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36 Stocking Stuffers For Men – Small gifts that he’ll love.

36 Stocking Stuffers For Men – Small gifts that he’ll love.

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Christmas is yet again around the corner, and you are yet again struggling to pick out some decent stocking stuffers for men that you know.

Coming up with gift ideas is tough enough, but gifts for men, in particular stocking stuffers, are a real problem. The struggle of finding something they’ll like can make holiday shopping extra stressful.

What, exactly, does a guy even want to find in his stocking? If you answer that correctly, he’ll be back to believing in Santa Claus come Christmas morning. If you get it wrong, you’ll have just added to the clutter in his life.

To help you out, we’ve come up with some excellent Christmas gift ideas that will make this a very happy holiday season for all the men you know.


8 Best Stocking Stuffers For Men

The best way to ensure the stocking stuffers that you buy are a big hit is to just start with the best gift options out there.

We’ve put together some of the most popular items guys are looking forward to opening come Christmas.

Here are 8 of the best stocking stuffers for him:

1. Magnelex Best Magnetic Wristband

Make it easier for him to track of all the screws, nuts, and bolts he needs while doing repairs.

2. Unscented Beard Oil for Men

The perfect gift for every bearded man you know.

3. Nail Clippers for Men

Men have to fuss over their nails as well. This will make him feel more manly doing it.

4. Laser Engraved Matte Black Stainless Steel Flask Set

Get him this and just watch how soon he starts pulling it out at every social event.

5. Bourbon Shave Soap

Give a guy the gift of a great smelling, smooth shave.

6. Swiss Pocket Knife

The classic guy gift with a new design.

7. Heritage Lensatic Compass

It’s classy looking and perfect for all the explorers you know.

8. Pac-Man Connect and Play

Big gamer or not, he’s bound to love always having Pac-Man available for a quick play.

7 Stocking Stuffers For Dad

Finding Christmas gifts for Dad can be tough. You want it to be personal, fun, and not too generic or cheesy.

These stocking stuffers give you a lot of leeway to make the big guy happy with gifts that are right up his alley without being too obvious.

Here are 7 awesome stocking stuffers for dad:

9. Tee Repair Tool

Save him money so he can afford to go golfing more often.

10. Guitar Pick

Sweet and perfect for the dads who like to rock out.

11. 3-in-1 Beard Conditioner, Grooming Shampoo, and Face Wash

Show Dad how much you appreciate his bushy beardiness.

12. Personalized Wood Bottle Opener

Charming looking and a great item for him to pull out next time you’re knocking a few back together.

13. Luggage Tags

A high quality way to make sure traveler Dad never loses his luggage.

14. Mini Bike Pump & Glueless Puncture Repair Kit

This stocking stuffer for men ensures Dad never has bike trouble again.

15. Chilling Stones

Show Dad you appreciate his love of chilled whiskey and his hatred of watery whiskey.

6 Stocking Stuffers for Brother

In some ways, it’s easier to find Christmas gifts for a brother. After all, you know them pretty well. At the same time, you may know them so well, you don’t see what they’d actually like in that stocking.

These stocking stuffers for men manage to hit that sweet spot for family gift-giving.

Here are 6 fun stocking stuffers for your brother:

16. World’s Okayest Brother Mints

Let your bro know you care …at least a little.

17. Christmas Santa Beer Can Cooler

Useful and a wonderful invitation to some holiday drinks together.

18. Tactical Pen for Self Defense

This stocking stuffer for men is basically a Swiss army pen.

19. socks

Sometimes, socks are the right gift.

20. Weighted Jump Rope

Is your bro getting into shape? Help him along with this.

21. Mini Jigsaw Puzzle

A great way to spend Christmas morning with your brother.

8 Stocking Stuffers for Men That You Can Also Give For Her

Christmas shopping can be so stressful partly because you’re shopping for everyone at once. Unlike birthdays, there’s a lot of people you need to make happy.

To simplify that, here are some great stocking stuffers for men that are also great stocking stuffers for her, whoever “she” happens to be.

Here are 8 stocking stuffers for men that are also great for her:

22. Thermal Neck Warmers

Everyone looks good and stays warm in these.

23. Dill Pickle Lip Balm

Surprisingly delicious for guys and for girls.

24. Polarized Wood Shades

A classy, unique look for anyone to find in their stocking.


25. Gift Card in a Snowflake Tin

Stuck with gift cards for gifts? Give them in a new way.

26. Twin Bell Alarm Clock

A classic alarm clock for everyone who arrives late to Christmas brunch.

27. Bacon & Bourbon Candle

A stocking stuffer for men that works great for women who also love some Kentucky whiskey.

28. Bacon Hot Sauce

Not getting enough bacon in your candles? Get it in your hot sauce too!


29. Reusable Grocery Tote Bags

Great for all environmentally conscious friends.

7 Cheap Stocking Stuffers For Men

Hey, we’d all love to have unlimited amounts of money on gifts for the holidays, but some Decembers, we’re just going to have to look for bargains.

With these cheap Christmas gifts and cheap stocking stuffers, you’ll be able to get some quality gifts without struggling to make it to the new year.

Here are 7 cheap stocking stuffers for guys:

30. “Date Night Ideas” Card

Know a guy constantly checking Mantelligence for date ideas? Help him out for cheap.

31. Christmas shot glass

A cheap way to get started getting into the spirit with someone.

32. Bacon Addicts Triple Sampler Gift Pack

A cheap way to share the miracle of bacon this holiday season.

33. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Know someone with a car that’s always breaking down? Give them a cheap way to keep the tires rolling.

34. Pencil Holder

Great for an environmentalist who’s also a big writer or artist.

35. Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

A stocking stuffer for men who are big on travel …and on taking too much luggage.


36. Round Ice Cube Molds

Give some the gift of some classy looking ice for their drinks.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

Not looking for a stocking stuffer right now? We’ve got tons of other gift ideas for everyone and every situation in your life. Just check out some of these articles for more advice and suggestions.

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How To Pick The Perfect Stocking Stuffers For Men: 6 Steps

There’s a lot of great stocking stuffers for men above, but the problem you may find now is choosing the one item that’s best for one, particular man.

To help you get that gift right, we’ve simplified the process into 6 steps. Just follow these, and you’ll be sure to stuff the ideal gift into that guy’s stocking come Christmas.

Here are 6 easy steps to pick which stocking stuffer to give:

Step 1: Focus on What Makes This Guy Different

The best gifts always deliver more than just an item a guy likes, they show that you know that person well and put a lot of thought into the gift.

So, start the process by thinking about what makes the man you’re shopping for stand out. What are his hobbies? His personal interests? His particular needs?

Is he a big reader? Consider books, bookshelves, or a handmade bookmark. Is he really into fashion? Get him that coat he had his eye on a few months ago.

Step 2: Discretely Find Out What He Already Has

There’s always a danger that you choose something a little too well …and the guy already has it. One of the worst things that can happen on Christmas is for your perfect stocking stuffer to come too late.

So, once you have a general concept for a gift, get a good idea what he already has. This can help you narrow down his preferences (types of clothes he really likes, types of sports memorabilia he collects) while avoiding getting him something he already bought himself.

Step 3: Find Out What He Needs

This is a companion point to Step 2. Getting that right gift can sometimes be as simple as finding out what “piece” he needs to complete something he cares about.

This might be a classic comic book he’s been trying to buy to complete a collection or a sampler of different whiskeys to help him develop into a more classy, mature drinker.

Crucially, don’t use this as an excuse to just buy him socks. He can get those for himself. Get him something he needs for something he loves to do.

Step 4: Don’t Blow A Lot on a Joke

Some guys love a good gag. If you are buying stocking stuffers for men who enjoy a chuckle as much as a new watch, by all means, get a joke gift …but don’t spend too much on it.

It’s very easy to misread someone’s taste for jokes, and if you put a lot of time and energy into a joke that doesn’t go as well as planned, everyone is going to be upset.

It’s best to get a gag gift and have a genuine one as well, so you’re covered no matter how the joke goes.

Step 5: Don’t Put Pressure on the Big Gift Opening

We’ve all been in that gift opening situation where the person who bought the gift is so focused on your reaction, you just don’t know how to react.

You might have put a lot of effort into this gift, but try not to look like you care too much, no matter how he reacts.

Remember, even if you got him a great gift, if he wasn’t expecting it, he might not react as exuberantly as you had dreamed. That doesn’t mean he won’t love what you got him. If you don’t pressure him, he’ll enjoy getting the gift, no matter what it is.

Step 6: Let Him Take It Back

Here’s the thing: guys are fickle. You may do everything right, and you still might not get the right gift.

The best way to overcome this is to make sure it’s clear that you’re cool with him taking back your stocking stuffer. If you got it from a shop he likes, you’ve basically given him a more thoughtful gift card.

It’s important not to take this to heart. Remember that you’ve shown you care by putting the effort in. By avoiding any guilt trips, you’ll make sure he ends up happy in the end anyway.

In Conclusion

Finding the right stocking stuffers for men is only a challenge when you don’t have a decent list of gift ideas to work from.

With the above gifts for men, you’re certain to find the perfect stocking stuffer item for every guy you know. All you have to do now is choose the Christmas gift ideas that work best for those you know and then make that purchase.

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