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How To Be The Coolest Guy In The Room and Get All The Girls!

How To Be The Coolest Guy In The Room and Get All The Girls!

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How To Be The Coolest Guy In The Room and Get All The Girls - PostGentlemen, today, we’re going to show you how to be the coolest guy in the room and get all the girls.

Haven’t you ever wondered how cool guys got so friggin’ cool?

I mean … were they born that way? Did they go to cool kid camp? Was their dad Mick Jagger or something?

The answer is …. Uh, no. They simply follow these 5 essential guidelines – and you can, too.

So if you wanna quit stressing in social situations and learn how to be cool, check out these 5 proven methods to learn how to be the coolest guy in the room.

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How To Be The Coolest Guy In The Room (Get Any Girl)

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How to Be the Coolest Guy in the Room AND Get All the Girls

5. You Do You

How To Be The Coolest Guy In The Room and Get All The Girls - You Do You

Fellas, you wanna know what separates the coolest guys from everyone else?

The coolest guys don’t just talk about their plans to be great or accomplish great things. The coolest guys are great because they act great; they accomplish great things because they’re great at stuff. And guys who act great and accomplish great things will undoubtedly stand out in any crowd because they’re super cool.

Keanu Reeves didn’t become the coolest martial arts assassin in the movies by doing interviews about how awesome he is, he worked his ass off. And sure, your potential dating pool will be larger if you’re a great actor, athlete, or entrepreneur, but that’s not the point.

You really wanna know how to get a girl to like you?

Choose something to be passionate about and strive to be the best at it.

Take me for example. I won a 1st place trophy at an international beard competition in Germany. It took me years of training, raw eggs, brussel sprouts, and beard oil, but I persevered.

See, whether you’re a star in the hollywood spotlight, the best moped mechanic in your community, or an award-winning yo-yo expert, striving to be the best at something requires a certain amount of discipline and commitment, and harnessing that inner will power to try and be great at something is the secret, magic potion that will stop any girl in her tracks and make her notice you.

So whether your passion is helping animals in need, flying ginormous kites on really windy days, or making badass videos for a highly reputable and very entertaining YouTube channel, be courageous enough to get out there.

You do you. Just try and do it better than everyone else.

4. Be a Giver

How To Be The Coolest Guy In The Room and Get All The Girls - Be a Giver

So now that you’re a brilliant success, there is a small catch.

Simply being successful won’t guarantee that any girl will fall in love with you. If you really wanna know how to make any girl fall in love with you, you need to learn how to manage your success. And the coolest guys are actually so cool because they do this one important thing.

They stay humble and give back.

Seth Rogen, Kobe Bryant, Brad Pitt… the coolest guys in the world contribute vast sums of money to charity or have invested in their own startup charities.

Take Mantelligence, for example. Once we hit one million subscribers, we’re going to invest in a very charitable cause.

What? We are?

Yeah, Kay, they’re going to try and turn us into real life robots. A little artificial Mantelligence to help out our subscribers… ya know, like C3PO but cooler.

What? Beardy, I don’t want to be a robot. I’m very happy being an adorable cartoon.

And what does this have to do with being cool? Fellahs, you wanna know how to get your crush to like you? Stay humble.

Staying humble and giving back is the coolest thing a guy can do because it’s truly a selfless act. And girls love it when guys show that they’re not just all about themselves. Because it’s a good indicator that a guy will be a great partner who will be able to care about their girl’s needs when the time comes.

So when all your hard work pays off and success comes your way, don’t forget to pause and look for an opportunity to help others who are still toiling in the doldrums.

3. Dress the Part

How To Be The Coolest Guy In The Room and Get All The Girls - Dress the Part

Being successful and charitable aren’t the only ways to be unabashedly cool.

If you wanna know how to be the coolest guy in the room, you have to know one of these irrefutable tricks to get girls to chase you. It’s one thing to fit the bill; it’s a whole ‘nother thing to dress the part. See where I’m going with this?

Having all the traits of a ridiculously cool guy doesn’t do you any good if nobody notices you.

To be the coolest guy in the room, you need to dress like the coolest guy in the room. And there simply is no better way to stand out from the crowd than with an epic timepiece.

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2. Be Aloof, Not a Doof

How To Be The Coolest Guy In The Room and Get All The Girls - Be Aloof, Not a Doof

Ever wonder how cool guys can look so cool just by walking into a room?

I mean, it seems like they’re completely and unapologetically uninterested in everything going on around them. Their lives are so rad, they don’t even pay attention to the pretty girls in the room.

Fellahs, you wanna know how to get a girl to instantly like you?

I do, K. I’d like to know.

Well, Beardy. Pay attention ‘cause I’m about to tell you.

Really cool guys have mastered the art of being aloof, and you can too, Beardy.

Am I doing it? K, am I doing it?

I said, “be aloof, Beardy. Not a doof.”

“Dang, I thought I had it.”

“Just keep practicing, Beardy.”

Guys, you wanna know why this is so effective? Here’s a little secret. Girls want you to notice them.

So when you deliberately avoid noticing them by seeming aloof, you instantly make them want your attention even more.

You show them that you’re not desperate for someone else to come along and complete you, you’re a man in control of himself. And that. Is. hot!

It’s a standard alpha male trick that all cool guys practice.

If you want to learn more about how to be a badass alpha male, check out our other video “The Alpha Mindset: 5 Life Changing Thought Patterns that Make You Irresistible to Women.”

1. Be Strong and Stand Your Ground

How To Be The Coolest Guy In The Room and Get All The Girls - Be Strong and Stand Your Ground

Speaking of alpha males, in addition to the items that make you instantly more attractive, there’s also one alpha mindset that women love… The coolest guys always know when to stand their ground.

Now, we’re not talking about standing your ground with your dukes up… Because despite all the MMA and UFC craze, most women don’t desire an aggressive, violent man. And your ability to calmly defuse conflict is infinitely more attractive than your ability to solve problems with your fists.

No, we’re talking about standing up for what you believe in and putting your money where your mouth is.

Not literally, Beardy. Take that money out of your mouth. That’s gross.

Sorry, Kay.

Guys, it’s this simple. When the time comes to stand your ground, don’t be a pushover, and don’t be the nice guy. Here’s why this drives girls crazy.

Harper Lee once wrote, “instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.”

Being able to stand your ground requires a ton of courage, and courage is synonymous with grit, the essential ingredient to success. And that gentlemen, is exactly why this is the most irresistible trait that drives women crazy.

The 1 Thing Guys Think Is Lame but Actually Isn’t

How To Be The Coolest Guy In The Room and Get All The Girls - The 1 Thing Guys Think Is Lame but Actually Isn’t

Gentlemen, here’s the deal.

Sometimes, when we strive to be our own person, stand our ground, be aloof, and otherwise kick ass and take names like a proper alpha male, we can easily lose sight of our initial goal: to meet an amazing woman that we like and get her to like us back.

It’s like putting yourself out there isn’t cool anymore. Guys would rather sit on the couch where it’s nice and safe.

John A. Shedd once wrote, “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

Fellas, mastering the art of being aloof, being the best dressed, and being the most rad alpha male that ever was… It doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the courage to put yourself out there and try to meet someone.

So as we always encourage here at Mantelligence, “turn off your computer, and go make some memories.”

In Conclusion

Well guys, that is your definitive guide for how to be the coolest guy in the room and get all the girls.

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Thanks for watching!

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