gourmet gift sets, ranging from a wine of the month club to meats, cheeses, seafood, and condiments. Plus a lot more. A lot more.

In short, it’s a one-stop shop for holiday, birthday, and corporate gifts. But is it the right wine club for you? Let’s find out.


What is the Harry and David?

harry and david - what
In 1934 brothers Harry and David Rosenburg were sitting pretty in Oregon, exporting Cornice pears to the luxury hotels of Europe, and everything seemed rosy.

In much the same way the Great Recession disrupted the retail industry and birthed direct to consumer companies like Warby Parker, the Great Depression forced the Rosenburgs to innovate in the gourmet fruit industry.

Just like Warby Parker, their idea was to cut out the middleman and bring their peaches directly to the consumer by way of the United States Postal Service. Luxury gift baskets were born and Christmas, or your five year office anniversary has never been the same.

Since 1934, the boys have expanded beyond mere peaches. They now offer just about every gourmet food offering under the sun. Summer sausage, cheese boards, obscure condiments, wine, and high-end chocolate are all on offer.

If it is gourmet and you can digest it, chances are they will have it.

In addition to one-off items and prepackaged gifts, they offer subscription services for wine, high-end meats, and desserts to make sure quality food is never out of reach.

While their meat subscription, Stock Yards Club, can be a bit pricey starting at $200 for three months, their Discovery Boxes are much more accessible at $30 for a single month.

In total, there are eight food subscription clubs and three wine clubs (all with Harry and David label wines). The food subscriptions range from veggie of the month club, fruit and cheese, and meats.

The aforementioned Discovery Boxes aren’t actually classified as a club and are curated boxes of some ad hoc gift items you would find in their store.

In 2019, they fly under the 1-800-Flowers company banner. So, you come to expect some of this large company confusion in terms of user interface. It feels a bit like the aspect of the site was glommed onto the 1-800-Flowers interface. Which works, but it is a bit of a clunky user experience.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Harry and David Boxes/Items

harry and david - items

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
harry and david - stock yard clubStock Yards Club / MarchTwo expertly frenched racks of American lamb.$82
harry and david - fresh fruitFresh Fruit & Cheese Club / JanuaryArtisan Danish Havarti cheese from LaGrander Hillside Dairy in Wisconsin.$20
harry and david - favorites clubFavorites Club / FebruaryOne pound of signature truffles from the candy kitchen in Southern Oregon.$23
harry and david - wine clubHarry and David Wine ClubPerfect for pairing with their signature pears, this Oregon grown pinot doesn’t disapoint.$18

Harry and David Review

harry and david - reviewWith so many choices, combinations, and permutations of gourmet goodness, it was tough to find much to fault. For our full Harry and David review, click the link, but here are some of the pros and cons to get you started.

Pros vs Cons of Harry and David

harry and david - proscons
As with any subscription box, or purchase in general, it’s a good idea to know you’re getting a solid return on your investment. The fruit they sell may grow on trees, but your hard earned money doesn’t.


  • The selection of gourmet items is completely unmatched.
  • Multiple price levels mean you can find a luxury gift for just about any price point.
  • Eight curated food clubs ensure that you don’t have to spend your valuable time shopping. They’ll do it for you.
  • Wine clubs that include fruit and cheese pairings.
  • Extreme transparency in each month’s box. You know exactly what you’re getting and can plan accordingly.


  • Minimum club length is three months. This can make the upfront investment in a curated club seem a bit pricey for the casual consumer or gift giver.
  • Add-ons are a bit limited. The site doesn’t seem to offer the option to include greeting cards or personalized messages. That’s a bit strange since everything is geared so heavily towards “gifts.”
  • Site’s navigation is a bit cumbersome. Subscriptions and clubs are listed in several different drop-down menus. So it isn’t abundantly clear if you’re shopping for a club item, or if you’re in their one-off gift store.
  • Shipping and handling fees make me feel like I’m ordering from an infomercial…

Harry and David Coupon or Promo Code

harry and david - promo
There is no current coupon or promo code.

How to Join the Harry and David: 4 Steps

harry and david - how
Once you get the hang of the user interface, getting a box to your door isn’t all that difficult. We’ll focus on the subscription services, as ordering some of the one-off gifts is a pretty intuitive process.

Here’s how to join Harry and David:

1. Get Used to the Interface

harry and david - step 1
In order to sign up for a subscription service, you’ll need to hover your mouse over “clubs.” You can find this as the far right-hand menu item in the fourth row of menus. I know… cumbersome. Hovering will bring up a menu that lists out all of the clubs.

2. Decide What Club to Order

harry and david - step 2
There are a ton of clubs. Eight curated gourmet food clubs alone. There are also fruit, wine, cheese, dessert clubs, and more. There’s also quite a bit of overlap in what is covered in each club, so you may want to click through and read the descriptions of each.

For instance, there are two tiers of meat clubs. The Steakhouse Club and the Stock Yards club. Presumably there is some difference in the quality, but it may not be immediately clear what the difference is.

3. Determine Starting Month

harry and david - step 3
They’re extremely transparent about what you’re getting in each months box. It is all pre planned. So, if you don’t want the rack of lamb in your steakhouse box, start your delivery next month.

4. Determine Length of Subscription

harry and david - step
3, 6, 9, or 12 months? Again, since you know what you’re getting, you can plan this step strategically.

5. Checkout

harry and david - step 5
Pretty straightforward here. You can check out as a guest by entering your email address for a one time affair, or you can create an account if you’re planning on coming back.

More Great Wine Subscription Boxes

Since wine isn’t the main focus of Harry and David, there might be a better, wine-centric, service that fits your needs better. Take a look at some of the other wine subscription boxes we’ve taken the time to imbibe.

  1. Plonk Wine Club is a highly rated wine club from Beverly Hills. Swanky.
  2. Vinesse breaks their clubs into varietals and geography. So you can strike out a little differently here. Check it out in our TheUnbox site here.
  3. As an online winery, Winc is a digital winery for a digital age.
  4. Bright Cellars is a personally curated wine club. Check our post in TheUnbox site here to learn more about Bright Cellars.
  5. Wine Awesomeness is hellbent on bringing high-quality wine to the masses.

In Conclusion

Harry and David is like the Skymall of gourmet food. Which is a good thing. They’re disrupting the gift basket market.

They offer a ton of variety across an enormous range of price points. This means it is possible to find a unique gift for just about anyone who needs gifting.

Their curated clubs can be a bit pricey, but the level of transparency and selection is unmatched across food subscription services.

The brothers sure have come a long way from their humble orchard beginnings.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

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25 Food & Wine Clubs


Harry and David cultivate their own brands for special pairings


You know what you’re getting and can plan accordingly

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