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RibbedTee Review

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We've all been there: you put your favorite dress shirt on for something important (a job interview, a meeting with your boss, a presentation, etc.)... but you're nervous (or it's just hot), so you start sweating.

And you don't want that, right? Not only does it shatter your confidence, but, plain and simple, it's embarrassing.

Now: that's why a good undershirt is an essential part of every man's wardrobe. It instantly gives you:

  1. Protection. Keeping your dress shirt safe from unsightly sweat stains.
  2. Confidence. Knowing you have a sweat-free shirt is a powerful confidence boost.

...But that undershirt of course still needs to be: 1) comfortable (it doesn't feel/look bulky) and 2) stylish (it doesn't create awkward crease lines)... and that's why we love RibbedTee.

Check out these innovative undershirts in our RibbedTee review:

Classic, Yet Innovative Undershirts

RibbedTee recently sent our founder, Kyle Boureston, a few of their undershirts... and this is what he said:

"I don’t personally wear undershirts every day… but I do every time I wear a dress shirt. And for years, I wore the low-quality undershirts (like the ones you’d find at Target)… but after Mike sent me a few of his RibbedTee undershirts, it was one of those moments when I asked myself “how have I ever worn anything else?”"

And after talking to founder Mike Schwarz... we've highlighted 3 things that make RibbedTee's undershirts so incredible:

#1: High-Quality Materials. RibbedTee only uses ridiculously high-quality materials (from the standard stuff (like high-quality cotton)... to more advanced materials (like rayon, polyester, and TENCEL)). 

#2: The Perfect Combination. They've found the perfect combination of these materials, to make their undershirts ridiculously comfortable (they're extremely breathable and stretchable).

#3: Unique Design. These undershirts are designed to comfortably wrap around your body (and feel like a second skin).


They offer a wide range of undershirts on their site... but we highly recommend you start with the EVO TENCEL V-neck:

EVO TENCEL V-Neck Undershirt

This is one of RibbedTee's most popular undershirts... and here's why:

It's made of 94% TENCEL and 6% spandex (which makes it incredibly soft/stretchable and ridiculously comfortable), is unbelievably lightweight (it's only 130 grams per square meter), and even features a Raglan sleeve design (so it won't restrict your movements).

...And to help keep you looking stylish, it has a longer back tail (so it's easier to tuck it in (and will stay stylishly tucked in)) and features a deep V-neck (so it won't be noticeable under your dress shirt).

But here's the best part about the EVO TENCEL: it's highly breathable (which allows moisture and heat to evaporate (and helps keep your body cool))... and is highly absorbent (it absorbs moisture better than cotton).

RibbedTee Review Conclusion

RibbedtTee undershirts are ridiculously comfortable, and feel truly like a second skin. If you're looking to up your undershirt game... grab an EVO TENCEL today.

PS: click here for a limited-time discount on RibbedTee.


$0 @


High-quality cotton, rayon, polyester, and TENCEL



Unique Design

Designed to comfortably wrap around your body

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