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Steps To Get A Girl To Like You – 10 tricks to get her attracted!

Steps To Get A Girl To Like You – 10 tricks to get her attracted!

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10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - PostGentlemen, this is Mantelligence. And today we’re updating an episode we made last year called 10 Steps To Get A Girl To Like You, which was all about mastering first impressions and learning how to get her to like you instantly.

But if you’re still daydreaming about that special someone… And googling things like… “how to make a girl attracted to me”

We’re gonna teach you how to get a girl to like you with 10 more Freudian slips – I mean… psychological tricks!

I know, the phrase “psychological tricks” can sound a little… Silence of the Lambs… but these tricks really boil down to learning how to flirt with confidence, and how to get a girlfriend by making a powerful connection – even if you thought it was hopeless.

And because we’re responsible amateur psychologists, we’re gonna help you avoid making a fool of yourself by exposing one big unattractive mistake.

So gather all that’s left of your attention span, and maybe even hit “subscribe,” these are 10 psychological steps to get a girl to like you.

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10 Psychological Tricks to Get a Girl to Like You (INSTANTLY!) – How to Make ANY Girl Chase You

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10 Steps To Get A Girl To Like You

10. Magic Mirror

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - Magic Mirror

No doubt you’re familiar with the old cliche “opposites attract” and while that might be true of magnets and sweet and sour soup, a recent study confirms that we’re actually attracted to people whose facial expressions and behaviors are understandable and familiar.

To waaaaaay oversimplify things, people – including women – are attracted to people they see themselves in.

Does that mean you have to become a hairier version of your girl? I mean, I guess you could, if you really wanted to swing for the fences with some roleplay…

But what it really means is that as you speak with her you should be observant and mirror the way she carries herself.

Little things like how long and how loudly she laughs, how long she holds your eye contact, and how she handles those inevitable awkward moments.

When you properly mirror those aspects of her personality, you’ll easily make a girl crazy for you.

9.  Steps To Get A Girl To Like You :  Open Up

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - Magic Mirror

Women who are looking for something long-term want to know that their man is going to put his heart into the relationship.

See, women are strange and exotic creatures, and they actually prefer to know their mate’s softer side.

A girl wants to get to know your thoughts and even your feelings, because it shows that you’re being vulnerable with her and letting her in.

If you can learn to open up without dumping all your personal baggage in one truck load, you’ll know how to make any girl fall in love with you.

It takes some emotional intelligence, but just start by being honest and open. Be yourself, and let her see the real you. It’s a sign of vulnerability that she’ll interpret as a sign of strength.

Plus, if you’re able to open up about the small, insignificant things in the beginning of a relationship, the larger problems you might be struggling with become a whole lot easier to talk about.

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8. Common Ground

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - Common Ground

In line with the idea of the magic mirror, it’s human nature for women to be attracted to men they have things in common with. They want someone they share the important stuff with, like values, goals… and favorite places for a hot meal at 2 am.

By emphasizing the things you have in common with her, you build familiarity, even if they seem entirely trivial.

It’s how you get to do things like binge a series together, see a concert in another city, or get lost in deep conversation.

So let her know when you have anything in common, and use it to form a bond. It’s how we’re programmed, plus it’s a helluva lot of fun.

7. Steps To Get A Girl To Like You : Flash her… a smile.

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - Flash her… a smile.

For some guys, smiling is as easy as breathing, but for others, showing teeth is like pulling teeth.

(Clears throat) Um anyways… smiling is one of the most important things you can do to make yourself more attractive, right up there with these tricks to get girls to chase you.

When you give a girl a genuine smile, you show her that you’re a warm and approachable person – someone she can get close to. And you give her a rush of positive feelings that she’ll always associate you with.

She has stories about potty training her dog? Big smile.

You’re telling a story about the ridiculous thing you saw at work? Cheese!

The server brings the next round to the table? Thank you, he said with a smile.

6. Inception

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - Inception

Quick, who’s the first person you think of when I say “ice cream”? Ok, how about “movie theater”?

If someone specific popped up in your mind, you can see how strong the connection is between places and things… and the people we experienced them with.

By the way, “ice cream” reminds me of my childhood neighbor, who came over every afternoon in the summer for ice cream… and “movie theater” reminds me of my other neighbor who I once technically went to the movies with.

So when you want to attract a girl, you need to help her form a positive memory of you that she will come back to again and again.

It’s the same concept as an inside joke. And you can do this in all kinds of ways, but if you want a little pro-tip… Make the memory sensual by engaging her senses.

Hijack one of her five senses, like with hot wings at that place downtown, or the cologne that you so expertly applied without going overboard.

Do something fun together and give her something to attach that memory to. Even if it’s nothing fancy or elaborate, every time that scent, taste, or place comes up you’ll be right there with it.

5. Steps To Get A Girl To Like You : Exposure

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - Exposure

This one might be painful for some among us, but the truth is that sometimes romance is about learning to play the long game.

Listen, life gets complicated, and for one reason or another sometimes the timing just isn’t right… yet. But the more time you spend with her, the more positively she’ll feel toward you.

So sometimes it’s love at first sight… and sometimes it’s love at the 5th group hangout. take advantage of every opportunity to have a conversation, to share an experience, and to grow a little closer together.

Don’t expose yourself to the harmful rays of the friendzone, and if you feel like your feelings are getting fried, pack up and move on.

But if you find the sweet spot under the umbrella of progress, this is by far the easiest psychological trick to get her to like you: just show up.

4. The Perfect Touch

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - The Perfect Touch

Humans are programmed to respond to touch. That’s why we invented high fives and why you can actually pay someone to come over and cuddle with you in a completely non-sexual way.

And if you know how to touch her in the right way, you can hijack her natural response to touch and develop attraction.

As we talked about in our video Be a Hot Ape, the best way to break the touch barrier with a woman is by touching her forearm or hand.

A light touch in a moment of shared laughter or a squeeze of the hand during an intense story can spark feelings that are just waiting to be lit.

Just check out this footage from the other night:

Beardy: Well my nephew’s only 2, but he knew what he was doing.

Girl: (laughs) Well if so that’s a pretty bold move.

Beardy: Well, (with mock seriousness) fortune favors the bold. (Like a sports commentator)

Ok, let’s take a closer look at that move. I chose a light hearted moment to initiate contact, so that she can tell my touch is meant to be playful.

I went for her hand because she obviously put it in range of mine and I took that as a sign she wanted some contact.

Plus, I really wanted to light a spark. Let’s see how she responds.

Girl: (bashfully) Oh, yeah, did you teach your nephew that?

Beardy: I take my responsibilities as an uncle very seriously. So yes, his education has officially begun.

Girl: (flirty) Well I’m glad to know his teacher has real world experience…

Did you see that?

The moment I touched her hand, there was a shift. She immediately became more playful and flirty, responding to the natural energy that a simple touch can create.

So choose an opportune moment, and give her hand a touch. It’s only natural.

3. Steps To Get A Girl To Like You : Prove Yourself

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - Prove Yourself

One key to attraction is admiration. In other words, if you really want a girl to like you, you have to prove that you’re worth her trust and admiration.

Thankfully we’re not cavemen anymore… and you don’t have to fight off a Sabre-Toothed Tiger to prove yourself.

You can earn her admiration by doing just about anything she finds admirable. Like playing an instrument, busting your ass in school, or just being reliable.

Whatever you do, do it well. Show her that you’ve got dedication and ability, and she’ll want to join in your rise.

2. Seek Thrills

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - Seek Thrills

The classic adventure movie storyline of a relationship forged in the trials of adventure might actually have some truth to it.

Studies have shown that adrenaline increases attraction and that women rate men that they’ve had exciting experiences with as more attractive. And sometimes that excitement can induce arousal.

So even though a Netflix binge is great every now and then, if you’re looking for hacks to get your crush to like you even more than she already does, you need to get her heart racing!

Go to an amusement park or visit your local climbing wall. Hell, even pushing her on the swing in the park is better than nothing at all.

1. Steps To Get A Girl To Like You : Laugh Together

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - Laugh Together

Laughter has some pretty amazing effects on your health, which is why, as someone who administers laughter professionally, I feel like I should be Dr. Beardy for this one.

Making a girl laugh releases endorphins and positive emotions, which she’ll naturally associate with you. And Letting her see you laugh, like really laugh, will make her feel like you’re opening up and affect this area Riiiiiiiiigt here.

So making her laugh is great, but loosening up enough to laugh along with her is twice as effective. And it’s one of the easiest psychological tricks to get her to like you.

The #1 Psychological Failure that Makes you Less Attractive

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Her to Like You - How to Make a Girl ATTRACTED to Me - The #1 Psychological Failure that Makes you Less Attractive

Alright, with these 10 tricks you should be ready to show a girl the absolute, most convincing reasons she should be with you. But all the progress you’ve made getting her attracted to you could be ruined if you’re too fragile.

You have to be able to take criticism, learn from your mistakes, and realize that if she’s worth dating, she’s probably worth listening to every now and then.

For the record, I’m not saying you should agree with everything she says just to avoid a disagreement or argument.

Doing so will undo all the progress you made by opening up and proving yourself to her, and you’ll end up altering her view of your character.

So to show true strength of character, and to prove worthy of her admiration, toughen up and learn to handle some straight talk.


Those are the 10 Psychological Steps To Get A Girl To Like You and the one mental mistake you definitely want to avoid.

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