Looking for places to go on a date with your significant other? This bucket list for couples, and these date ideas will help you.

As a dating coach, I know the best locations for a date. Some of my relationship and dating-related content is published on popular websites, including ApartmentTherapy and Lifehack.org.

Without further ado, let's explore the best places to go on your date.


Ultimate List Of Places To Go On A Date

Romantic dates are the norm for couples. Either you go on a fancy dinner or a movie date. But sometimes, couples need an overhaul in their usual routines.

By overhaul, it could mean changing their usual date activities and trying out a new night out idea for a change. That's why we've prepared this list - to give you new ideas that will make your dates more fun and interesting.

Have a great romantic evening!

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5 Best Places To Visit On Your First Date

First dates are memorable either in a good or bad way. Before the big day, you might be wondering what to do on a first date. Thankfully, there are tons of ideas for a first date that she won't forget.

Finding first date tips for men can be nerve-racking. Because we all know we just want to impress our dates, right? So it's understandable to go all out when it comes to first dates. In this section, you'll find a good idea or two for a first-date destination.

1. Zoo

If your lovely date is an animal lover, the zoo is a great place for your first date. It's not every day that you see animals other than your pet dogs and cats. You'll even learn something new about the animals you rarely see.

2. Beach

Even if it's a common place for dating, you should schedule a weekend to visit a nearby beach! Breathe the fresh air, take a dip into the cold beach waters, or simply walk together along the seashore with your hands intertwined with each other.

3. Art Gallery

Making fine arts is more than a skill. It is a way to express emotions and thoughts in your mind. It is also where you will find the best art pieces and fine arts you can feast your eyes on. From paintings to sculptures, the art gallery has it all. It's the perfect place for your artistically-minded date.

4. Italian Restaurant

Taste the wonders of Mediterranean cuisine through delectable Italian dishes. Love Caprese Salad? Pasta? Risotto? Hand-tossed pizza? This should be a no-brainer -- it's one of the best first-date destinations you could never go wrong with.

5. Amusement Park

Love the thrill of riding a roller-coaster? Feel the romantic high while riding the Ferris wheel? When going to an amusement park, your age doesn't matter. Anyone, from kids to kids-at-heart, can enjoy the rides -- and so will your date.

5 Simple Places To Visit On Your Double Date

We understand you might run out of dating ideas. That is why we have this list to help you out! Whether you need simple date suggestions or double date suggestions, your dating coach has you covered. You'll find a fun place to have your date and then some!

6. Concert

Listening to music on your device can help lessen stress and uplift your mood. Going to a concert and jamming live in it is another thing. Tickets may be expensive, but seeing your favorite artists in the flesh perform your favorite songs can be worth the price! There's bound to be enough room to fit you and your double date, so the more, the merrier.

7. Bowling

Who doesn't love a round of bowling? It's not the most romantic place to be in, but you, your date, and anyone who happens to hitch along (spares) will have good, clean fun. Simple and clean is the way!

8. Laser Tag

If you're looking to be more active on your date, having a round of laser tag is one of the more exciting ways to go about it. This is especially good for double dates because it'll be a round of couple vs. couple. Who's got the better skills?

9. Cinema

When all the other options aren't feasible for one reason or another, or you just want to go out without anything elaborate planned, nothing's more reliable than the cinema. You'll never be strapped for choice with a host of movies at your fingertips, from romantic films to action thrillers.

10. Escape Room

This one's an interesting choice! An escape room challenges you and your date to escape a room using only the clues and tools in the room itself. Lots of people have fun with puzzle-solving, and it's much more fun taking on a challenge together than by yourself.

5 Fun Locations To Go On A Date With Your Crush

If you want to learn how to make your crush like you, these fun places are a great way of accomplishing that. Dates can be intimate and sensually romantic, but sometimes you just want to have fun with your crush - and these places will surely give you just that.

11. Comedy Bar

Love and laughter go hand in hand; if you want to tickle her funny bone, then a comedy bar's the place to be. Order some drinks and a few snacks, watch the show and prepare to bust a gut laughing. Don't forget to make her laugh yourself!

12. Take A Roadtrip

Got a car and nowhere to go? Take a trip and see where the road leads. Having an ultimate destination in mind is better, but you can still have plenty of fun watching places pass you by as you drive. You can even make a point to stop now and then to take in the sights!

13. VR Café / Arcade

Two opposing eras of technology, but both have the same purpose: to have fun on a date. Whether you like futuristic VR or retro game cabinets, there's plenty of fun to be had. Personally, I'm a fan of two-player light gun games!

14. Botanical Garden

A botanical garden is a wonderful choice for a peaceful, relaxing date. If you're nearby, I highly recommend the Brooklyn botanic garden. No matter which you choose, there's nature and fresh air in abundance, which is perfect for when you just want to talk and roam around.

15. Cool Ice Cream Shop

Having a date at the ice cream shop is so 70s. That doesn't mean it's a bad place to hang out though. Whether you like Gelato, Turkish ice cream, or plain old snowcones, there is plenty of frozen treats that you can enjoy with her.

5 Romantic Places To Visit During The Winter Season To Have Your Own Privacy

If you're looking for romantic places to enjoy this winter season, try out some winter dating sites that will make the best of the cold season. These ideas are for those looking for a little privacy this winter, perfect for intimacy. Even better if the date is during the Christmas season!

16. Spa

Before you go to the spa, make sure they service couples together. But once you're there, you can relax as skilled hands work on your sores and make all your worries disappear. You'll both feel refreshed and ready for anything that comes next.

17. Ski Resort

The ski resort during winter is the best kind of romantic getaway. Ride down the slopes with your date, whether by ski or snowboard and enjoy the winter wonderland that belongs only to you two. You can even have a snowball fight at the bottom!

18. Coffee Shop

A coffee shop may not be the most private of places, but it's got the perfect atmosphere to have a long chat with your date. A hot cup of joe, maybe a donut or two, and all the time in the world to talk. Quaint and relaxing!

19. Skating Rink

Take advantage of the cold and go to the skating rink, where you can practice your sick spins and figure eights to impress your date. If you're looking to make it more romantic, skate alongside her while you chat - and if you're both skilled enough, have a skating duet!

20. Antique Shop

It's science: girls love shopping. But instead of shopping for clothes or cosmetics, mix it up and try visiting an antique shop. She'll be awed at all the unique and interesting things on display.

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5 Places To Go On A Night Out With Your Wife For Your Anniversary

Your anniversary is drawing near, and you don't have any locations to celebrate your anniversary for your most important of dates. But then, when all hope seems lost, and you can't decide, you stumble upon this list and cry out, "I'm saved!" I feel you too, buddy. Don't worry; we've got you.

21. Club

If you've been dating since you were teens, now you can enjoy clubbing as adults. Going to a club is the most typical date thing you can think of, but nothing quite beats the atmosphere, a good drink, and dancing with your beloved. Just because it's typical doesn't mean it's bad, folks!

22. Opera

If you both love classical music and the theatrical arts, an opera house might suit your fancy. The gorgeous location, the awe-inspiring music, and the enchanting songs... It's the perfect recipe for a classy evening with your wife.

23. Jazz Club

Prefer live music instead of a pre-recorded soundtrack? The jazz club is where it's at. Smooth, catchy, and jazzy tunes await you in this place, and we all know jazz is the most romantic kind of music.

24. Cocktail Bar

Everyone loves cocktails, right? For your anniversary, invite her over to share some craft cocktails with you. Whether it's just an ordinary bar that serves drinks or a classy cocktail bar for parties, the drinks will go down easier with her by your side.

25. Drive-In Movie

A blast from the past! We love a good drive-in movie. Take your car, bring some snacks, and park in front of the big screen at night. Cuddle up with her while you watch, and talk the night away.

Downloadable and Printable List of Places To Go On A Date

Here is a downloadable/printable list of places to go on a date with your partner (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Pick A Good Place To Go On A Date

This list has plenty of choices for date destinations, but maybe you'd like to try something different or want to set the venue yourself. If that's the case, there are a few helpful tips that will help you select the best place to have your date. Check them down below!

Tip #1: Pick a place suitable for two.

It might seem obvious, but some people make the mistake of choosing a place that's more suited for a single person. Things like amusement park rides where you will sit apart or going to a spa that separates you two. Choose a place that will allow you two to be close together. A date where you're both at arm's length isn't going to be fun.

Tip #2: Choose based on both of your interests.

Having a date in a place you don't enjoy being in has to be the most horrible experience. That's why you should choose a place you both definitely know you'll enjoy. Pick the right restaurant with things you both like, and choose the right movie... It's basic but essential. You could just pick based on only her interests, but wouldn't it be better to go somewhere you both like?

Tip #3: Pick a place you haven't been to.

If you're set on the type of place you want to go on your date, choosing a place you haven't been to would be more exciting and fun. For example, you two want to go to the park - and there's one right nearby. However, you both have been there before. An hour's drive away, there's a beautiful park, so pick that instead. Ultimately, you shouldn't pick the first place that comes to mind. Explore and find a similar but more exotic location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insecure about what to do on your date or dating in general? As your dating coach, I've answered some frequently asked questions that will put your mind at ease.

How do I know if she enjoyed the date?

Look closely at her while your date is ongoing. Is she talking to you while making eye contact? Does she make a lot of physical contact, like trying to touch your arm or kiss you? Finally, is she being herself without seeming reserved at all? If the answer to these is all yes, then congrats, she enjoyed your date. If she instead barely gives you eye contact and fiddles with her phone and talks to you with reservation... she probably didn't.

How can I be confident around my date?

Before I answer this question, you should know I've written many articles about dating on Mantelligence, so try reading some of them through, like this article on first date tips for men. But to give a short answer, if you want to be confident around your date, you should try to relax and enjoy yourself first. There's nothing more confidence-boosting than just being yourself and having fun with her. She likely will have fun too.

What should I do before asking a girl out?

It's only polite to ask her if she's got some free time and doesn't have anything planned. You should also free up your schedule before you ask her out. Otherwise, it will only be an annoyance if your schedules conflict.

Is it appropriate to ask a girl out through text?

The best way to approach a girl differs depending on the girl, but there's nothing inherently wrong about asking her out through text. It gives her some time to think about it, and should she accept, it allows you to coordinate the details with her within the privacy of text. However, I advise you not to do this for every date - muster up some courage and ask her out in person.

More Extraordinary Dating Ideas

This list is full of dating suggestions for couples of all kinds, and we hope you enjoyed it! Interested in reading about more these? These related articles will give you plenty of inspiration for your next date.

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In Conclusion

After reading this, you should now know the best places to go on a date. In your bucket list for couples, make sure to tick off the dating places you've tried out and try a new one each time. That way, you'll never get bored with the same old routine. Have a wonderful time!