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The MNTL Top 10 [July 2016]

The MNTL Top 10 [July 2016]

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Welcome to the MNTL Top 10, our new monthly newsletter sharing the 10 best men’s articles of the month discovered by the Mantelligence team.

This month… stop (unconsciously) making these 4 dating mistakes, learn 10 surefire ways to fail at life, and don’t go to college…

mntl top 10, number 1

4 Unconscious Dating Mistakes

You might think that you’re just not good with women… but The Distilled Man gives some expert advice on how to realize you are in control of women’s attraction to you.

mntl top 10, number 2

The Importance of Having a Tribe (Podcast)

Author Sebastian Junger makes a compelling argument on the Art of Manliness podcast for why men collaborate better in a tribe, and suggests that men make a conscious effort to regain ‘tribe mentality’.

mntl top 10, number 3

BBQ Basics: The Sauce & The Meats

A lot of men know how to throw meat on a grill… but not all men are truly experts on the different barbecue styles, sauces, and cuts of meat. This guide from Primer Magazine can help you become that expert in one of the manliest hobbies there is.

mntl top 10, number 4

Minimalist Living: The Powerful Benefits + 5 Simple Steps

Our own Robin Sutherns shows you how and why the attitude of a minimalist can help you become a more focused, productive, and dramatically happier man.

mntl top 10, number 5

Benefits of Hammock Camping

Camping without a tent is the new wilderness challenge, and Huckberry shows the Art of Manliness all the necessary items to have a successful hammock camping trip.

mntl top 10, number 6

5 Reasons College Does Not Equal Success

Many men value their college degree… but Antonio from Real Men Real Style explains how college isn’t for everyone, and why you shouldn’t assume that you have to go to college.

mntl top 10, number 7

Why You Need to Be Selfish

Alpha explains the importance of being selfish, setting and maintaining boundaries, and how to lock it down and say no.

mntl top 10, number 8

Five Ways to Wear One: White Sneakers

You probably own a pair of white sneakers… and Baron, the Effortless Gent, shows you how to wear them with anything all summer, and look sharp, not sloppy.

mntl top 10, number 9

5 Poems Every Man Should Know and Reference

Most of history’s great men were well-read (Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King Jr., to name a few). Made Man found put together a list of 5 powerful poems that can help make you a more well-rounded, great man too.

mntl top 10, number 10

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Fail at Life

Ok… this title sounds negative, but this is actually an incredibly uplifting post about ways to avoid common pitfalls for men from the Order of Man.

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