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6 Things That Drive Women Wild – Attraction Psychology 101

6 Things That Drive Women Wild – Attraction Psychology 101

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Things That Drive Women Wild - postGentlemen, today we’re showing you 6 things that drive women wild that will allow you to tap into the psychology of women, and take a walk on the wild side.

Even in the face of overwhelming evidence against their theories, guys are pretty good at convincing themselves they know how women’s minds work. We’re not sure why. Cause all it really takes is a couple of encounters to realize what works on one girl, sure as heck don’t work on all.

That being said, there are some techniques that can help you get a woman to lower her natural defenses, and get her to become completely and quickly infatuated.

Let’s get into it.

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6 Things That Drive Women Wild – Attraction Psychology 101

Here are 6 things that drive women wild:

6. Strength In Vulnerability

Things That Drive Women Wild - vulnerable
Vulnerability. It works. Why? Because people’s brains (men and women) are hardwired to avoid it.

By default, women are, in general, more vulnerable than men. So naturally, when a woman starts talking to a guy, she wants to stop feeling vulnerable A.S.A.P. while most guys are naturally hesitant to give up their position of non-vulnerability.

Yup, it’s a game. So what you get, right off the bat, is a little bit of standoff. In just those first couple seconds, she’s looking for him to confirm that she’s safe, and he’s trying to do that except without giving up his position of safety. It’s kinda like chess where you don’t want to give up your queen.

Well, we’re here to say, if you want instant favor with any woman, you gotta give up your queen, man. Luckily there are some easy ways to do that, most of which you probably do already.

The easiest way? Poke fun at yourself. Acknowledge awkwardness, be uncomfortable with small talk. It’s all good! You’ll put her at ease, and you’ll get the ball rolling.

5. Things That Drive Women Wild : The Threshold Hypothesis

Things That Drive Women Wild - hypothesis
Higher order thinking is what refers to people’s ability to learn and create new knowledge. In other words, it’s what we call intelligence. And for this next part, you’re gonna need some of it to keep up, cause here’s where things get a little complicated.

Imagine you’ve got a scale. On one end of the scale you’ve got “easygoingness” and on the other, you’ve got intelligence. These two things, at their extremes are mutually exclusive. Meaning, they don’t exist together in the same person.

Women tend to want as much of both of these qualities out of their men as possible. They want a guy who’s incredibly bright. They want a guy who knows how to relax and let things slide. So what does that mean for you? Well it just might mean that the best thing to be in order to get on a girl’s best side is to be average.

Wait, what? Yup. The Threshold Hypothesis offers one explanation as to why. Of course intelligence and an easy going demeanor exist together, but what that looks like, is an average guy. Those normal, old boring guys get the girls, on average, more than anyone.

So our advice? Don’t stop being smarter. And try to remember to take it easy. As long as you’ve got that equilibrium, you might just have the optimal setup for driving women wild.

4. 4D Body Language

Things That Drive Women Wild - body language
Studies show that 90% of communication is nonverbal and is done through body language. By now, we’ve walked you through just about every kind of body language there is except for one part, the next level the 4th dimension.

This is science. The first dimension of body language is posture. Second dimension, movement. Third dimension, speed. And the 4th dimension? Appearance.

When it comes to a woman’s attraction psychology, appearance takes a backseat to the others. But for guys with a strategy, quick changes to your style, hygiene and grooming can amplify your body language and kick your game into high gear.

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3. Things That Drive Women Wild : Dynamic Listening

Things That Drive Women Wild - listening
The days of getting away with a simple nod-and-smile are gone, and you must now engage in dynamic listening. Dynamic listening is 1 part hearing and 1 part body language.

Part 1: Hearing.

Listening (As it should) begins with actually hearing, and understanding what is being said. To do that make her your focal point. Don’t let your mind wander, and register what she says.

Part 2: Body Language.

Here’s where the dynamics begin. You’ve got to respond physically with certain body language cues that acknowledge you hear her. Do things like moving in slightly closer when things get interesting, raise your eyebrows at something surprising, basically, try to match a physical response to how you feel when you hear her. Don’t be obvious.

Now, you may already do this naturally. In which case, keep doing what you’re doing. But a lot of guys don’t.

A lot of guys have more stoic tendencies and don’t emote because they just don’t always see the reason to. If that sounds like you, try to gussy it up a bit. A little bit of engagement goes a long way.

2. Don’t Give Advice

Things That Drive Women Wild - advice
Want to know what’s one of the top things that drive women wild? Your job just got easier. Don’t give advice to a girl who needs it. Unless a girl specifically asks for advice in the course of a conversation, don’t offer it up. Even if you know it’s helpful. Here’s why.

A lot of the value of a conversation isn’t in the advice it may yield. Most of the time, it’s just in the talking. Research has shown that the act of turning feelings to words, A.K.A, talking produces a calming effect in the brain. Which means that the more you listen to women, the more comfortable they’ll be around you.

Everything starts with comfort guys. If a girl doesn’t feel comfortable around you, there ain’t much of a chance she’s going to go be wild about seeing you.

1. Things That Drive Women Wild : Be A Winner

If we go all the way back, back in the day to primitive times; we’d probably find that women would feel compelled to be attracted to the best hunters of the tribe. Sure, maybe she’d have a soft spot for a particular gatherer, and of course, we all know that’s where the smart money is.

But the real reason why hunters did alright for themselves was the same reason they do well today, the ones who were still around were the winners. And everybody loves a winner. But winners are loved not because of how much winning they do, they’re loved more because of how much losing they don’t do.

Losing does some interesting things to the brain and body, some of which are instinctively unappealing to women. Most guys try to remain stoic in the face of loss, but the truth is, losing stays with you.

People need to win every once in a while. So guys who feel like they don’t win, or even get the chance, they get stuck in a perpetual cycle that gets worse and worse. Until if they’re not careful, they appear to be losers, even if they’re not. Winning and contentment are extremely important qualities. The more you can make them happen, the more wild your victorious persona will be to drive women wild.

In Conclusion

These are the 6 things that drive women wild and are proven to help you answer the question how to get women attracted to you.

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