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Purple Hybrid Mattress Review - Is this worth it?

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This Purple Hybrid Mattress review is meant to help you know more about yet another Purple product, and ultimately help you decide whether or not it is for you.

Sleep is one of the most essential things in anybody's life, and that is why choosing a mattress that will help you achieve the highest quality of sleep is of utmost importance. Plus, mattresses are not something that you purchase thinking that you can have them easily replaced, they're investments that should last you a long time. This is the reason why reviews are made, just like this Purple Mattress review written prior.


What is a Purple Hybrid Mattress?

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is one of the mattresses offered by Purple, the company behind the famous Purple Mattress. Now, their Hybrid Mattress is so-called because it features not only their patented Grid but also responsive support coils that are meant to amplify that comfortable feeling.

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Purple Hybrid Mattress Review

Now, on to the real reason you're here: THIS Purple Hybrid Mattress review.

The Purple Hybrid Mattress was really made with the ultimate comfort experience in mind. The Grid technology and the ultra-responsive coils are a match made in heaven.

Things To Love About Purple Hybrid Mattress

What really makes the Purple Hybrid Mattress a great choice?

Here are 3 things to love about the Purple Hybrid Mattress:

1. The 2'' Grid

The Purple Hybrid is equipped with 2 inches of the Grid. And yes, this provides their trademark No-Pressure support responsible for giving you support where you need it, all throughout the night (or day). No more waking up with a sore back.

2. Instant Response Coils

The 2'' grid is already comfortable in itself, just imagine how much more comfortable your mattress is going to be when you have their individually-wrapped coils that are so incredible, they move with you. They are the real thing, they respond instantly. The best part here is that you won't even know the coils are there because you won't hear them creak, thanks to the noise-reducing fabric they're wrapped in.

3. StretchMax Cover

To top it all off, the Purple Hybrid mattress comes with its StretchMax cover. This top layer is super stretchable, making sure that you get all the benefits that the mattress offer. It has ultra-breathable woven side panels for optimal airflow, keeping the mattress cool all the time.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Shipping Breakdown

Purple ships free of charge to the US and Canada. They also offer white-glove delivery if you want only the utmost care for your new mattress.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Price

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is available in different sizes, hence different prices ranging from $1249 to $2648. You're sure to find the best fit for your budget.


Twin XL$1249




Cali King$1849

Is Purple Hybrid Mattress Worth It?

The Purple Hybrid Mattress has the ultimate balance between soft and firm, which makes it worth every penny.

The combo of the Grid and the instant-response coils is absolutely life-changing and is definitely a bang for your buck.

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Purple Hybrid Mattress Coupon or Promo Code

Grab the best price that Purple has to offer right now, their Black Friday sale. You can get up to $400 off when you buy a mattress PLUS a sleep bundle. You can also upgrade your Purple Sheets to their SoftStretch Sheets and pay only the difference! Now, this is something you should definitely take advantage of!

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In Conclusion

Well, well, well. We hope we've accomplished what this Purple Hybrid Mattress Review was meant to do. After all, all we want is to provide you with enough information to decide if you want to make the purchase. If you liked this, you might also want to check this Purple Mattress Review.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$1249 @

Trial Period

up to 100 nights

Payment Terms

Full, Split on Credit Card, or Financing at 0% APR

Trademark Features

The Grid, No-Pressure Support

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