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Purple Kids Mattress Review - Is this the best for your kid?

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The goal of this Purple Kids Mattress Review is to help parents decide whether or not the Purple Kids Mattress is a good option or their growing children. If you've read the Purple Mattress review, it's a guarantee you'll be thankful that Purple also made a mattress that is made especially for kids.

For sure, there are other mattresses out there that promise to give your kids the high-quality sleep they need in order to support their developing bodies. What makes the Purple Kids Mattress different? Read on to find out.


What is a Purple Kids Mattress?

The Purple Kids Mattress is a mattress specifically for the younger members of your family. Just like any other Purple mattress, the Purple Kids Mattress comes with the Purple Grid which provides that patented No-Pressure Support. Available in Twin size, this mattress for kids will fit perfectly in a loft type or even a bunk bed setup.

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Purple Kids Mattress Review

Now, to the very heart of this post: the Purple Kids Mattress Review.

The Purple Kids Mattress shows Purple's commitment to providing a great night's sleep to the kids. You see, kids tend to move a lot while sleeping and if their mattress doesn't move with them, their sleep will be interrupted and they'll be irritable in the morning, not to mention that they won't get the rest they need to fuel their waking hours. This is where the Purple Kids Mattress specializes. Being both soft and supportive at the same time, it is the most comfortable mattress for the kids.

Things To Love About Purple Kids Mattress

Yes, this review won't be complete without us mentioning the exact things to love about the Purple Kids mattress.

Here are 4 things to love about Purple Kids Mattress:

1. The good old Grid

Just like all the other Purple mattresses, the Purple Kids Mattress has the Grid. This means that there are instantly fewer pressure points. The result? Your children will never wake up on the wrong side of the bed, just because there is literally no wrong side.

2. It's hypoallergenic and non-toxic

For children, everyone only wants the safest options. Fear not, the people behind the Purple Kids mattress know this. Just like all other Purple products, the Purple Kids mattress is free from allergens and other toxic materials that may harm your little ones.

3. It has 1,400+ air channels

The Purple Kids mattress stays cool all night, ensuring that your children sleep comfortably all throughout.

4. It's built to take a beating

All-day jumping on the bed? More than 8 hours of snooze time? Water, juice, and milk spill? The Purple Kids mattress is ready for it. Made with the most durable materials out there, this mattress is ready for whatever kids (or life) has in store for it.

5. Flexible payment terms

Mommies and Daddies need not worry about their budget because Purple offers flexible payment terms. You can pay in full upfront or you can actually use your credit card to split the payments at 0% interest. Moreover, you can opt for financing at 0% APR.

Purple Kids Mattress Shipping Breakdown

Purple Mattress ships free of charge to the US and Canada. They also offer white-glove delivery if you want only the utmost care for your new mattress.

Purple Kids Mattress Price

The Purple Kids Mattress is available in Twin size only for now. It sells for $499.

Purple Kids Mattress Coupon or Promo Code

There's no current coupon or promo available right now.

Is Purple Kids Mattress worth it?

If you only want the best for your little ones, then the Purple Kids mattress is definitely worth every penny. This is because when you get this, you don't only pay for the mattress, but for the comfort of your child.

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In Conclusion

Hopefully, this Purple Kids Mattress review has helped you decide whether or not to get it soon. Now, once you've got it for your kids, we know you won't get enough of it and you'd want to get it for yourself too. The good thing is that Purple has a selection of mattresses for adults and we've got a Purple Mattress review to help you as well.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$499 @

Trial Period

up to 100 nights

Payment Terms

Full, Split on Credit Card, or Financing at 0% APR

Trademark Features

The Grid, No-Pressure Support

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