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7 Killer Ways To Attract Her Easily - How To Make Yourself More Attractive


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by | | May 26, 2022

Do you want to know how to make yourself more attractive? You're about to find out.

I've written many articles about how to attract women instantly and subtly, so I know exactly how to attract women without talking. In this post, you'll learn how to be more attractive to women in the simplest ways. You'll even know how to appear more attractive without much effort.

Let's get started!


How To Make Yourself More Attractive - 3 Effortless Things To Do To Catch Her Attention

Gentlemen, here's the thing. It takes little effort and a lot of thought to make a woman seriously attracted to you. There are a million attractive things guys do, so you'll find at least one easy way to be an attractive person.

According to Dr. Nicholson, also known as The Attraction Doctor, learning how to read body language or even using a pick-up line can help you when you want to get someone's attention. This guide will help you get the girl you want in the simplest ways.

It takes a lot more than a smile or nice clothes to get a girl's attention, so here's a great list that narrows down all the best things to do to catch her attention.

Here are 7 tips on how to be more attractive to women:

1. Find out what it means to me.

What women want in a man is simple. Aretha said it best. Respect is one of the most important things women look for in a man. When you're a respectful man, women are naturally drawn to you. Men who make inappropriate comments are automatic turnoffs for women. If you want to be more appealing, be a man who is well-mannered and respectful towards everyone. That way, any woman will be interested in starting a romantic relationship with you.

2. Crack me up, why don’t you?

Being funny is a great way to spark attraction. When you're talking to the opposite sex, you should have a few jokes and funny questions to ask a girl. This will help build a good foundation because she'll think you're fun to be around. Plus, she'll feel comfortable around you because you make an effort to make her laugh.

3. Why follow when you can lead?

Most of the time, women want things beyond physical features. Women love a man who takes the initiative and shows leadership. When a man knows what he wants and takes control, women find it incredibly sexy and highly attractive in a potential partner.

Make plans in front of her and make sure she hears your assertiveness. When a woman sees that you can decide without hesitation, she will think you're boyfriend material.

4. Keep your head up.

If you want to appear more attractive, you should know how to be confident around girls. Your body language will show signs of shyness when you're out, so pull those shoulders back and keep your head held high. Another way to show confidence is through how you speak. Subtly sharing your achievements is a great way to get someone's attention.

Confidence also means you're able to ask for what you want and say something when it's not what you asked for. Many people have a difficult time with that, especially in public. Women aren't attracted to insecurity and the need to be praised; they want a man who knows his value and isn't afraid to show it off once in a while.

5. How do I look?

Definitely, physical appearance is important to look attractive. Your good looks won't make an impact if you don't do something to amp it up. First things first, your hair. The hair on your head should always be clean-cut and styled if you want to make an impression.

Next, your facial hair should be trimmed and shaved as often as you can. If you want to maintain your physical attractiveness, you have to look like you're a neat and clean man. Make sure that you smell good and that your clothes are neatly pressed.

An attractive trait in a man is when he pays attention to his hygiene.

6. Conceal, don't feel.

Men wearing makeup are becoming more common these days. It helps them enhance their natural beauty, and that's what helps them become more confident around other people. Gone are the days that men are ridiculed for wearing concealer or powder.

Women also see it as an attractive feature when men are secure enough to wear makeup. We're not saying you should wear red lipstick or anything like that. Foundation or skin tints are quite enough to even out your skin tone, then wear a natural shade of tint to have a little color on your lips. You can also put some contour powder to accentuate your face shape.

Being comfortable in your skin and your appearance will help you talk to other people easily and confidently.

7. Is that what you're wearing?

Gentlemen, it's time to pay attention to the clothes you wear. These are the first things women notice. So, if you've got a great sense of style, you already have a good chance of impressing the person you like. There are tons of articles online that you can use to help you build your wardrobe.

You should also pay attention to your body type and what clothes will highlight your assets and hide your insecurities. Be mindful of your posture as well. No matter how good or expensive your outfit is, it won't look the way it should if you don't have good posture.

5 Things That Are Unattractive to Women That Men Should Avoid

There are many changeable aspects in a man's personality and appearance that he can modify to appear more attractive. He can change his hairstyle, clothes, and words to make other people like him more. That's why in the list above, we've given you the easiest way to get someone's attention.

However, there are also some unattractive things guys don't know they do. These will ruin his chances of getting someone's attention. Worse, he might even turn them away. If you want to be more attractive, you have to know what things to avoid doing.

Here are 5 things that are unattractive to women that men should avoid:

1. Being overconfident.

A confident man will get a girl's attention immediately. A man who is overconfident will get a girl's attention too but in a bad way. That's okay when a man maintains eye contact and talks directly to you. But, when a guy can't do anything else other than brag about himself, it's an automatic turnoff for anyone.

Avoid being too overconfident because no one will ever want to talk to you when all you can do is talk about yourself.

2. Too insecure.

When a man needs a lot of affirmation from a woman, it tends to become tiring and exhausting. If you're too insecure, it will be discouraging for people to spend time around you. Your negative thoughts and self-loathing will get old very fast.

People won't want to be around you because you're constantly asking for praise from them. Women won't think you're a good partner because you're too needy. Your insecurities won't help make you look like a strong man.

3. Bad personal hygiene.

As I've said above, it's not enough for you to have nice clothes. You should also have good hygiene because that will reflect highly on your appearance. You may have expensive suits and shoes, but if you look like a messy and unkempt man, it won't matter.

It's no little thing if you pay attention to your hair, skin, and body. You'll see women will be more attracted to you when you smell good and have great hair.

4. Unacceptable manners.

If you're a disrespectful man, it's game over for you. Women hate it when a man can't show respect to other people. When you treat people in a different way, it says that you don't see people equally. It also tells a woman that you can't show empathy because people have other stories and backgrounds which you don't know about.

The default treatment is to treat people with kindness and respect, even if you come from different social status.

5. Narcissism.

Another thing women hate about men is when they can't stop bragging about themselves. When a man has no other topic other than his achievements, a woman won't want to talk to him. Try this and watch out for her facial expressions. You'll see that she gets annoyed every time you show off something about yourself. If you have sound mental health, you won't need to brag about your accomplishments all the time.

You should be secure enough to be able to let your achievements speak for themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need some more tips and information about how to make yourself more attractive? These frequently asked questions may help you out.

Does working out make you more attractive?

Yes. Women will be more attracted to you when you have a fit body. You will also glow better when you have a workout routine in your schedule. You'll also be healthier when you exercise regularly. Plus, muscles aren't so bad when you see them on a hot guy, right?

Do girls only notice physically attractive guys?

Girls may be attracted to handsome guys faster. However, there are many other ways to attract a woman. Like what we've said up there, funny and intelligent guys can sometimes get more girls than attractive guys. Some guys can use their wit to charm women because that's their asset. Some guys are confident enough to ask a woman out even if he knows they can't get her. Sometimes, a girl can be more attracted to guys who can carry a great conversation and can make her laugh.

How can I become attractive when I have an introverted personality?

That's a tough one. It's difficult to look open to other people when you don't feel like interacting with them. You're not really giving them a chance to get to know you. But, if you want to look more attractive, you can try out the steps we've listed above. Then, try hanging out with your friends more and be open to new experiences and people. It will make other people feel comfortable around you, and then they'll feel like you can be a potential partner.

Do you need to change the way you are all the time just to look attractive?

You don't need to change the way you are, but you should consider being more social and open to meeting new people. Improving yourself doesn't need to stop at pleasing other people. Your growth should also be for your own good. Looking attractive isn't the most important thing, but people will naturally be drawn to you when you're open to improving yourself.

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Now, you know how to make yourself more attractive in the easiest ways.

Now that you know how to attract women instantly, you'll also know how to attract women without talking. When you look clean and maintain a good conversation, women will be more than interested in spending time with you.

If you want to be more attractive to women, it's important to cover all your bases. You've got to look neat and stylish, from head to toe. But beyond that, you also have to be good inside. Women are attracted to men who feel like potential partners, so show that side of you that is a great guy.

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