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Tavour - Is it the best beer subscription for you?

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Since you're on this page, you either love subscription services, (which Tavour (very technically) isn't) or you love beer. Maybe you love both!

Whatever your situation, this quick rundown of Tavour, the beer of the month club... that's less of a beer club, and more of a beer subscription box.

This review will give you all the information you'll need to decide whether it is worth a download (PS: it's free to get started, so of course it is!)


What is Tavour?

Tavour discovers beer so you don't have to spend 10 minutes in a frigid beer cooler trying to decide which six pack you want to buy. And that's only if you're lucky enough to have a store near you with a large beer selection.

YOU decide whether or not you want a shipment. How?

You're able to sign up online, but you'll have to download the Android or IOS app to actually use the service.

But once you do, you'll be shown 2 new beers a day (next to currently featured beers) with a bit of backstory of the beer along with some tasting notes, the cost, and other important information. Ignore the beer if it's not your style, or choose to buy it and select how many cans or bottles you want.

A month after your first purchase, they ship all the beer you selected to your door.

And because all beers are different, they ship beers in all shapes and sizes from 12 oz. cans to 750mL bottles. And depending on the beer, you might spend MORE on a 12 oz. can than you would for a 750 mL bottle. But only if you want to.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Tavour Boxes/Items

Below are some of the beers that they recommended.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice

Mischief by The Bruery, Placentia, CAA nice and bubbly Belgian Strong Pale Ale with a solid 8.5% ABV.$10 for 2x16oz cans

Scytale 427 by Great Basin Brewing Co.A seasonal Imperial Stout aged for exactly 427 days.$19.99 for 1x22oz bottle

KUIU Verde 2.0 IPA by Anchorage Brewing Co., Anchorage, AKA tactical-branded Hazy IPA with plenty of hops at a reasonable price.$7.99 for 1x16oz. can

The Jacket by Matchless Brewing, WAA dark and heavy porter. Matchless beers are constantly requested by members, and for good reason.$6.99 for 1x16oz. can

Champing Brut by Brewery Vivant, MIA 7.0% IPA with Meyer Lemon, Champagne Mango, and Navel Orange notes.$6.99 for 1x16oz. can

Tavour Review

Tavour is one of those rare services that you don't think you'll actually buy anything from until you take a look at the selection.

You can fiddle around with the app for a week, and yet already find some beers that sound so good, you can have added them to your list of beers to try

But that's the thing... You may not have that luxury, which is why they might be a good fit for someone like you.

In any case, take a look below at the pros and cons of this beer subscription and decide for yourself if it's a service that's convenient and has value for you.

Pros vs Cons of Tavour

This list of pros and cons will give you a better idea of what to expect from them.

And really... The cons might not be cons for you at all.

It all depends on what you're looking for in a beer subscription service (which isn't a subscription service, remember?) Don't forget to download the app and check it out for yourself!


  • It is free to start.
  • Flat rate shipping no matter how many beers you buy.
  • A seriously extensive collection of beers from all over the world.
  • If you're near Tukwila, WA, you can stop by the warehouse and pick up your beer to save on shipping.
  • Orders cancelled within 3 days are free of charge. After 3 days you pay a 50% restocking fee.
  • You can order beer by replying to email offers. The Tavour team reads every email they receive.
  • Their referral program can net you $10 per referral (you get it about a week after your referral makes his/her first purchase. He/she gets $10 once their first box ships.)
  • Sold out beers have a waitlist so you're guaranteed to get the beer you want to try. After all, patience is a virtue.
  • It hands down ones of our favorite beer gifts


  • They don't ship until a month after your first purchase, which may be inconvenient for some. (It's so you can see as many beers as possible before your crate ships. Then you get to enjoy them all at once!)
  • There are limits on how many cans/bottles of each beer you can buy.
  • Shipments require an adult signature, necessary but irritating (21+ because it's beer, duh.)
  • Shipping costs are rather steep at $14.95 (but if you buy a ton of beer, it's well worth it.)
  • Some Google Play and App Store reviews claim they don't ship to certain areas. If you're in one of those areas, see here.

Tavour Coupon or Promo Code

No coupon currently available.

How to Join the Tavour

You don't need much to get started with it. Just a phone and a love for beer. The following steps are mostly only required for your first purchase. You can save your payment information with Tavour.

Here is how to join Tavour:

1. Download the App

Again, you can sign up on the website, but download the Android or IOS app to get started. You only need your name and an email address to start.

2. Browse the Featured Beers

Scroll to the left, scroll to the right. Find the beer that will make your night.

3. Hit "Get it" and Select your Amount

Once you find a beer you'd like to try, decide how many you want!

4. Enter Your Details

Shipping first, then your credit card info.

5. Reopen the App Tomorrow for New Beers!

Remember: You have a month after your first purchase before your beer ships, so be sure to come back every day (Monday-Friday) for 2 new beers per day.

More Great Beer Subscriptions

Can't get enough beer? Check out these beer subscription services for all your craft beer needs.

  1. Can't get enough hops? The IPA Beer of the Month Club is right up your alley.
  2. If you NEED to try the rarest beers out there, the Rare Beer Club might be your best bet.
  3. The Craft Beer Club is all craft beer, all the time.

In Conclusion

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Just download Tavour and see if you like it! You're bound to find at least one beer you've never seen before and if you buy it...

You'll probably like it!

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


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Types of Beers


New Beers Often?

Yes, every day!

Free to join?


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