What to say to a girl when you're interested in her is the first step in figuring out how to talk to girls.

It's a broad category, but it's an important one. When we talk about what to say to a girl, we're really looking for how to find the things to say to a girl at the right time to grab her interest and communicate how you feel.

For some lucky guys, this can be intuitive, they just feel out a conversation perfectly. For most of us, though, we struggle to know what to say to a girl you like.

We make all the wrong choices and end up walking away from an awkward conversation.

Or, we used to. Now, we can just use the steps below so that we always know what to say to a girl, no matter when we're talking to her.

It turns out, it's all quite easy.


Why Is Knowing Exactly What To Say To A Girl So Important?

Think of the qualities you know that girls like: smart, handsome, charming, clever, witty, funny.

There's only so much you can do about your looks, but everything else comes down to knowing what to say to a girl to make yourself sound good.

Knowing when to be funny, when to be pithy, and when to flirt can make an absolute difference in whether you are the guy of a girl's dreams or someone not worth a second glance.

When you have the right thing to say to make her laugh, console her, or make her feel good, she's going to want to keep talking to you.

Once she wants to talk to you, you have the means to convince her you're really worth all of her attention.

It's really that simple. When it comes to getting a girl's attention, it all comes down to the right words.

What To Say To A Girl: 7 Steps

Figuring out what to say to her is actually really straight-forward. It all comes down to paying attention and making sure to hit a few basic steps.

1. Observe

Before you launch into a conversation, take a moment to pay attention.

What is she doing? What is she wearing? What is going on around her? Is she talking to someone about something?

The more you know about her in that moment, the easier it is to fill in the blanks later in the conversation.

2. Make a Good Introduction

Knowing what to say later in a conversation all leads from how you start your conversation. If you go in with the right line or question, you'll engage her and the conversation will proceed naturally.

Pro Tip 2a: Know What To Say To Start A Conversation With A Girl

Step 2 may seem obvious, but for many of us, it's difficult to know how to start a conversation with a girl.

Luckily, there's a whole world of advice to draw on for this, and it all comes down to two words: conversation starters.

You can approach this from many different angles from the basic, to the amusing, to the deep.

A basic conversation starter might be: "What's the best place to get a drink around here?"

Or, go amusing: "How long would you last in the zombie apocalypse?"

Or, deep: "Where do you find your purpose in life?"

No matter what kind of conversation starter you want, the best part about this is that they are all available here on Mantelligence to choose from.

3. Make It About Her and a Little About You

Once you're in the conversation, follow a very simple formula: 1 question + 1 personal comment.

Ask her questions about herself, any basic thing you're interested in. Then, when she tells you something tell her something on-topic about yourself.

Then repeat.

4. Add a Little About the Situation

Add in a few observations and questions about your shared experience. Talk about classes or work you share, the location you're in. Anything that can increase your bond.

5. Be Funny When and How You Can

Throw in a few jokes or funny questions to keep her amused while talking to you. There's nothing that keeps a girl interested as much as humor.

6. Keep It Natural

Don't push too hard in the conversation. Ask basic things and don't be too intrusive into her private life. Let her reveal what she wants.

7.  Know When to Move On

When a topic is exhausted, move on. Don't try to hold on to something once it's over. Just let it progress to something else.

What To Say To Keep The Conversation Going With A Girl

Step 7 above leads to a new issue: how to keep a conversation going with a girl?

This may seem like a major dilemma, but really, you already know all the tricks at this point. Use the steps above and just supplement them with a few additions explained here.

1. Rely on Your Observations

You've already learned that you need to observe effectively to really know what to say to the girl. You can really lean into that at this point.

Was there a topic she seemed really interested in when you started talking? Circle back to it. Is there something on TV she keeps looking at? Talk to her about TV and that show.

2. Know Things To Talk About With a Girl

Build on these observations with some basic topics that you can expect she wants to discuss. By having a few conversation topics in your pocket, you will never run out of things to talk to a girl about.

Talk to her about her dreams, travel, or her friends as a start, then keep it going from there.

3. Ask Questions To Ask a Girl To Get To Know Her

The topics in Step 2 should get her talking, but if she's a little reticent, fall back on those questions about her mentioned above.

Have some quality questions to ask a girl ready, like "when were you happiest?", "what embarrassing song do you just love?", or "what's the craziest thing you've ever done?"

With these kinds of questions to ask a girl to get to know her, she'll be sure to respond enthusiastically, and you can keep the conversation going.

What To Say To A Girl You Like

While all the above steps are sure to get you into a conversation, you also want to know, specifically, what to say to the girl you like.

How to talk to a girl you like is, of course, a little more stressful because you need things to say to a girl you like that communicate how much you like her.

Just insert these steps into the conversation steps above to really get that across.

1. Compliment Her

Nothing gets her attention like a good compliment. The key is to learn how to compliment a girl. The compliments for girls that really work are unique but still a bit traditional.

So, compliment her on her unique style choices. Or, tell her why you think she's so clever. Or, if all else fails, tell her she has beautiful eyes. It's an old standard that never fails.

2. Say Sweet Things to Her

A follow-up on the compliments, throw in a few off-hand sweet comments. Sweet things to say to a girl as some of the best things to say to a girl, period.

Tell her you've never had such a great conversation or that your evening was so boring before you started talking. Keep it genuine and spontaneous for the best effect.

3. Say Something True to Her

Another follow-up here. One of the best ways to communicate your interest is to just be honest.

Be honest about yourself and how you feel. You don't have to be blunt, but don't try to be more than you are or play at being disinterested.

Girls value honesty.

What To Say To A Girl Over Text

Of course, much of what has been discussed at this point assumes you are in front of a girl. If you've got to communicate over the phone, you need the steps for how to text a girl.

Thankfully, this topic still uses all the steps you already know above, just in a new way.

1. Know What To Text A Girl

Although this is a bit different than talking face to face, don't be nervous. Make text messaging work for you by being even more prepared by figuring out what to text a girl beforehand.

Just pick from the options below and start a dynamite conversation before you even text "hi."

Option 1: Ask Questions To Ask a Girl Over Text

Begin with what you already know: ask her questions. Use some ideal questions to ask a girl over text to keep your conversation interesting enough to engage her even if she's busy.

Keep her on her toes by asking if she'd ever live in a foreign country to get her thinking about romantic travel, or find out what her ideal way to spend a Saturday is to plan an invitation later.

Or, just catch her off-guard and ask what her ideal super power would be.

Option 2: Send a "Just Thinking of You" Text For Her

Keep her thinking of you by sending her a message just because. Include a good question, like what the best part of her day so far has been.

Option 3: Send a Good Morning Text For Her

Another, slightly more scheduled just because message. Send her a good morning text for her so you're the first thing she thinks about when she gets up.

Ask her about her dreams, her plans for the day, and what she's most looking forward to that's coming up soon.

Option 4: Send A Good night text For Her

First thing in the morning, and last thing at night. Make sure to send a good night text for her as well.

You can ask her about her day, about her friends (to get the day's gossip), or throw out something random like what her spirit animal is to get her chuckling as she curls up for the night.

2. Respond to How She Responds

Once you have her talking, keep it going for a bit by responding genuinely to her. Feel out the conversation to flesh out topics, move on, or say goodbye.

3. Use the Text Format

Text can end up being an incredibly powerful tool. You can send her memes, videos, and .gifs that are sure to amuse her.

Text can also sometimes make you braver. If the moment presents itself to move the relationship farther, send it in text form if saying it in person is too hard.

What To Say To Girls At Parties

While it may seem like you need a whole new set of tips for how to talk to girls at parties, the truth is that you already have everything you need from the steps above.

Just use the steps you know and look for the perfect moment when she's alone and ready to talk.

More Steps On How To Talk To Girls

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In Conclusion

It should be clear by now that when it comes to what to say to a girl, it's all a matter of just following the right steps.

With a few quality things to say to a girl and all the steps laid out, learning how to talk to girls is actually pretty easy and straightforward.

Just use this advice, and you'll never need to stress about what to say to a girl you like again. Now, you can approach her and chat away with ease.