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5 Tips How To STOP Being A Nice Guy And Become An Alpha Male!

5 Tips How To STOP Being A Nice Guy And Become An Alpha Male!

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5 Tips to STOP being a Nice Guy and Become an Alpha Male - PostGentlemen, this is Mantelligence.

And before we begin with today’s video, I want to take a second to poll the audience.

Question 1: Do girls see you as a sweet guy and a great friend, but not as boyfriend material?

Question 2: Have you ever thought things were going really well with a girl, but for some reason you can’t quite figure out, your progress came screeching to a halt?

And finally, Question 3: Is your approach to romance all about making your crush happy, even if it means not being yourself?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re in luck – because today we’re giving you 5 tips how to stop being a nice guy and become an Alpha Male.

Now listen, Mr. Nice Guy, we know you get a bad rap and you probably think that’s unfair, so let me say it loud for everyone in the back: There’s nothing wrong with being nice.

The problems arise when your niceness leads you to sacrifice your own needs and minimize your unique personality.

So no more Mister Nice Guy.

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Don't Be the Nice Guy (5 Tricks to Be the Alpha Male that Women Love)

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5 Tips How to Stop Being a Nice Guy and Become an Alpha Male

Let’s learn how to improve your personal life and your dating life with 5 tips how to stop being a nice guy and become an alpha male, plus one nice guy habit it’s actually a good idea to keep.

5. Go Deeper

5 Tips to STOP being a Nice Guy and Become an Alpha Male - Go Deeper

Alright fellas, I have a confession to make. In my younger years, I was a bit of a nice guy.

I didn’t even realize it was a problem until I noticed that I kept running into the same walls over and over again: All the girls I was with wanted me to go deeper… And no, not like that…

Well… Maybe a little like that, but more like they wanted something stronger than a surface-level relationship.

See, like most nice guys, I avoided conflicts and disagreements like my landlord on rent day. I only wanted to talk about “safe” topics, like movies, music, and food, and I figured if all our conversations were “nice” girls would be happy and stick around for more. Spoiler alert: they didn’t.

They kept going after guys who showed more depth: Alpha males with mindsets that attract women like crazy, who could disagree without losing their cool and have great conversations on important topics.

I realized that if I wanted a real relationship, I was going to have to go deeper. And once I started, I realized my niceness wasn’t a firm foundation to build on… It was a concrete slab that kept me from growing.

4. How To Stop Being A Nice Guy : Practice Self Care

5 Tips to STOP being a Nice Guy and Become an Alpha Male - Practice Self Care

Nice Guys pride themselves on the fact that they always put other people first, and while that can be an admirable quality, like when you let someone else eat the last slice of pizza, it can also undermine your confidence and actually end up making you seem less attractive.

See, when you treat everyone else like they’re more important than you, you actually start to believe you aren’t as important which can send you into a spiral of self-doubt and keep your from putting your awesome self out there.

So, how do you fix one of the biggest mistakes nice guys make without becoming a total dick… tator?

Start by caring about yourself! And the best part is, you can start with the little things.

That’s right fellas, as I was breaking out of my Nice Guy routine, I took stock of myself and realized I was a little short on self respect.

And one of the things I did that really started to make a difference was developing a self-care routine.

I know, it sounds cheesy, but just putting a little effort into looking and feeling good made a huge difference in my mindset.

I started feeling some of the value I’d always given to everyone else, and began to feel more confident and sure of myself.

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3. How To Stop Being A Nice Guy : Upgrade Your Adjective

5 Tips to STOP being a Nice Guy and Become an Alpha Male - Upgrade Your Adjective

“Nice” isn’t a bad word… like *beep*, *beep*, or *beep*… but if it’s the first word that comes to mind when people think about you, it might be time for an adjective upgrade.

Lots of women want a man who is nice – but they don’t want his niceness to be the most interesting thing about him. That’s because everyone is nice when they meet someone new.

So being nice doesn’t make you particularly special or interesting. Alpha Males take the time to develop specific traits and habits to improve themselves, which positively changes their personality and how others view and describe them.

So if you want to be alpha, you’ve gotta upgrade your adjective so people describe you as cool, or interesting, or open-minded, or anything other than “nice.”

You can start by making a list of words that describe you, then ask your closest friends to add in a few suggestions of their own.

Next, narrow your list down to the best qualities, and put your effort into developing and displaying those traits. And don’t be the Nice Guy… Be the Intelligent Guy, or the Interesting Guy, or the Passionately Open-Minded guy.

And give the ladies something more interesting than a Nice Guy to daydream about.

2. How To Stop Being A Nice Guy : Be the Driver

5 Tips to STOP being a Nice Guy and Become an Alpha Male - Be the Driver

I wanted to talk about this next item because it deals with another problem I faced in my Nice Guy days.

It kind of goes along with what I talked about in number 5, the habit nice guys have of avoiding conflict.

When I first started hanging out with girls I was a total Yes Man. I agreed with everything they said (even if I didn’t really agree) and I did everything they wanted me to do.

I never had my own ideas about what to do or where to go. She could have suggested Frozen on Ice followed by a root canal and I would have gone along with it.

In my mind I was making things easier by going along with whatever she wanted, but I was actually making things harder by making her do all the work and still not really enjoying myself.

See, if a relationship is a journey, Nice Guys are just passengers – and your need to be driven around could be one of the reasons girls think you are unattractive.

If that sounds like you, take a page from the Book of Alpha and start having some opinions and making some decisions.

Next time you want to hang out with your crush, be prepared with ideas of things you actually want to do and that you think would be fun to do together.

She’ll find your ability to take the wheel incredibly attractive, and seeing you enjoy yourself in an activity you planned will really seal the deal.

1. Drop Truths, not Hints

5 Tips to STOP being a Nice Guy and Become an Alpha Male - Drop Truths, not Hints

Alright gentlemen, this last point is something I want to keep just been us guys.

You might not like it, but because I’m not a Nice Guy anymore I’m gonna tell you anyways, because some of y’all really need to here this: Quit being such a wimp, and say what you got. to. say.

I know, you wanna be nice so you don’t speak up when others make you unhappy or uncomfortable. Instead, you end up hinting at the problem and hope they read between the lines.

That’s called being passive-aggressive and if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a passive aggressive person, you’re well aware that it’s extremely annoying and not at all attractive.

Girls want to know what you’re thinking. They don’t want to have to ask 5 times why you’re acting weird. That’s the stuff we accuse them of!

So tell the truth. Kindly, but directly. She deserves to hear it, and you deserve to say it!

Yes, it might lead to some conflict – but it’ll also make her see you as more trustworthy, dependable, and honest, and confident – which are some of the biggest turn ons for women.

The Number 1 Nice Guy Habit You Should Never Lose

5 Tips to STOP being a Nice Guy and Become an Alpha Male - The Number 1 Nice Guy Habit You Should Never Lose

Sorry it got so real before, guys. I just thought it was something you needed to hear, and I knew I could count on you to hear me out.

In fact, former Nice Guy, it’s your ability to listen to other people that I hope you never lose.

Listening is such an important factor in a romance for a couple of obvious, but big reasons.

First, it shows her that you think she’s important. The moment you pay her as much attention as you do to Fortnite, or whatever the kids are playing these days, she’ll open up and draw in closer.

And second, when you listen closely, you might actually learn something. At the very least, you’ll definitely get to know her better, and might just hear something that will come in handy later.

So as you become a self-possessed Alpha male who knows who he is and where he’s going, please, don’t grow out of being good listener.

In Conclusion

Those are 5 tips how to stop being a Nice Guy and become and Alpha Male and the one Nice Guy trait you should never lose.

And don’t forget to visit for all your skincare needs. Don’t forget: It’s the Alpha thing to do.

Thanks for watching!

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