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How To Be Charming - 5 Epic Ways To Be Better, Genuine and Likeable


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by | | November 12, 2021

If you don't want to be left as a humble spectator in social situations, you need to learn how to be charming. 

I've been featured in many articles giving advice on relationships and life, so understand that I know what I'm talking about when I say it's important to be a charming individual. That's why today I will show you how to be charming and how to get the attention you deserve.


How to Be Charming Without Trying (Make Any Girl Fall in Love with You)
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How To Be Charming

And if you really want to know how to be a charming person, I'm going to tell you the one thing arrogant guys do that they think is charming but is actually a total turnoff.

Let's get right into it!

Here are 5 ways to bring out your charming personality:

5. Expect Greatness

Fellahs, if you've ever wondered how to be a charismatic guy and how to get a girl to like you, being devastatingly captivating is probably the most effective approach you're going to find. So here's step one to being so friggin' loveable that nobody will be able to ignore you.

Think about this for a second. There are some famous and successful men out there with beautiful women by their sides. But let's be honest, the fact that they're rich and famous probably has a lot to do with their success with women. Then again, there are those few gems who, take away their fame and fortune, you can guarantee would still be really successful with women. Think of guys like Will Smith, Chris Hemsworth, or Roberty Downey Jr. These guys know how to attract women effortlessly.

And the reason guys like them are so attractive is that they are flawlessly positive by nature

A person's attitude about their life and their future prospects has a significant influence and appeal. This is why the world's leading economists study the Consumer Confidence Index. People's attitudes and expectations about the future are actually strong predictors of how they will behave.

We tend to gravitate towards positive people naturally. We expect good things to come to positive people, and if we stay close to them, hopefully, some of it will rub off on us, too. It's one of the most important things women find very attractive.

4. Turn Off and Tune In

What exactly do positive and charming guys do that's so attractive? Have you ever wondered how to make a girl crazy for you

Well, here's one of the tricks to get girls to chase you. It's been said before, but you probably weren't listening. So here it is again. Be an active listener.

Gentlemen, active listening is super simple if you follow these steps: The most important is to turn off your phone or at least silence the abominable distraction and put it in your pocket. This is because silencing your phone, facing the girl who is talking to you, and giving her your undivided attention is simple and guaranteed to build an instant connection.

Repeating keywords or phrases is a textbook method to show someone you're actively listening to what they're saying.

An important part of being an attentive and charming person is responding with something positive and affirming. Now, here's why all this is so effective. By actively listening, you show her that you respect and understand her, which is one of the things that immediately make you more attractive to women.

3. Be Self Aware

Now that you know how to be a source of positivity and an engaged and active listener, do you want to know how to get your crush to like you? As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "A great man is always willing to be little." 

Men have big egos. It's a fact of life. Learning to keep that ego in check is what will separate you from the rest. And a little bit of humility goes a long way in creating attraction and a good, lasting impression. 

Here's why:

Nobody is perfect. It's an undeniable law of the universe. So if you carry yourself that way, you're immediately isolating yourself because you're not relatable. If you're striving to be perfect, you might as well be an alien species from another planet because nobody else will be able to match your idea of perfection. 

So how do you practice humility and keep your ego out of outer space?

Well, the really charming guys who do it the best have a high level of self-awareness. And that means being aware of not just your strengths but your flaws too. 

The way to take that self-awareness and magically transform it into charm is to laugh at yourself regularly.

Openly admitting your flaws and laughing at yourself instantly disarms even the most skeptical critics and is a proven technique for making your crush fall for you

2. Smile More but First, Whiten

We can't talk about how to be charming without discussing the obvious. Showing off your pearly whites is the most effective way to be attractive without trying. But there are ways to epically fail with this simple endeavor.

The first is fake smiling. It's almost worse than not smiling at all. That's because fake smiling is actually quite creepy, and it can always be detected. If the upper half of your grill, like your eyes, doesn't move and reflect what your mouth is doing, it's obvious, and everybody recognizes it.

When a person is genuinely smiling, their eyes narrow which usually creates adorable little wrinkles at the outset of their eyes called crow's feet

Now here's the other problem. Even if you're beautiful, beaming soul is smiling like the morning sun, if coffee-stained bagel grinders taint your most sincere smile, it's not going to matter how heart-warming your eye dimples are.

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With their flexible and affordable subscription plans, it's just too easy not to take advantage of them.

1. Got Grit?

If you're wondering whether being super nice, positive and simply offering smiles makes everyone love you, let's clarify one super important point: acting as a charming guy isn't the same thing as actually being a charming guy. Being positive, humble, and smiley without charisma is similar to being phony.

As charming and handsome as Keanu Reeves is in real life, he could beat you if he had to because you can't just be shiny and candy-coated on the outside without the mind-blowing, delectable nougat on the inside. Without the grit, you're just another nice guy, and you know we're always saying, "Don't be the nice guy."

So in pursuit of being charming, Make sure you don't lose your awesome, tough self in the process. 

One Thing That Truly Separates Charming Men From The Rest

Guys, there's one thing in particular that truly separates the incredibly charming men from the rest of us.

Have you ever wondered how to be more confident? Well, really charming men never exhibit this one character flaw. You may have stumbled across this truth before, but what you haven't heard yet is the why. 

You won't catch charming guys wasting their energy putting down or criticizing others. Being unwaveringly non-judgemental requires a higher level of thinking and the intuitive awareness that judging others breeds negativity. Think about it. It requires negative language, which requires negative thoughts, which produce negative body language, all of which is--you guessed it--really unattractive.

So while some guys think putting others down is a way to pump themselves up, what they're actually doing is showcasing their ugliness.

In Conclusion

Fellahs, those are the 5 ways to be charming without trying and get all the girls. 

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