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9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast!

9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast!

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9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast - PostGentlemen… It’s about time you switched things up and started some morning habits that will make you a beast.

We’ve been thinking about this… and there’s one, verifiable factor that characterizes 99.9% of all great men: They don’t putz around in the morning. As soon as they’re wakin’… they’re shakin’.

How you start your day determines how the rest of it will play out, and if your morning routine is unstructured, incomplete, or half-assed… It’ll show every time you walk out the door.

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9 Morning Habits That Will Make You A Beast TODAY!

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9 Morning Habits That Will Make You A Beast

So to help make sure you’re at your absolute BEST every day of the week, Here are our 9 morning habits that will make you a complete beast.

9. Build In Your Beastmode

9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast - Build In Your Beastmode

We can tell you a million and one habits you need to start doing right now… But if you don’t take the time to truly build those habits into your daily routine, you probably won’t get very far from the starting line.

That’s because being a beast is less about motivation, and more about being a machine when it comes to your mornings.

It takes time, and a whole lot of effort, but the more you work towards a consistent routine, the less you’ll think about how much you just want to stay in bed.

Consistency is key. And as it just so happens, that is one of the habits women love.

8. The Early Bird

9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast - The Early Bird

If you don’t give yourself enough time in the morning to look your best, how do you think you’ll look when you leave your house?

Sure, you might have to go to bed a little earlier so you’re not dead tired in the AM, but having an extra hour or two in the morning to get out the groggies, is one of the ways to instantly make yourself look more attractive, simply because you’ll have more time.

7. Saving Face

9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast - Saving Face

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6. Take a Bath, Hippie

9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast - Take A Bath, Hippie

Real quick, don’t actually take a bath in the morning because baths don’t actually clean you. And while it seems everyone has a different opinion on when you should shower, if you want to attract girls, you should definitely shower in the morning.

Think about it… You probably have some gasses floating around under the covers while you sleep, and they have nowhere to go but into your clothes, your sheets, and worst of all… Your skin.

So yeah, if you want to be a beast who doesn’t smell like a beast… Shower in the morning.

5. Agua, Por Favor

9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast - Agua, Por Favor

Waking up is hard to do. But not if you chug a pint (16 oz.) of water first thing in the morning.

And here’s why: When you’re sleeping, you’re not taking in any water and your body is actually using water.

So a nice glass in the morning will only hydrate you and make you instantly feel more alive. It also increases your metabolism and jumpstarts your rehydration after 6-8 hours of going parched.

So if you want to start your morning off right, grab a nice, refreshing glass of water. You won’t regret it.

4. Pump It

9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast - Pump It

Remember how we told you waking up early is one of the morning habits that will make you a beast?

All that extra time opens up millions of possibilities for your morning routine. And while a cup or two of coffee will help kick your morning into overdrive, hitting the gym will work even better.

And on top of all that energy you’ll get from getting physical, eventually you’ll get a more muscular body, which is one of the biggest turn ons for women.

Wanna know how to turn on women even more? Make them crazy for you.

3. One-Alarm Fire

9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast - One-Alarm Fire

Contrary to what we all want to believe, those extra 10 minutes of sleep in between alarms in the morning, don’t actually make us more rested. In fact, they do the opposite.

So set only one alarm. And when it wakes you up in the morning, jump out of bed like your house is on fire. And whatever you do next, don’t get back into bed, no matter how inviting it is.

You’re already awake, so get moving and start the day off right. Be the beast.

2. Think About It

9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast - Think About It

Life is hectic and we’re constantly bombarded with information throughout our day which can be extremely exhausting.

So instead of stressing about your busy day ahead, take 5 minutes to meditate on your relaxing morning.

Now, we won’t lie… Meditation is one of our most challenging morning habits that will make you a beast.

But it helps you become more introspective and if you want to learn how to make a woman fall in love with you, you’ll have to learn to fall in love with yourself first. Meditation helps with that.

1. Balance Breakfast

9 Morning Habits That Will Make You a Beast - Balance Breakfast

None of the morning habits we’ve talked about in this video will make you a beast if you’re dead. And dying of hunger is one of the worst ways to go.

So learn to cook a mean breakfast. Not only will it give you the energy you need to start your day, you can use this trick to get girls to chase you by having a nice, hearty meal ready and waiting for your new lady friend you met last night at the bar.

In Conclusion

Those are the 9 morning habits that will make you a beast and help ensure you’re always ready to take on a new day.

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