In this post, we are sharing with you tips on how to deal with a rude coworker because we have to deal with different people who can in our lives. Dealing with a toxic boss and at least one difficult coworker are surely included on your list.

Unfortunately, you will go through these kinds of people at some point in your life. Luckily, I've written about dealing with all sorts of people and have been featured on websites like UpJourney and Outwit Trade. You can deal with rude coworkers without losing your sanity along the way, and I'll tell you how.

Let's start.


How To Deal With A Rude Coworker (Who Also Undermines You)

People go to work to earn money. Suppose you have work colleagues that you get along with, then good for you.

However, conflicts will arise, and tensions may occur between you and an undermining person. It can be because of conflicting work ethics, or perhaps you can't just stand disrespectful employees. Leaving the company may be your last result if any issue remains unsolved.

Here's how to do deal with rude coworkers who undermine you:

Step #1: Ask trusted colleagues if they experience the same thing with the coworker in question.

If you notice that the rude behavior has happened more than once, you can ask clarifying questions to a trusted colleague if they see the same thing, too. Your coworkers may offer insights to help address the difficult coworker's social undermining tendencies.

Step #2: Observe and put yourself in the offending coworker's shoes.

Working with a toxic coworker could be stressful. Ask yourself why they are behaving that way. Try to detach from the bad behavior and understand why this is happening. This will also enable you to be more rational rather than let your emotions get in the way of your thinking.

Step #3: Turn to a sense of humor to lessen the tension.

Instead of considering getting even with the toxic coworker, try to make light of the situation. Genuine smiles and friendly laughter can break off the awkwardness and the brewing tension in the room. It takes practice and self-control to do, but it can work given the right timing.

Step #4: Avoid interaction with rude coworkers.

To avoid further stress, limit interaction with the offensive coworker as much as possible. It may be impossible to avoid your colleague, especially if you work in the same department, but try to interact with the person as only needed.

Step #5: Document the behavior.

If the passive-aggressive behavior and rudeness occurs several more times and continues spreading nasty rumors about you, you might want to document all of those instances. This way, you have the evidence in case it reaches the supervisor or an HR manager. If all else fails, talking to your supervisor or HR may be your last resort to dispel a bossy coworker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can be stressful thinking about what to do when your boss disrespects you, or a rude colleague harasses you at work. You also need to earn money for yourself and your family, which is why a job search may not be the best option for now.

Nonetheless, here are commonly-asked questions to help you deal with workplace bullying, such as dealing with a workplace bully:

Should we tolerate being undermined at the workplace just for the sake of not losing our job?

More than the pay and benefits, one should always feel satisfied and fulfilled at work. This also includes having a good relationship with co-workers and managers. Satisfaction at work can also reflect on your output and productivity levels.

However, you should know first the signs of a difficult person's disrespectful behavior such as:

  • Interrupts, contradicts, and invalidates everything you say
  • Disregards your accomplishments and highlights your mistakes instead
  • Showing negative behavior, or using their authority to shame you and your work
  • Sabotage and spreads gossip against you

If you experience these instances, it would be a good idea to inform your manager (if a rude person is causing trouble to you at work) or a human resources employee (if a supervisor or manager is a toxic colleague).

Peace of mind is still king at the end of the day, so it is up to you whether you can still tolerate the bullying, elevate the concern to higher-ups, or simply resign.

Is it unprofessional to approach a co-worker who seems rude to you and ask what seems to be wrong?

No, it is not unprofessional to approach a toxic person at work. It is even brave of you if you can do that. Communication is key in understanding each other. Your approach should also be as positive and open-minded as possible. Do this privately and that you mean well and wish to resolve whatever issue both of you have, which hopefully turns out to be fruitful.

Should you resign when you feel unwelcomed in your workplace?

Resigning to a job can be a challenging dilemma. However, it could be a better choice if you are already suffering physically, mentally, or emotionally.

If you dread going to work every day, is already costing your emotional intelligence, and not seeing yourself in the company 5 years from now, then it might be time to consider your options. After all, no one wants to be in a toxic work environment.

Is management allowed to take some action for personal conflicts between employees?

It is a natural human thing to avoid conflicts as much as possible. But if push comes to shove, it might be time for other parties to be involved. This can also be applicable at the workplace. More so, if the conflict between employees affects the company operations and the other employees' morale and productivity.

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In Conclusion

People come and go and make an impact on your life, both bad and good. You might also encounter a difficult colleague that could make your work life a nightmare.

Hopefully, these useful tips on how to deal with rude people help you fight for your physical, mental, and emotional health and your right to a peaceful work environment.