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Transform Your Watch into a Smart Phone with Sgnl [Review]

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Sgnl is watch strap (or smart band for non-watch wearers) that uses sound wave vibrations to automatically turn your finger into an earpiece for your phone. Sgnl, a Kickstarter project that was 200% funded within the first 24 hours, is the perfect match for you

The Sgnl band’s Body Conduction Unit (BCU) sends your caller’s voice vibration from your wrist to your fingertip… all you do is push the ‘answer’ button on the band, place your fingertip to your ear, and talk and listen normally (a microphone in the band picks up your voice clearly).

Apart from being incredibly cool, Sgnl offers two practical solutions to common problems with phone calls:

  1. It makes your calls easier to hear (your finger pressed to your ear actually blocks out other sounds).
  2. There’s no chance that anyone will overhear your call (the call vibrations only travel through your arm, not the air).

And it gets better:

The Sgnl phone app has fitness tracking, ‘pulse alert’ settings for texts (a unique pulse to notify you of new text messages), and even a call reminder (so you never forget to call your wife/boss again).

The Sgnl by Innomdle (the first official spin-off company of Samsung) is available at a steeply discount rate on Kickstarter until October 8th… check it out using the green button to the right or below.


$139 @


Watch strap or smart band for non-watch wearers


Watch strap that uses sound wave vibrations to automatically turn your finger into an earpiece for your phone, fitness tracking, pulse alert settings for texts and a call reminder


Make calls easier to hear and no chance that anyone will overhear calls

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