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MeUndies Review

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Think about the underwear you're wearing right now...

How long have you had that pair? Are they filled with holes, uncomfortable, and faded? Do they ride up your legs throughout the day, so you constantly have to adjust them?

Now: all of us have a few pairs like that... and it's only after a guy upgrades his underwear that he realizes, that doing so, was the smartest wardrobe-upgrade he could have made.

Better underwear is softer and more comfortable, made with higher quality materials, and forms perfectly to your body (leaving you feeling like you're wearing next to nothing).

...And here's the thing:

Normally, high-quality underwear is expensive... often upwards of $50/pair. But today, this review is all about reviewing MeUndies. These guys made a pair of underwear that is 3 awesome things: ridiculously comfortable, ridiculously good looking... and, somehow, ridiculously affordable.

Ridiculously Comfortable

Everyone has had horribly uncomfortable underwear before.

It itches... it chafes... it makes you sweaty... and worst of all, it bunches up in places you really don't want anything bunching up in.

MeUndies are built to be better. Their boxer briefs are made from 92% Lenzing MicroModal and 8% Elastane.

The MicroModal (which is made from Beech trees) creates the base for underwear that is 3x softer than cotton and helps keep everything dry (thanks to their inherently absorbent qualities + ability to draw moisture and holding it away from your body).

And the Elastane helps make them flexible, and able stretch/conform to your body and movements (giving you a perfect fit whether you're relaxing on the couch or pushing your limits at the gym).

In short: these two combine make an underwear that prevents bunching, riding, and chafing... and that basically make it feel like you're wearing nothing at all.

Ridiculously Good Looking

After reading that header, you might be thinking, "Why do I need my underwear to look good? It's just underwear..."

But think about this:

Do you like when your girl wears sexy underwear? Of course you do. Her lingerie is designed to be attractive, and designed to accentuate her.

And that's what so many guys fail to realize about their underwear:

It's the exact same principle! When a woman sees your underwear, she wants to see something that's sexy, that naturally accentuates you, and that makes you look good.

MeUndies does this with two big things:

1. The patterns

No matter your style, MeUndies has you covered (literally) with three distinct designs for any occasion:

  1. Timeless neutral colors (like: solid gray, black, and dark red Cabernet)
  2. Unconventional, bolder colors/patterns (like: Purple Haze, Pink Champagne, and Winter Moss)
  3. Completely unique/adventurous patterns (like OG Camo, Snow Leopard, Candy Corn, and even glow-in-the-dark Skulls).

2. The cut

MeUndies are designed to be tight to hold everything in place... without being too tight/constrictive where you need the extra room. And this cut, combined with the Elastane, not only help make them super comfortable, but also help to naturally accentuate you and your body.

In other words: they look great, are designed to make you look even better...  and will almost certainly give you more confidence with or without your pants on.

Ridiculously Affordable

With a lot of the other premium-underwear brands on the market, to get a pair that's as comfortable and/or looks as good as MeUndies... you have to pay a huge amount per pair (again, often over $50/pair).

...But with MeUndies, you pay (well) under half of that.

And while you can (of course) buy individual pairs, or you can get a discount and buy bulk (with 3-packs, 6-packs and 10-packs)… their most innovative, and interesting option is their membership program:

When you become a member, they’ll send a brand-new pair of stylish, high-quality underwear each month… right to your doorstep. To get started, all you have to do is the style, size, and the pair you want first. They’ll pick out the rest each month, helping you build your collection one month at a time.

In other words: it puts restocking your underwear drawer on autopilot (meaning no more ratty, holey, uncomfortable underwear)... and you get a big discount (33% off).

Oh and ps: all MeUndies orders to the US/Canadian have free shipping!

In Conclusion

With MeUndies luxury materials, unique designs/colors, and ridiculously affordable price you can't really go wrong.

Mantelligence Exclusive Discount

We're excited to partner with MeUndies to bring Mantelligence readers an exclusive (and big) discount on MeUndies ridiculously comfortable briefs.

Just click the button, and use code ManT at checkout, to get your exclusive discount!


$16 @


92% Lenzing MicroModal and 8% Elastane


92% Lenzing MicroModal and 8% Elastane

3 Awesome Things

Ridiculously comfortable, ridiculously good looking… and, somehow, ridiculously affordable.


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