This article will discuss how to be dominant in a relationship.

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How to Establish Your Dominance in the Relationship

In the early years, it is typical to have a patriarchal family. The father is the head of the family and makes the decisions. Over the years, men's role as the dominant person has downturned due to the liberation of women. Equality is good, but it is also great to know how to establish dominance and when to take the steer.

Some women are innately submissive and want to be cared for by a dominant partner. In line with this, some women find a dominant man attractive and sexy. Having a dominant personality does not mean that you become the bad guy.

Dominance is different from aggression. Having a dominant behavior means you become the pack leader. You know what you want, and you get it. We will provide you with the steps on how to be dominant in a relationship.

1. Make the first move.

There is a woman that you like to go on a date with. How would you approach her? Being a dominant male means knowing what you want and not being afraid to ask for it. So, go straight to her, and tell her how wonderful it would be to go out with a gorgeous woman like her.

With all confidence, ask her if she would like to go out with you. The first impression last; show her your positive traits and be the man that is not afraid to make the first move.

2. Know how to use silences.

A dominant individual does not need to use many words to explain himself. If you are in a middle of an argument with someone, it would be good to pause and have a moment of silence. Soon, the person you are talking to will feel your presence and dominant personality.

Being mature enough to know when not to open your mouth and participate in a battle of words is an important step in being dominant.

3. Speak less and rely on nonverbal actions.

Dominant body language is a good way of establishing control. Men with strong personalities hold their gaze and do not lose eye contact. They also keep their head still when talking, meaning they are focused.

A dominant partner knows how to use their hands when they communicate. Pointing or extending hands means leading the other person to do what you ask. Men with a dominant personality type need not use many words to express what he wants.

4. Use the power of touch.

When you are with your woman, wrap your arm around her shoulders to make her feel secure. This is a good gesture to show your lady that you are sweet and caring and that she's yours. You can also rub her back and touch her neck.

This indicates that you want her and are in charge without crossing the border. Some women find a man with a strong personality to be dependable and attractive.

5. Claim and establish personal territories.

Being in a relationship sometimes overlaps personal space and territories. As a person with the dominant role, you should be clear of your personal territories. You must not lose your independence because that is one of the dominant traits she loved about you.

You have your own routine, hobbies, interests, friends, and sometimes, all-guys trips. You should not ask for someone's consent to do the stuff you used to do before you got into the relationship.

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What Does it Mean to Be the Dominant One?

Let us talk about what being dominant in a relationship means. Being the dominant partner means that you have more control over the relationship. Do not confuse it, though, with being manipulative and toxic. It means that you are goal-oriented and working and making these goals a reality. A dominant man is respectful of his submissive partner. He provides, takes care of, and protect her at all cost.

A dominant male is an alpha male; he takes the leadership role in a relationship. They have the confidence to ask and get what they want.

Are Relationships With Dominant Men Healthy?

The success of a relationship depends on how compatible the two persons involved are. Let's say the woman is a submissive type. Then having a dominant partner is beneficial in this situation. But, some women have strong personalities. In such a case, having a relationship with a dominant partner may cause a clash.

So, to answer the question, having relationships with dominant men could be healthy but also the other way around. Being with a dominant man provides security. They take care of their partner and shoulder responsibility. It leads to less stress and arguments. Generally, it is healthy, and nothing wrong with it as long as the partner is okay with letting her man take the rein.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you still have many questions regarding how to be dominant. This is a broad topic, and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Can I still be a gentleman even if I want to be dominant?

Yes, absolutely. Being a gentleman is one of the traits of a dominant person. Being dominant includes taking care of your lady. Treat her with respect and love. There might be a misconception about being dominant and an aggressive individual.

An aggressive person acts to get what he wants without thinking of the other person's feelings. A dominant man acts with proper consideration of his partner's feelings.

Do women want dominant men?

Yes, some women prefer dominant men. Some women are innately submissive. They want someone physically and mentally strong to protect and care for them.

Dominant males are naturally good providers. So women feel secure that they are with a reliable partner. Another good thing about being dominant is they are focused on the results.

They are motivated to achieve their goals, making them dependable. Dominant males are pack leaders, ready to defend their women and family no matter what.

Is it healthy for our relationship to have dominance?

There are benefits of dominating a relationship. One is having less stress and arguments. When one person makes the decisions for both of you, the other trusts his judgment and leaves no room for discussions. Another benefit is stability.

One person takes control while the other one supports him. When both persons cooperate in a relationship, everything goes smoothly.

Can I be confident without being dominant?

You can be confident without being dominant. Confidence is the feeling of self-assurance. Being assertive to get what you want but not being offensive or overpowering.

Dominance is having control of the relationship or situation. You do not need to take over if you want to be confident. You just need to be self-assured and know you have what it takes to get what you want.

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In Conclusion

You now know how to be dominant in a relationship. Make sure to apply what you learned to become the dependable man you want. But remember that communicating with your partner is the best way to have a good relationship.

Is she okay with you being the dominant partner? Is she okay with being submissive? If she is fine with you taking the steer, then, by all means, be the alpha male.