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The MNTL Top 10 [August 2016]

The MNTL Top 10 [August 2016]

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This is the MNTL Top 10, our monthly newsletter sharing the 10 best men’s articles of the month, discovered by the Mantelligence team.

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This month… learn 10 things you wear that women love, explore life on a Mobius strip, and completely ignore these style rules…

mntl top 10, number 1

Relaxing With Purpose

Our friends at Primer Magazine address men’s now-critical need to relax… the powerful difference between relaxation and recreation… and how to make the most of both.

mntl top 10, number 2

The Case Of Enthusiasm – Raise Your Energy, Raise Your Stature

Andrian, The Quintessential Man, documents some of his experiences with enthusiasm, and lists some powerfully compelling reasons to actively raise your enthusiasm level (because high enthusiasm helps you personally, socially, and professionally).

mntl top 10, number 3

Life on a Mobius Strip

This has to be one of the most interesting reads we’ve discovered (from the geniuses at Brainpickings)… it’s a narrative that equally covers love, science, and improbability, wrapped up in a hugely inspiring story.

mntl top 10, number 4

How to Text a Girl: 21 Expert Tips to Texting a Girl You Like [From Her]

Our own Robin Sutherns shows you exactly how to impressively text a girl… by showing us what, exactly, women want to read in our texts.

mntl top 10, number 5

Stupid Style Rules

We loved the title of this piece from Antonio at Real Men Real Style, and we especially love his modern views on throwing out some archaic style rules (like whether to wear mixed metals, what type of socks go with suits, and how to approach ‘off-limits’ colors).

mntl top 10, number 6

How to Beat the Heat When You Eat

This summer has been hot… so Art of Manliness shared some delicious meals that don’t require any additional heat (they’re made to serve chilled or even room-temp!).

mntl top 10, number 7

10 Things Men Wear that Women Love

Alpha shows us 10 items that women love to see men wear… with help from a real, stylish woman (his wife). Our own Robin Sutherns agreed that Alpha’s items are ‘incredibly sexy.’

mntl top 10, number 8

You Should Always Talk to that Hot Chick

This post from The Greatest Man Blog is short… but undeniably powerful. It covers how most men think about approaching women (and why those approaches fail)… and then suggests an alternative, more successful way to do it.

mntl top 10, number 9

8 Ways to Develop Good Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health if you’re going to succeed in business, with women, and with friends. This powerful list from Pick the Brain outlines 8 ways to grow your mental health right now.

mntl top 10, number 10

The Story of the Happiest Photo of Usain Bolt

Time Magazine quotes photographer Cameron Spencer, as he explains the exact way he shot that incredible photo of Usain Bolt’s grin as he won the Men’s 100m Semi-final Race at this year’s Olympic Games.

Got an article you think should be on the Top 10? Send it to [email protected]. We’d love to hear your ideas!

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