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27 Best PS4 Accessories - Use these items to level up your gaming life.


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by | July 23rd, 2021

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Gamer guys and gals, as you might suspect, PS4 accessories go far beyond your wildest dreams. When gaming is your lifestyle, you'll want to know what's on trend with modern gaming accessories.

Gamertelligence is a game website that has the PS4 games you'll need to use these items with to enhance your experience, replace standard issue parts, and deepen your relationship to virtual worlds, known and unknown.


18 Best PS4 Accessories

When gaming is life, PS4 accessories become a necessity. Customization can deepen your experience. In many cases, you're supporting local artisans contribute their craft to their community.

Here are the 18 best PS4 accessories:

1. Custom PlayStation 4 Controller

This is literally a game controller hand-carved from true lovers of virtual reality from natural wood. Gone are the days where plastic everything is standard issue. Not only does the controller lend a natural, unexpected, earthy aesthetic, the buttons and joystick light up in seven different color choices!

2. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Crystal

This controller may be traditional in appearance, but it's got one special additional feature: a share button to make your best gaming moments shareable at the click of a button. You'll be able to upload screenshots and video playback right from your system.

3. PDP Bluetooth Enabled Media Remote Control

You'll want everything in one place, commanded by a single intuitively designed remote control, officially licensed by Sony. You'll be able to manage all your systems, and access your favorite streaming media.

4. eXtremeRate Light Bar Decal Stickers

Sometimes it's a preference to cover the LED light bar on our controllers. It makes for more covert play in the dark. You can cut down on the glare. You've got a huge choice of stickers to cover the light bar here. They're fierce and they won't leave any annoying sticky residue when removed.

5. G-STORY 11.6 Inch IPS FHD 1080P Portable Eye-care Gaming Monitor

Screen time is not always good for the eyes, so get this device to maintain your optical health.

6. Collective Minds Strike Pack

Do you wish your controllers did other things? Hook this thing up to your controller to completely re-map your buttons. You'll also get built in controller mods like rapd fire, drop shot, quick scope, auto run, burst fire, and more.

7. Kootek Vertical Stand

When space is at a premium or you're looking for a different aesthetic than your standard TV stand and shelf, you might want to try this vertical stand for your console.

8. LinkStyle PS4 Cooling Fan

When you're putting in long hours perfecting your techniques, electronics tend to heat up real fast. Add that to hot temperatures outside and climate change, etc., you might need a ps4-specific cooling fan to keep conditions at a happy medium.

9. BEBONCOOL PS4 Controller Charger

Here's yet another option for a controller charger. The perk of this one is that it comes with very clear LED graphics on the front that indicate when your charge is ready in green and when it's still processing in red.

10. eXtremeRate Multi-Colors Luminated D-pad

Modify your controllers with stickers in the colors of your choice! They're attractive, build of durable materials, and textured for enhanced grip.

11. PlayStation Move Motion Controllers

This track both subtle and fast movements with incredible precision. They bring you the best advanced motion sensing and light tracking technology. Vibrational feedback included. Rechargeable batteries are great for the environment.

12. Gamers Digital Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Chatpad

Typing on the PS4 can suck. So, passionate technology professionals have come up with this enhanced solution that connects right in so you can communicate for real with an actual QWERTY keyboard. Streamline teamwork with other players by sending typed text messages.

13. SeattleTech Basic Black Micro USB Cables

You can never have enough replacement cables. Check out these enhanced ps4 specific USB options for all your connective needs.

14. PS4 Bag

You might want to take some time to stay at a hotel to really focus on your game skills without interruption. Now it's easier than ever to pack each piece of equipment carefully in its own padded, scratch-proof pocket with superb organization. There's a place for everything.

15. PS4 FPS Games Accessories Kit Anti Slip Silicon Analog Stick

The touch of buttons is everything in gaming. The subtlety of your grip and the angle at which your fingers connect to the button communicates infinite things. How you customize your buttons can have powerful ramifications on the finesse of your playing style.

16. SteelSeries Arctis 7

With a microphone that allows for studio-quality voice transmission,these 2.4G wireless audio headphones create an environment of zero interference for the most cohesive gaming experience imaginable.

17. Logitech Dual-motor Feedback Driving Force

This racing wheel with enhanced, ultra-sensitive pedals will create the true-to-life racing experience that every gamer dreams of.

3 PS4 accessories compatible with xbox one

When you've been at the X-box lifestyle for awhile, you know you're totally into additional Xbox One accessories to enhance your experience and partake in novelty, community, and gaming culture.

Here are 3 PS4 accessories compatible with Xbox One:

18. RUNMUS Gaming Headset

Nothing creates total immersion than a surround sound professional gaming headset with a 50m driver. Both your game and music experiences will be through the roof. This headset is built to be worn for many hours, so every attention to comfort has been made. You'll be able to use these across multiple platforms including PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and more.

19. Micolindun Gaming Headset

If you're looking for a headset with no driver needed, check this one out! You'll experience extraordinary sound effects with deep base and shockingly clear accoustics for music and moves too. Weighing less than 370 grams, this headset will not create unnecessary heat or pressure around your head.

20. HDMI Switch 4K

This is the only HDMI switch you'll ever need because of how easy it is to set up and operate. You won't be needing any external power supply. An LED light tells you which port is active. Fast and stable transmissions are the name of the game.

7 PS4 Pro accessories

When you've upgraded to PS4 Pro, you'll be interested in what PS4 Pro accessories are on the market. Whether you're looking for an enhanced experience or protection gear for your devices, the market is full of great offerings.

Here are 7 PS4 Pro accessories:

21. USA GEAR Console Carrying Case

No need to leave your console at home when transport is this convenient, simple, easy, and luxurious! There's a padded, protected place for every aspect of your system in this stylish, comfortable bag.

22. eXtremeRate Horizontal Dust Cover

Nothing says commitment, protection, and passion like this PlayStation 4 Pro console slate gray protective cover made of ironable, waterproof polyester. When you're not playing, take extra care of your system by putting it to bed in its own fitted sleeve.

23. BEBONCOOL PS4 Controller Charger

When you're doing everything wirelessly, it's integral that charging is not a hassle. With this dual-dock charger, your wireless controllers can both be charged quickly, completely and simultaneously at the drop of a hat so they are ready for action when you need them.

24. TotalMount for PlayStation 4 Slim

There may be a time where you'll want your system mounted on the wall to save space, avoid clutter, free up the shelves for other accessories, and showcase your system's esteemed presence in your life. It's engineered carefully to ensure that heat can escape where necessary.

25. PS4 Game Case Stand

You'll need a place to store up to 10 game cases. With the PS4 logo emblazoned proudly on the front, the stand's aesthetic efficiency are exactly what the lifestyle gamer needs to stay organized and showcase his or her favorite game cases.

26. Silicone Skin for PS4 Controller

These eco-friendly, odor-free, ultra-thick silicon ps4 controller skins are the perfect protective accessories for your controllers. They provide an amazing grip and eliminate the chance of unseemly scratches. There's an 18-month warranty and they're available in marblized blue and red.

27. Y Team Playstation 4 / PS4 / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim Controller Charging Docking Station

This sleek, compact, LED lit charging dock for two ps4 controllers is exactly what you need to keep your wireless devices ready for action. A 2.5-hour charge allows for 8-10 hours of wireless playing time. The charger looks a bit like lit-up tower, making for an extra attractive aesthetic.

How To Pick the Best PS4 Accessory?

Whether you're shopping for gamer gifts, sponsoring prizes, or you're looking to treat yourself, you might want some guidelines for what's options are the best choices for your situation.

Here is how to pick the best PS4 accessory:

1. Decide what's needed by asking

If you're needing tips to pick the best accessories, you're probably getting a gift. Not all PS4 accessories are best owned in multiples so figure out what your buddy already has for his console and get him or something he can really use.

2. Consider your layout

When shopping for mounting devices for your console, map out where in the room you're going to put it first. Consider locations of outlets and air circulation.

3. Combine compatibility

Not all accessories have crossover capabilities with your other gaming systems. You may want to invest in remotes and other things that work across multiple gaming systems so minimize your clutter.

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In Conclusion

The sheer number of innovative PS4 accessories on the market make embracing the gaming lifestyle more enjoyable than ever. To have a market full of technological enhancements gives everyone a chance to personalize consoles.

Ps4 accessories make great gifts. No matter what level of gamer you are, there's sure to be some Playstation 4 accessories just perfect for your tastes and style.

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