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Tasting Room – Is it the best wine of the month club?

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Tasting Room is a wine subscription dedicated to finding wines you’re sure to love.

With signature bottles chosen specifically for your palate, this subscription service places taste above all else. They offer an experience unlike anything else on the market and a price that competes with all the top subscriptions.

Keep reading to see what makes this subscription club different from most wine of the month clubs.


What is the Tasting Room?

What is the tasting room

Tasting Room is wine subscription service that places your experience above everything else.

Every wine of the month club has some aspect that makes them unique, and for them, that something is their dedication to taste.

It begins with your at-home wine tasting kit. Rather than having you fill out a brief questionnaire to determine your taste profile, they send you a 6 mini-bottle sampler of a range of varieties and flavors. This way you can read about the wines while you taste them, and create a profile that really matches your preferences.

Once you’ve tasted and rated your mini-bottles, Tasting Room will send you 12 full size bottles of their signature wines based on your preferences. Rarity and obscurity aren’t the priority here, although you will find unique blends grown in a variety of places. Rather, the priority is finding wines you’re sure to love. And after each shipment, you can rate your bottles online to continue to improve their selections.

They make, bottles, and distributes their own wines, saving you money by streamlining the process. That means even if you could find these bottles in stores, you’d definitely pay more than you would with a subscription. Rather than hunting through aisles and paying upwards of $20 for a bottle you’re unsure of, you can pay $13 a bottle with your subscription and receive wines specifically chosen for your tastes.

Unlike most wine subscriptions, this is a bi-monthly club. Their default membership is 12 bottles every two months for $149 plus $19.99 shipping, but as you customize your profile you can select to receive fewer bottles as needed.

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Recent Tasting Room Boxes/Items

Recent Tasting Room Boxes
Aside from subscribing yourself, the best way to get an idea of what you’re in for is by taking a look at some of the wines they have to offer.

Keep in mind that Tasting Room’s boxes are tailored to your taste preferences, so your boxes might look different than mine.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
tasting room - ebro2016 Ebro Spanish TempranilloThis juicy red wine has hints of cherry and plum with citrus and licorice undertones.$13
tasting room - bonelli2016 Bonelli’s Eagle Languedoc-la-Clape RougeCherry, plum, and fig notes are underscored by an herbal aroma that pairs great with seasoned red meats.$13
tasting room - tengo2016 Tengo Yecla MonastrellThis Spanish red leaves cherry, fig, and strawberry on the palate and goes great with poultry or pork.$13
tasting room - cabernet2016 The Needle Paso Robles Cabernet SauvignonThis delicious wine with hints of ripe black fruits is needle in the haystack of California wines.$13
tasting room - pique2016 Pique-Nique Pays d’Oc ChardonnayTropical fruits and citrusy flavors blend perfectly with the toasted oak and butter flavors of this picnic wine.$13
tasting room - mulberry2016 Mulberry Road Cellars Lodi Old Vine ZinfandelBlackberries and raspberries are highlighted by fig and baking spices in this balanced, flavorful wine.$13

Tasting Room Review

Tasting Room Review
If you’re thinking about subscribing, first take a look at our in-depth Tasting Room review. I go into all the specifics of pricing and shipping, as well as explaining the things I loved most about this service.

For a quick overview, use the pros and cons list below.

Pros vs Cons of Tasting Room

Pros vs Cons of Tasting Room

How you decide to spend your money is a personal decision that no one else can make for you. To help you make the best decision, use this list of pros and cons to compare with your needs and priorities.


  • Affordability – At roughly $13 a bottle, it’s hard to find wines this good at prices this low.
  • Customization – Decide how many bottles you want and reschedule deliveries as needed.
  • Good for Beginners and Experts – Now matter how long you’ve been into wine, you’ll be exposed to something new and delicious.


  • Introductory Fee – Unlike most services who offer an online survey before joining, you have to pay a small fee for the wine bottles that make up your taste test.
  • Bi-monthly Shipments – Making, bottling, labeling, selecting, and shipping all that wine takes time, but I wish a monthly service was an option.

Tasting Room Coupon or Promo Code

Tasting Room Coupon
There is no current coupon or promo code.

How to Join the Tasting Room: 2 Steps

How to Join the Tasting Room

Because of their dedication to taste, joining is a little different than other wine of the month clubs. To sign up, follow these steps.

Here’s how to join the Tasting Room:

1. Wine Tasting

Before you start receiving full shipments, you’ll begin your experience with an at home taste test. For a $9.95 introductory fee, Tasting Room will send you 6-mini bottles for you to taste and rate online. Once you’ve done this, your taste profile will be completed and you’ll be begin receiving normal shipments.

2. Enjoy and Review

Since you will have already entered your payment and shipping information to receive your taste test kit, your full shipments of hand selected wines will begin automatically (unless you cancel after your tasting.) As you receive great wines, be sure to rate them online to continue to improve your selections.

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In Conclusion

Tasting Room is a fun and easy way to enjoy delicious wines at unbeatable prices. From their tasting kit to their continuous rating system…

Everything about this service is about finding wines you will love.

So as you look for the perfect wine of the month club look for one that offers what you’re looking for. And if that something is great tasting wine regardless of the label, this is the club for you.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?



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