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The MNTL Top 10 [April 2017]

The MNTL Top 10 [April 2017]

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This is the MNTL Top 10, our monthly newsletter sharing the 10 best men’s articles of the month, discovered by the Mantelligence team.

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This month… learn why self driving cars might be bad, and the common piece of dating advice that ruins relationships…

mntl top 10, number 1

7 Innovative Products Every Guy Needs

Want to make your life easier and generally better? Check out these 7 innovative products that can make every guy’s life a whole lot easier and whole lot better (and did we mention that each is ridiculously cool?)

mntl top 10, number 2

The Worst Dating Advice Ever: 15 Things You Must Never Do

We showed you 14 tips to make a girl like you… but what about the things you shouldn’t do? Elite Man magazine gives you 15 completely wrong dating tips that you need to avoid.

mntl top 10, number 3

The Symbolism Of Thor’s Hair

Have you seen the latest trailer for Thor: Ragnarok? Yes… it looks incredible. But a lot of die hard fans (on Twitter) were shocked that Thor cut his golden locks. Our friend Antonio, from Real Men Real Style, gives an in-depth, incredibly interesting analysis of why he did it.

mntl top 10, number 4

Is She Into Me? How Can I Tell?

Imagine this: you’re at a party and meet a beautiful girl. You like her, and you’re wondering if she’s feeling the same way. It’s a frustrating position to be in, right? Well… our friend Sarah, from Introverted Alpha, gives you 4 positive signs that tell she’s into you (ps: we did a similar article with 17 common signs a girl likes you here).

mntl top 10, number 5

How To Get The Skin That Women Love

Want to have a skin that boosts your confidence and make you more attractive to women? Do you want to have skin that turns women off? Of course note… so check out these 10 easy steps to healthier, younger looking skin (and 2 secret weapons to get it).

mntl top 10, number 6

The Asian American Man Study

Check out this interesting study, from Jason Shen, on the lives of Asian American men (mostly from east, southeast, south Asia)… and the surprising way their race affects their daily lives in America.

mntl top 10, number 7

7 Ways Journaling Can Save Your Life

We gave you 101 powerful journal prompts… now, PickTheBrain shows you 7 ways that writing in a journal can greatly improve your overall mental health.

mntl top 10, number 8

An Urban Designer Explains Why Self-Driving Cars Will Only Make Life Worse

Self-driving cars are pretty innovative… and the stuff of the future, right? But in a TED talk, urban designer Peter Calthorpe argues that self-driving cars will actually have more negative effects on our lives.

mntl top 10, number 9

You Body May Actually Speak Louder Than Your Powerful Words

Did you know that most communications are through non-verbal gestures (like how a girl tries to tell you that she likes you or that she’s flirting with you)? In this detailed article from LifeHack, they outline the different body language communications that you need to look out for.

mntl top 10, number 10

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Our friend Justin Jeffers, founder of the Fine Young Gentleman, tells an inspiring story about how he started the Fine Young Gentlemen and grew into one of the most successful men’s fashion sites online. If you’re looking to start an online business, this is an incredibly motivating story.

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