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The MNTL Top 10 [February 2017]

The MNTL Top 10 [February 2017]

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This is the MNTL Top 10, our monthly newsletter sharing the 10 best articles of the month, discovered by the Mantelligence team.

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This month… learn how to stop procrastinating, become a better traveler, and when a girl wants you to come talk to her at the bar…

mntl top 10, number 1

How to Wear Work Clothes & Casual Clothes Together

Imagine this: you have just one set of clothes… that you wear both for work and for your day-to-day life. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well… Andy at Primer figured out how to do it, and he shows you exactly how in this in-depth guide.

mntl top 10, number 2

How to Stop Procrastinating and Focus: A Guide to the Pomodoro Technique

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? Yeah, we hadn’t either… but it’s a powerful technique that teaches you how to be more productive with your time. And this post (along with a video) from Thomas at College Info Geek shows you how to do it.

mntl top 10, number 3

75 Romantic, Sweet Things to do for Your Girlfriend

Want to make your girlfriend happy? Check out this list from her list (from our very own Robin Sutherns) of 75 Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend (all designed to make her happy)PS: ton of them are completely free!

mntl top 10, number 4

6 Spring Wardrobe Essentials | Super Fresh Men’s Style Must Haves

Spring is right around the corner… are you ready? On his YouTube Channel, Aaron Marino, from Alpha M, shows you his 6 Spring Must Haves (he even shows you how to get them ridiculously cheap).

mntl top 10, number 5

Military Packing Secrets That Will Make You a Better Traveler

We all know: packing is one of the worst parts of a trip. You have to plan ahead… you have to make decisions… you have to play Tetris to get everything into your bag. But to turn you into a packing pro, Thrillist put together this list of tips and tricks from our military.

mntl top 10, number 6

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Read Too Much Into A Text

Every guy has been there: you get a text from a girl and you think “well what the hell does she mean by that mean?” So… to help you figure it out, Caroline Brealey gives you five real-life reasons why you should stop reading too much into text messages (on our friend Claudia’s site Text Weapon).

mntl top 10, number 7

14 IKEA Alternatives Every Man Should Know About

Yeah… IKEA is great for a lot of stuff, but sometimes you want things for your home that are a bit higher quality (and a bit more classy). This list from Manored (one of our new favorite sites which is all about living spaces for guys) gives you 14 great home-furnishing alternatives to IKEA.

mntl top 10, number 8

My Updated Morning Routine | How to Get Ready Fast & Still Look Great!

Guys… you know the benefits of dressing well (for example: it makes you more sexually attractive to women). But I get it: some mornings you’re just too tired (or don’t have time) to make it happen. So to help you out, Jose Zuniga, of TMF,

mntl top 10, number 9

The best white dress shirts for men

If you’ve bought nicer clothing before, you know it can get expensive… but is buying significantly more expensive clothing worth it? Is there a big difference between a $30 and $300 dress shirt?

mntl top 10, number 10

6 Signs She Wants You to Come Talk to Her at the Bar

Imagine this: there’s a stunning girl sitting at the bar, and she wants you to come talk to her… but you don’t because [insert excuse]. And all you had to do was walk up and say hi! Do you really want that to happen to you? Of course not... so don’t let it ever happen again by looking for these 6 signs that she wants you to come talk to her (from the guys at Big Eye).

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