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What Makes A Man Attractive? – 11 Items to make you more charming!

What Makes A Man Attractive? – 11 Items to make you more charming!

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11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - PostGentlemen, sometimes we ask ourselves, “What makes a man attractive?” Today, we’re showing you 11 basic items you can own that are guaranteed to get noticed by any girl.

You know about the standard items. You know you’ve got to wear clothes that fit, and by now, you know you gotta smell good. No, what we’re talking about today, are the things girls don’t see coming, but they just can’t ignore.

Note from the editor, Kyle: Big thanks to Vincero for partnering with us to make this post/video possible. Vincero Watches are bold, luxury watches that I personally use and love. If you’re looking to get a more attractive face, I highly recommend it.

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive

Here are 11 items you’re going to want to have on deck that make an amazing impression with girls:

11. Bed Frame

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - Bed Frame

Not expecting to see a bed frame at the top of this list? Well we weren’t planning on it either. But as it turns out, there are a shocking number of guys out there relying on just a mattress on the floor. And an equal number of women… who are shaking their heads everytime they see it.

I mean, we get it: Why do you even need a bed frame? They’re always too expensive and all they seem to do is take up space… and that may be partially true, except it ignores one glaring detail: For a number of reasons, women really, really like it when guys have beds off the ground.

So while a mattress on the floor might be cheaper or just part of your style… a full-size bed setup pays dividends that are always gonna be worth the investment.

10. What Makes A Man Attractive : Tools

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - Tools

There will come a time in every man’s life, when either he needs to fix something, OR, more likely, a girl needs him to fix something, hang some pictures, or do some light carpentry. And, surprisingly, the chances are most guys won’t be ready for that day.

So in order not to be caught totally off guard, do yourself a favor and invest in a basic toolkit early on. Because you may not need it all the time, and you may not know how to use any of that stuff right now… but rest assured the day you need to be that guy for a girl, you’ll be glad to have it.

9. Wall Art

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - Wall Art

Sort of like how a mattress with no bed frame can be awkward for a guy to have, so are walls with nothing on them. But there’s an easy way to change that. Just go out, find some art you like… and hang it up on your walls. Now you might be thinking, art is expensive!

Well yeah… if all you want are full-size originals. All we’re suggesting, is to find a few affordable, quality prints from artists you like, throw a frame on them, and put them on your wall. You don’t have to get something for every room in the house, but a couple of pieces you like will take up virtually no space, not much time… and will be an effortless way to make a great impression with any girl who comes over.

8. What Makes A Man Attractive : The Watch

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - The Watch

Here’s something you might have noticed about our videos: Any time we talk about using STYLE to make a girl like you OR as a way to make her more attracted to you, we talk about the importance of a watch. Well… there’s a simple reason why we do this: Women love when men wear watches.

Now: we’re guessing you’ve seen today’s video sponsor, Vincero, on channels like AlphaM, Teaching Men’s Fashion, and Real Men Real Style. So… instead of showing you a bunch of images of Vincero’s bold watches, we’re going to show you two subconscious attraction boosts that the right type of watch, like Vincero, gives you:

BOOST #1: Wearing (And Using) A Watch Gives You The James Bond Effect

Imagine this: A beautiful woman asks Bond for the time, and out of his pocket he pulls his cellphone to check. It’s almost… painful to imagine, right? Instead, after the woman asks, Bond casually and confidently checks his watch. Much more classic-Bond, right?

BOOST #2: Watches Dramatically Improve Your Style

Watches are subtle. They don’t draw attention to themselves, but impress when they’re noticed. And that makes something powerful: A classic, masculine touch that makes you look like well put-together man.

In short guys: One of the easiest ways to be more attractive to women is to wear a watch… and today’s video sponsor Vincero is the EXACT type of watch that women love. It’s bold, yet classic (like Bond)… while still being subtle and handsome (to dramatically improve your style).

Vincero was even kind enough to give Mantelligence viewers a HUGE discount code. Check it out in the description… and note: it will only work for a limited-time.

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7. Books

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - Books

There are a lot of collections of things that girls don’t necessarily want to see, but books are not one of them. Because whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, mystery or nothing but non-fiction, a guy with books is something that will never go out of style with women.

Now that doesn’t mean you should collect books you have no intention of reading. And it doesn’t mean you should be that guy who brags about reading, either. But what it does mean, is to find books that genuinely interest you… and start collecting, and reading, them.

6. What Makes A Man Attractive : Drybag Backpack

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - Drybag Backpack

If there’s one thing that can make any guy impressive to any girl, it’s being equipped for whatever situation gets thrown at him. And an item that makes that kind of adaptability possible, is an extremely durable, low maintenance backpack that keeps your stuff safe no matter what.

Now there are a few dry bags on the market, but not all of them work as advertised. And we’re not going to recommend a specific pack in this video, but if you just look for an all-season, waterproof pack from one of the big outdoor companies… you should be in pretty good shape.

5. A Clean Car

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - A Clean Car

So you’ve got a car and that’s more than can be said for a lot of guys, right? Maybe. But you’re not outta the woods yet. Because after a certain point girls are way more likely to pay attention to the state of your car. Especially… how clean it is.

So if you notice your car smelling a little funky, or filling up with burger wrappers, that definitely means that the girls you’re driving around are noticing it too.

4. What Makes A Man Attractive : Weatherproof Jacket

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - Weatherproof Jacket

A modern weatherproof jacket is like your own personal armor against the elements. A good one will be easy to move around in, last forever, and keep you totally dry. You might see why an all-weather jacket helps with how women see you, because if the ability to charge outside without hesitation in any environment isn’t cool… we don’t know what is.

Rain? No problem. Hail? Who cares. Snow? Weatherproof, man! Where dapper jackets definitely have their place in a man’s wardrobe, every guy should have a well-fitting jacket that’s made for harsh conditions.

3. A Gym Membership

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - A Gym Membership

With the huge variety of gyms there are these days, there’s a training center for just about everyone, and everything: Powerlifting, crossFit, rock climbing, parkour, yoga, ninja training. You name it, there’s a gym for it. And not only will any one of them get you into great shape, but it’s virtually guaranteed that women are going to like that you’re a part of one.

2. What Makes A Man Attractive : Magnetic Knife Strip With Good Knives

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - Magnetic Knife Strip With Good Knives

Dinner and a movie. Netflix and chill. Or just a lowkey night at home for the two of you. There’s a good chance that if the girl you like ends up back at your place. You’ll be spending some time in the kitchen. And while a good meal can’t hurt, another way to use your kitchen to make a statement that women can’t ignore, is to set up a high-quality magnetic knife strip over your cooking area complemented by a premium set of knives.

Now, for the full-value effect… you should probably be being able to actually use the knives. But either way, a magnetic knife strip is a pretty awesome feature that can say a lot about the man you are.

1. Durable Shoes

11 Items That Instantly Make You More Attractive - Durable Shoes

They say that for anything that goes between you and the ground, it’s worth spending some money on. Tires, mattresses, and most importantly… shoes. So why do women like a guy in shoes that endure?

Well she may not know how long you’ve had your pair of old workhorses, but what she will notice is that your shoes aren’t falling apart…which is always gonna get you some points.

In Conclusion

Those are the 11 items so useful, they’ll be guaranteed to get attention from women.

Don’t forget to check out Vincero Watches using the link in the description… and If you enjoyed this video, be sure to let us know, and give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to click and subscribe.

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