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MNTL Must-Have 7 [September 2016]

MNTL Must-Have 7 [September 2016]

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Welcome to the MNTL Must-Have 7, our monthly post showing you 7 incredibly cool products of the month, handpicked by the Mantelligence team from the thousands of cool things for guys we see during the month.

…And this month, we’re bringing you the top 7 products for this fall: Every Man’s Fall Essentials.

luci - 1
luci - 2
luci - 3


1. Mpowered Luci Color

You can use portable LED lights for so many fall activities: the last few nights at the lake, dark campsites, romantic dates, and even formal events like weddings.

…And this portable light by Mpowered is the best one we’ve found yet.

It floats (would be fun in the water), it’s solar-powered and inflatable (perfect for camping), has 9 color options (great way to set the mood for a date), and runs for 6 hours on a single charge (would last through a party/formal event).

In short, a set of these lights is the fall essential for… well, everything.

grand frank blue - 1
grand frank blue - 2
grand frank blue - 3

2. Grand Frank Blue Montpellier Chronograph Watch

By now, you guys know we love this watch.

This is the essential manly watch… it’s not too dressy (it’ll go with your jeans and t shirts), it’s not too ‘sporty’ (the leather band makes it a classic, masculine accessory), and it’s so unique (do you know many watches with a blue watch face?).

If you’re going to invest in a watch this fall (and you should), get the manly, classic, and unique Montpellier Chronograph.

coleman camping stove

3. Coleman Perfect Flow Grill Stove

It’s obvious why this portable Coleman grill/stove is a man’s fall essential… it’s specially designed for two of the manliest fall activities: camping and tailgate barbecuing.

It has a grill for meat/vegetables, a serve top to boil water/cook beans, two wind blocker protection panels, quick-heat technology, and it weighs only 14 pounds… in other words, it has everything a camping grill master needs.

bose speaker - 3
bose speaker - 2
bose speaker - 1

4. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Every outdoor fall event (barbecues, tailgating, camping, hiking, etc.) is better with music.

…So set the mood for each outdoor activity this fall, using a portable speaker. Now, you don’t necessarily need this one from Bose… but here’s why we love it:

It links via Bluetooth, so you can play your music from any device… it only weighs 1 lbs, so you can carry it anywhere… and it runs 8 hours from a single charge, so you can listen all day.

mos - 1
mos - 2

5. Ministry of Supply Atmos Baselayer V Neck

Every man owns t-shirts, and layers them daily during the fall…

…but are you wearing the best possible t-shirts? Ones that look stylish, feel comfortable, and prevent sweat stains?

Most guys don’t have that type of t-shirt… which is why Ministry of Supply designed sleek, fitted, moisture-wicking t-shirts that don’t gather sweat under your layers (they actually have hidden ventilated panels in your sweatiest areas). Pretty cool, right?

6. Stone Drink Dispenser

Cool, manly drinks are one of the best parts of fall evenings… but they get even better when you have a unique way to serve them.

This stone drink dispenser holds any bottle (whiskey, wine, cocktails), and dispenses it with a lever. It’s a functional and insanely cool conversation piece (it’s literally made out of a rock!).

steve madden pasadina sneaker - 1.1
steve madden pasadina sneaker - 2.1
steve madden pasadina sneaker - 3.1

7. Steve Madden Pasadina Sneaker

Women are seriously not impressed by men who wear nothing but tennis shoes/flip flops every day (these make you look like you didn’t even try to get dressed… and it’s a huge turn-off).

But check this out:

Wearing these classic Steve Madden sneakers won’t make you look lazy… with their tan leather/blue accents, low tops, and vintage look, these sneakers are actually incredibly stylish, comfortable and versatile (they’ll go with most outfits, casual or dressy).

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