We all have them. And while they've

been around since the days of the Roman Empire... since then, they've seen very little improvement or innovation (the biggest being the addition of belt loops/the belt buckle).

...But there's a big problem with belts... and it's one that we've all experienced:

They rarely fit well. They're always too tight... or slightly too loose. And while most of you are nodding your head yes right now, there are some who aren't... so think about this:

An old-school belt has 5 holes, 1 inch apart, right? That means that that old-school belt only has 5 different sizing options for you to choose from, right?


Does your waist match one of those 5? Or, are you having to suck in + stretch the belt to reach the next hole (leaving your belt way too tight)... or, the opposite, settling for a hole that leaves your belt fitting far too loosely (leaving your pants slightly sagging)?

Luckily, the belt industry (finally) came up with the holeless belt... a super-simple innovation that (among other benefits) instantly makes your belt fit dramatically better and more comfortably.

...And below, we show you what they are, and give you 4 reasons why you'll want one:

Note: Big thanks to Anson Belt and Buckle for partnering with us to make this post possible. Anson is the only holeless belt that I personally love and recommend.

What is a holeless belt?

First, what is a holeless belt? Basically... it's exactly what it sounds like it is:

A belt without any holes (the holes that you use to secure the belt around your waist).

Instead, holeless belts use a microadjustable notch system that's extremely effective at holding up your pants... right where you want them to be.

Why would you want a holeless belt?

Reason #1: Micro Adjustability = A longer-lasting belt

Take a look at the belt you're wearing. Look at the holes. How stretched, marked, and ripped have the they become?

It happens to basically every old-school belt:

After wearing the belt for a few months, the pin (that goes through the holes) does irreparable damage to those holes (leaving them torn, stretched, and scored).

Reason #2: Microadjustabilty = A better fit

So... 5 one-inch holes are not a one-size-fits-all option, right?

...And the question is: do you have a waist that fits one of those 5 sizes? I don't... and chances are you don't either.

Plus, to make matters worse... after #1 above, you know: the 5-hole problem becomes worse once those holes start to stretch/rip, right?

Both of those add something we're all familiar with: a belt that is either constantly too tight... or constantly too loose (meaning your pants are always uncomfortable... or falling off).

Reason #3: More Versatility + Instant Wardrobe-Options

Here's something a lot of guys don't realize:


belt is one of the most important parts of what you wear.

And this is for two main reasons: 1. it's one of the only accessories that men wear... and 2. it's one of the most noticeable/obvious parts of a man's outfit.

...And here's the thing:

Having a worn-down, ratty belt is a huge turn off to women... and wearing the right one, that goes with your outfit, is one of the few required style rules/tips for men.

How are holeless belts better?

In short: they don't get worn-down and ratty as easily (see #1 above)... and they give you way more style options.

See... most modern holeless belts, like Anson, are more of a belt-and-buckle-system. Rather than having just one belt (forever attached to one buckle)... most holeless belts have a detachable buckle (meaning you can mix and max any belt straps/buckles that you have).

To put this into perspective, let's say you have 3 belts, and 3 buckles... that would give you 9 different belt options! Pretty cool, right?

Reason #4: Buying a Belt Shouldn't be a Pain in the...

The following belt-buying situation might sound familiar:

After wandering through the aisles of the department store, searching for the belt rack... you finally see it:

A mass of belts haphazardly clinging onto a handful of hooks, with no order to their sizes, colors, or styles. You eventually spot the one belt that you think is your size, in a style and color that looks okay... but it's all the way in the back.

Of course, it's been hung through the buckle, so you have to unhook every single belt in front of it... and then replace them all. We're past this gentleman...

How are holeless belts better?

First, they're usually sold online. Now, does the internet do everything better? No. Do they do belts better? Hell. Yes.

Get your belt online, have them ship it right to your doorstep, and save yourself the belt-rack headache.

Second, a good holeless belt (like our recommended Ansonis one-size-fits all.

They're usually shipped at 55-inches long (big enough to fit the vast majority of men). And from there, all you have to do is snip the strap (down to the size that fits you)... clip the buckle onto the belt strap (which takes 10 seconds)... and you're good to go.

In Conclusion

The holeless belt is one of those small changes you make in your life, that makes a huge difference.

So, stop waddling through life, with your pants constantly falling down... or walking around uncomfortably, with your pants constricting blood flow... and get yourself a holeless belt.