While different types of jackets are made to keep you warm, style should not be shoved on the side. Many dress for success studies has given you plenty of proven reasons you need to dress well.

The Odyssey Online and Men's Venture have featured some of my works as a style expert, so there's no need to worry when I tell you stylish jackets for men are a thing.

So, read on to know more about the different types of jackets for men!


Different Jackets for Men's Fashion

Jackets should not just provide comfort. They should also go along with the rest of your outfit. Popular men's coats are often taken for granted because they are made to keep you warm. But it would be best if you kept in mind that a jacket can say so much about you as long as you are wearing it.

Jacket Categories

5 Best Types Of Jackets Designed For Men

Classic coats have made their way to the list of men's jacket styles 2022. Some of these iconic jackets are still in style even after all these years because of their durability and versatility.

1. Bomber Jacket

World War II gave rise to the infamous bomber jacket, originally designed as a flight jacket for pilots. And because they are functional and warm and make it easy for the wearer to move around, the bomber jackets made their way to popular runways. If you want a casual, minimalist vibe while keeping you toasty, there's a wide array of materials and styles of bomber jackets out there.

2. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have an iconic appeal that's both cool and comfortable. Denim is a durable material that you can wear for that rebellious, masculine look. Plus, it doesn't wrinkle! Wear it on days when there is just enough chill in the air, say during spring or fall. Just keep in mind the denim rule: don't overdo it by wearing denim pants of the same color.

3. Biker Jacket

If you want to wear something with an edge, a biker or motorcycle jacket is just the thing for you! Yeah, they were initially designed for motorcyclists for safety purposes, but this jacket's slick, eye-catching features can be worn by anyone day or night, and it never goes out of style. Choose from the different colors of leather biker jackets, whichever suits your taste.

4. Leather Jacket

With its notable reputation, leather jackets are a must-have in every men's wardrobe. Aside from the protection it provides, it also gives proper insulation from the elements to the wearer. If you want the right fit, try having one customized for you.

5. Trucker Jacket

You might confuse a trucker jacket and a denim jacket from time to time, but when it comes to style, there are distinct features that make it stand out from the latter. A trucker jacket's cropped cut ends at the waist. It can also be made from different fabric types and has a slim, tailored cut with buttons on its front, sleeves, and pockets.

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5 Stylish Jackets For Guys

When it comes to sporting a classy look, or even a laid-back one, the perfect jacket can help you achieve them. If you want to be stylish, don't miss out on these jackets.

6. Loden Jacket

This stylish, sharp blazer with a flattering cut is a good choice for special occasions. It's made of natural wool processed in a special way to give it a more structured and thicker quality while remaining breathable and light. It commonly comes in browns and dark greys with buttons made of either metal or buckhorn.

7. Blouson Jacket

A blouson jacket has a baggy appearance on the top and a drawn-tight waist, a style that stemmed from the bomber jacket. It gives a flattering feature for any wearer regardless of body shape. Wear it over a plain white shirt and slim jeans if you are going for a classic style. This jacket style inspired the cropped jacket that's making rounds in the fashion world.

8. Suede Jacket

Suede is a durable and dependable material with a beautiful texture. But don't be fooled. Even with its smooth surface that gives a luxurious touch to an outfit, a suede jacket can withstand the elements given the proper care. Take your pick from breathable ones to wear during spring or a thicker suede jacket for those cold winter nights.

9. Field Jacket

This lightweight jacket's slightly boxy cut gives a perfect masculine fit for the wearer. Its initial olive green color made of waxed cotton makes it an ideal jacket to protect one from rain and cold. Now you can choose from various colors, but it is still best to stick to the neutrals such as khaki or light grey.

10. Military Jacket

Even after many wars, military jackets stayed in style and made their way to the fashion industry. While they mostly come in green and camo colors, many colors are now available. It's best worn with a simple shirt, jeans, and boots or used as a weight when layering clothes. Just don't wear a pair with the same color as your jeans, so you don't look like you're ready for battle.

5 Casual Jackets To Look Cool

Want to look cool and stay warm at the same time? Then look no further. These casual jackets for men have stood the test of time regarding style and functionality.

11. Track Jacket

A track jacket, also known as a varsity jacket, is a good choice if you want to sport an athletic look out of the gym or field. It is durable and versatile that you can wear when taking a run or going out with friends. Take a boring outfit to the next level by wearing this jacket for an effortless style. While designs before are limited to athletes, nowadays, there's a variety of colors and patterns you can choose from.

12. Hooded Jacket

Hoodies are popular both with the young and the old. The thick fabric makes it a good choice during those cold winters. The hood protects you from freezing and light rain as well. While it is perfect for casual wear or street style, don't expect to look formal wearing one with a shirt and tie.

13. Anorak

The anorak is famous not just for its eclectic history but because of its ability to withstand elements, from cold weather to heavy rains, depending on the fabric used. This pull-over style can be used as a rain jacket as well. It is light and easy to carry around, and you can layer it under a full winter coat.

14. Windbreaker

Anyone who's been spending time in the great outdoors knows how strong wind can be a bum. It is great for keeping the cold out and the warmth which is a critical feature of a good windbreaker. It is a great external layer as it boosts the insulation from the layers of clothes beneath it.

15. Coach Jacket

The coach jacket has been popular since the 1950s because it is lightweight, resistant to water and wind, and comfortable fit. This casual jacket is both cool and sporty and can be used as a layer for cold days. Its classic look makes it easy to pair up with any casual outfit.

5 Jackets To Wear In Winter

Not all jackets are made for the harsh, cold weather. It's time to pick the perfect one to prevent you from freezing during those winter months.

16. Parka

A parka is a well-liked winter coat made popular again during the Brit Pop movement. It is not just functional but is aesthetically pleasing as well. You can choose between two styles, one that ends just below the waist or a longer one that runs until the middle of the thigh. Wear it when spending your time outdoors hiking, during a casual day out, or with a suit.

17. Shearling Jacket

A shearling jacket is perfect for you if you want to stay dry and warm. It is a step up from the usual leather jacket when worn with the proper outfit. A genuine lambskin or sheepskin shearling jacket is breathable and is good outerwear. Choose a darker shade and wear it over a shirt, dark-colored jeans, and rugged boots, and you are good to go.

18. Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are popular for outdoor enthusiasts who like to keep warm and comfortable even in very cold weather. The puffiness helps with the insulation thanks to the goose down or synthetic fibers stuffed in internal baffles. A puffer coat comes in a range of colors that suits every style.

19. Wool Jacket

Wool jackets are warm and fashionable. Camel wool is more popular in the world of fashion with its various styles perfect for every size. You can wear it over a shirt for a casual look or wear it as a down coat over a suit jacket if a pea coat or trench coat is not available.

20. Insulated Jacket

A good insulated jacket is perfect for skiing, hiking, or camping in the great outdoors during the cold months. Just like the puffer jacket, you can choose between down-filled, synthetic-filled, or a mix of both. Although it is ideal for very cold weather, this winter jacket is not meant to replace a waterproof jacket as water can compromise its insulating properties.

Downloadable and Printable List of Jacket Types for Men

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of different men's jacket (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Wear Any Type of Jacket With Style

While a great jacket can up your style while keeping you warm, it is not enough to wear one without thinking about the rest of your outfit.

1. Color

Remember that the color of your jacket should not be the same as that of your bottom garment or pants. Either the jacket should be lighter than your pants, or the pants should be darker than the color of your coat. If you want to keep things simple, wear neutral-colored jackets such as grey, brown, or black.

2. Right Gear

No matter how stylish your jacket is, make sure it suits the weather outside or where you will wear it. You don't want to get frostbite just because you are not wearing the appropriate jacket for a day out.

3. Layer Properly

Think of your layers as your accessories. Make sure your jackets' color, pattern, and texture match the layers underneath them or over them. Keep it simple and clean. Proper layering will also help you avoid looking all bulk. If done properly, you'll only need three layers to keep you toasty warm.

4. Think of Comfort

Make sure the jacket you use is comfortable, will retain warmth, and allow movement simultaneously. Your coat should enable you to move even with all the layers underneath it.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the winter season calls for staying in and keeping warm, styling your outfit with a jacket should not be that hard. Read these answered FAQs for more information on the staple outfit for those cold days.

What jackets should a man own?

The five best jackets to own would be denim, leather, a bomber jacket, a parka, and a biker jacket. All these types give their unique touch to your outfit; since they never go out of style, it's worth investing in them.

Which is the best jacket brand?

Arc'tery is a known jacket brand for its high quality and innovative features. They have proven themselves when it comes to harsh outdoor climates. Other brands such as Columbia, Canada Goose, North Face, and Marmot come close.

How long should a jacket be?

When too cold, opt for a longer coat, even one that reaches the mid-thigh. If there's a good amount of chill in the air, jackets that come up to the waist can be enough.

What is a jacket without a hood called?

A jacket without a hood is known as a crewneck sweater. It does not have a hoodie and lacks pockets in front or on the sides.

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In Conclusion

With the list of the different types of jackets given above, I hope you know which to put on during cold weather. And when it comes to wearing one, always choose a jacket that keeps you toasty, warm, and fashionable.