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The Ultimate Shoe Guide: Most Essential Types Of Shoes For Men

When it comes to shoes, men are just as meticulous as women. But if you are one who still needs to know a thing or two about different types of shoes for men, then here's a guide for you.

Shoe Categories

5 Best Variety of Shoes Every Man Should Consider Having in Their Closet

Different occasions call for different types of shoes. Having a variety of footwear in your closet will make it easier to complete your outfit.

1. Sneakers

Sneakers are not only comfortable, but they also complement a wide array of outfits. While they were made famous in the world of sports, sneakers are now worn on many occasions, from walking to the park, attending parties, or even wearing semi-formal attire. Sneakers are made with rubber soles that let the wearer walk without creating noise, hence the name. Sneakers now come in many colors, made from different materials such as leather, synthetics, textiles, and rubber.

2. Trainers

While most of you might be confused between trainers and sneakers, it's easy to tell each other apart. While both provide comfort, trainers are athletic shoes more suited to sports enthusiasts as they offer the necessary support. Have some trainers for activities requiring maximum comfort and support, such as weightlifting, aerobics, and other workouts.

3. Dress Loafer

Dress loafers are worn best with more formal attire. While your usual loafers don't go well with suits, dress loafers can be worn in such events; just take into account the color, style, and materials of your pair. Have with you a couple of dress loafers made of leather in neutral or dark colors if you want to be more on the formal side of things.

4. Running Sneakers

If you like jogging, make sure you have a good pair of running sneakers. Because running is a high-impact activity, running shoes are heavily cushioned, so there's less stress on the joints and muscles. The upper part is made of light materials such as mesh to provide the necessary ventilation for your feet.

5. Moccasins

While moccasins resemble your usual loafer, remember that this pair is heelless. This shoe style was originally worn by various indigenous people from Canada and made from animal skins such as deer or moose. They can be decorated with tassels or beads and are looser than the fit of other shoes. Wear them with slim-cut pants, linen, or shorts for those warm summer days.

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5 Classic Shoes Every Man Should Own

Some shoes are good for only a certain season, while some styles have stood the test of time.

6. Penny Loafers

A penny loafer is versatile enough to be worn with a casual outfit or smart-casual attire. The style was first popularized in the 1930s and received quite well. It's good to wear with a pair of denim pants to get a dressier look or some chinos or a pair of shorts for those summer days. While penny loafers can be worn with your work clothes, they don't mix well with suits in black tie events.

7. Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes come in different styles and colors, making them easy to style with any outfit. And because they are lightweight and super comfortable, they can be worn during those hot summer days. Choose between a lace-up or a slip-on to wear with your casual wardrobes.

8. Dress Boots

Dress boots are made of fine leather and are usually shaped like an oxford shoe. You can use your dress boots not only with formal wear but also rock a casual outfit. Get your dress boot in brown leather or black to easily dress it up.

9. Outdoor Boots

Outdoor boots are now not just for hiking or backpacking. Since this pair balances functional and fashionable, you can wear them on different occasions aside from going for a hike or some nature walk. Opt for suede outdoor boots with a lighter sole for everyday strolls or a Gore-tex or leather boot for your trail walks.

10. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are made of jute fabrics, often with intricate designs, and are attached to a rubber sole by glue or stitches. Because of the soft canvas fabric over the top and the supportive soles, your feet will definitely love them. They can be worn with denim or shorts, and you can opt for neutral colors or those with fun designs.

5 Comfortable Shoes For Men to Wear on Casual Days

Even your simple outfit calls for a splash of style with them. These shoes spell casual and comfortable at the same time.

11. Slip-On Shoes

Slip-on shoes lack laces or straps and have flat soles. This summer shoe can easily be slipped on and off your foot. There are various types of slip-ons made of different materials that cater to any occasion. Most of them are perfect for summer days when you don't want to get your feet too hot.

12. Derby Boots

Derby boots are classic, comfortable pairs to complete your dapper look. Its sleek design is not only for smart casual attires but also goes well with denim. Leather styles can be worn with formal attires. A derby shoe with lighter colors and thicker soles can be worn with a casual outfit.

13. Chelsea Boots

For the stylish chap, Chelsea boots are a wardrobe staple. Chelsea boots are a wardrobe staple for every elegant gent. The timeless design of this slip-on is great for events that call for a sophisticated look. Suede Chelsea boots are great for casual outfits, while the leather style is good if you want to be more smart-casual.

14. Boat Shoes

Boat shoes or deck shoes are typically made of canvas. These spring and summer-only styles were originally worn by sailors and coastal folks and resembled a moccasin. The boat shoe became a fashion trend in the 1990s. They look great on shorts, jeans, chinos, or anything casual.

15. Chukka Boots

These versatile and stylish boots go well with casual to business-casual outfits. Chukka boots are ankle-length with two or three eyelets for thin laces. Although they are often made of suede in brown hues, chukkas also come in leather.

5 Stylish Shoes For Men to Wear on Formal Occasions

Skip your sneakers and strap on one of these stylish types of formal shoes for men whenever an event calls for a more sophisticated style.

16. Oxfords

Oxfords or Balmorals are just some of the most elegant footwear and are timeless classics. What makes an oxford shoe different is its closed-lacing style. It first came out made of leather but now exists in various materials. They can be worn with both smart-casual and formal attires.

17. Brogues

Brogues shoes' perforations add a unique touch. The derby and oxford are the two styles of brogues. They also come in different designs, such as the wingtip, half brogue, and quarter brogue. Wear them with a stylish pair of suit pants for a sophisticated look or some chinos with a classic brown pair for a more laid-back vibe.

18. Half Brogues

One of the types of dress shoes for men, half brogues or semi-brogues, are decorated with punched details by their toe cap with serrations on their edges. They are more traditional than wingtips and can go well with various outfits. They come in classic colors of brown, black, and oxblood.

19. Bluchers

Although bluchers and derby are often interchangeable, blucher has small pieces of leather sewn onto the vamp to make the open lacing system, and its uppercut is made from a single leather. Wear a brown blucher with a two-piece navy suit or some chinos.

20. Monk Straps

This laceless style gives your outfit a dash of sophistication. These shoes come in two types, the single monk and the double monk. The single monk can be worn with a more formal outfit because of its cleaner silhouette. The double monk's edgy look works well with casual and business casual attires.

5 Light Footwear Men Could Wear to the Beach

Going somewhere sandy and hot? Skip the boots and slip on something more appropriate for the coast.

21. Flip Flops

A flip flop is a type of heelless sandals with Y-shaped straps covering the feet' upper side. These are usually made of rubber, so it's ok to get them wet on the beach. There are also flip-flops made of leather for those who want a little touch of sophistication to the common beach wear.

22. Slides

The slides are athletic footwear popularized by brands such as Nike and Addidas. It's a common after-workout sandal perfect after a day at the gym when you just have to let your feet rest and breathe. They are also common house shoes when just lounging at home.

23. Sandal Slides

These slide-on, open toes sandals gained popularity in the last five years. They are no longer an after-P.E. class fave. Slides now come in dressier types of materials other than the usual rubber. Wear them during picnics or those long walks on the beach.

24. Sandals

Sandals are open-type footwear that comes in different types. The flip-flops and slides are just some of them. The straps can be on the inset, toes, or ankles to secure them on the wearer's feet. You can wear them with shorts or pants to keep you cool even in the summer heat.

25. Clogs

A clog is a type of casual shoe that can be easily slipped on thanks to its open back. They are originally made of a leather top and wooden soles with a slightly upturned and rounded tip. Nowadays, they are mostly made of suede, rubber, or classic leather. You can wear it with your summer pants or shorts for a neat look.

Downloadable and Printable List of Types of Shoes for Men

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of different types of shoes for men (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Pick What Shoes To Go With Your Outfit

Your outfit is all set, and you're just deciding what to strap on to complete your look. Let us guide you to determine what footwear goes and stays.

1. You can never go wrong with the basics.

Save time in matching your shoes and outfits by sticking to the basics. You can never go wrong with black or brown shoes when it comes to matching them with a formal wardrobe. There are also sneakers or canvas shoes for some sleek and casual styles. Choose plain colored ones so you can easily pair them with your clothes.

2. Consider the dress code and degree of formality of where you're going.

Black tie events and formal occasions call for more formal footwear. No matter how expensive your sneakers are, they don't go well with suits. Same way when you are dressing down for a walk in the park. Don't think that just because you bought your shoes from designer labels, you can get away with wearing them even when it's inappropriate.

3. Match the color of your belt with your footwear.

Your belt may be one of the most underrated accessories. But when it comes to choosing your shoes, especially when you are going for a business casual or a formal event, you should take a second look at the color of your belt. Match the colors of your belt and shoes to ensure your outfit comes together well.

4. Play with complementary colors for casual wear.

If you are not into neutrals and want this more colorful vibe, then make sure the hues of your outfit and footwear complement each other. With some knowledge on how to match colors, show a more confident side by playing with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about the types of footwear you should have? Then read on our answers to the most common queries on shoes.

What shoes should I use on a first date?

If it's a casual date, go for sneakers or some penny loafers to give off a fun vibe. If the date calls for a fancy dinner, stick to your classic oxfords or brogues. One of the clothing tricks girls love is when a man knows the proper footwear for the occasion.

What is the best brand of men's shoes?

Beckett Simonon is regarded as one of the top brands regarding formal footwear, while Nike and Adidas are the two top running/athletic shoe brands. Converse and Vans are the leading brands for the casual, canvas-loving lad.

How many pairs of shoes does a man need?

A minimum of four to five pairs of shoes should suffice. Just enough for a formal event, one for a casual day out, one pair of trainers or rubber shoes, a pair of sandals, and outdoor boots. This is just enough to cover just every affair you might encounter.

What is the latest trend for men's shoes?

Regarding men's shoes, functional and retro are some of the popular styles nowadays. Colorful styles dominate runway shows while iconic classics such as Air Max are making their comeback.

How much should I pay for shoes?

If you look at shoes as an investment, you won't flinch when ordering a pair of good ones that will fall on an average of $50 to $65. While there are cheaper options and thrift shops, having a good pair will save you more money in the future.

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In Conclusion

We hope with this list of types of shoes for men you'd be able to decide which to wear to the beach, for a picnic, or to a wedding and be the best-dressed man out there whatever the occasion is.