We're here to talk about something interesting: signs you are intelligent and how that can attract women.

I've written about how to be charming, given advice on insanely simple ways to treat her right, and shared my thoughts on many more articles that talk about how to be more appealing. My insights on dating and life have even been published across numerous sites, including Apartment Therapy and Best Life Online, so believe me when I say that I know what I'm talking about here.

I also know that being smart can intrigue and draw women’s attention, so let’s discuss intelligence!

Top 7 Signs You're Actually Intelligent - You Are Smarter Than You Think (Animated)


8 Signs You Are Intelligent

You picture a specific type of person when you think about highly intelligent people. It can be hard to determine someone's cognitive ability, so signs of intelligence are usually seen in how a person speaks, how they deal with their emotions, and sometimes, it's in their body language!

Here are 8 signs you are intelligent: 

1. You Are Honest

Intelligence is measured when you are confident in your capabilities and honest about your weaknesses. Highly intelligent people are completely secure in saying, "I don't know enough to have an opinion about that." How often do we hear that from men, right?

If you want to know how to impress a girl, being honest about what you don't know will certainly get you on her good side. Being an honest man will help you show alpha male qualities.

2. You Don't Mansplain

We hear the term mansplaining a lot, especially on social media. It's when a man condescendingly explains something that he doesn't fully understand, under the assumption that he knows more about the topic than the person he's speaking to does. Doing this doesn't show signs of intelligence, gentlemen. In fact, it does the complete opposite. 

Take it from me; your humility will go a long way. If you are an intelligent person, trust your capabilities. That's a key trick to being an alpha male

3. You Show Independence

A smart person with a high EQ knows how to be completely independent. When you learn how to live and survive on your own, it shows signs you're smart

My tip on how to attract women? Take responsibility for yourself. Get organized. Plan your schedule and your life. A woman will be attracted to the order in your life, instead of the chaos that other people have. She will also feel like she can depend on you. When you can do things by yourself, it really adds to your wow factor. Plus, having a good grasp of your life is a testament to how you will handle future relationships. If you're wondering how to be more confident, relying on your own capabilities is the first step.

4. You Have Emotional Intelligence

A common problem gentlemen have is not being able to express their emotions. But, signs you're smart are linked to having high emotional intelligence. Sure, your IQ is important too. But, if you want to know how to get a girl to instantly like you, the best way is to show her that you're not afraid to get deep.

Any clever person knows that showing your real emotions is not a sign of weakness but a sign of courage. When a man shows his sensitive side, any woman will find it easier to trust him and to open up to him as well. 

5. You Have Musical Talents

If you've always struggled with talking to girls, a great alternative is playing music. Psychology Today mentioned a study in Boston Children's Hospital that proved the correlation of musical ability and improved executive function in both children and adults.

Musically inclined people are considered smart people because of their ability to identify correct pitch, listen carefully to tones and rhythms, and most importantly, listen carefully to what sounds good.

If you're troubled with building self-confidence, try showing her your musical talent. Not only will it build your self-esteem, but it will also be an opportunity to show confident body language, like doing cool tricks on your instruments or making a hit song unique to you.

6. You Are Funny

You don't need an intelligence quiz to prove that you're smart as long as you have a great sense of humor. If you're questioning your intelligence, pay attention to how other people, especially women, react when you make jokes.

If she laughs at your jokes all the time, that may be a subconscious sign of attraction. When you think fast on your feet and you're witty, a woman will enjoy her banter with you. Not only will she think you are highly intelligent, but she will also appreciate your effort to make her laugh.

She'll enjoy talking to you when your humor is on point. Make sure to keep it light and appropriate, though. That's really the trick to keeping it funny. Keep it light.

Having people compliment you about your sense of humor is also a clear sign that you are smarter than you think. A girl who likes you won't be afraid to give you compliments like this.

7. You Listen More To Know More

If you listen more than you speak, you are smarter than you think. It's a mental ability to give other people the chance to share their ideas. It shows you understand that the people around you also have voices that need to be heard. It's not only your voice that has value.

You don't need an intelligence test to gauge how smart you are when you show people that you want to hear their ideas. People will also think you're a cool guy for not monopolizing the conversation.

If you're on a date, let her talk about what she likes. Give her a chance to share about her life. Let her share her thoughts and ideas. She's going to feel comfortable sharing things with you because you listen well, and you are completely okay with her speaking her mind without needing to contradict her or take over the conversation.

8. You're Always Making Connections

One of the signs you are intelligent is when you can make connections between unrelated subjects. This also helps with the humor aspect. It signals your great wit and banter when you can make funny, unexpected connections about seemingly unrelated topics.

When you see patterns and connections quickly, not only will you appear smart, but you will also impress others with your skill. For example, your crush likes dogs. When you're together, hand her some food, and when she thanks you, say, "It's the leashed I could do!" She'll laugh and appreciate your quick wit, for sure!

She'll be impressed with your ability to turn any topic into an interesting conversation. Stuff like that will really highlight your intelligence. Plus, it gives you something to talk about!

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The Number One Sign That Doesn't Show You're Intelligent

We've said it before - being charming is a great way to win a woman's heart, but charming doesn't mean boastful. So, it's important to stay humble. Avoid being arrogant and show modesty. It's a good sign of being an intelligent person.

When you mock other people for not being as smart as you are, your intelligence diminishes. It appears that you are insecure, unnecessarily cocky, and immature when other people see your need to put down others for things they can't do or don't know. Not only will you appear small-minded, but you will also be disrespected and disregarded by the people in your circles.

Women can also take this as a sign that you will need to put her down to feel better about yourself. She won't consider you a potential partner if you behave that way. Make sure you avoid doing this.


Signs you are intelligent are also attractive qualities in a man. Having good cognitive ability intrigues and draws people to you. You'll be an interesting person everyone will want to get to know more.

Remember, let the signs you're smart speak for themselves because intelligent people don't need to go around telling everyone they're a genius.