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Wine Awesomeness – Is this wine subscription for you?

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If amazing stories are just as important to you as fantastic wine, you need to check out Wine Awesomeness.

This wine of the month club focuses on finding the best wines from around the world, and sharing the stories of the people who make them. Our friends over at are wild about this wine subscription box, and thought you guys might appreciate the unique blends, cultural learning, and tasting tips too.

So if you like to entertain, or just enjoy a good bottle for yourself, keep reading to find out if this is the wine of the month club for you.


What is Wine Awesomeness?

wine awesomeness - what
Wine Awesomeness offers its subscribers a chance to discover something new in the world of wine. Their curators threw stuffiness and tradition out the window and focus on finding wines with delicious flavors and unique origin stories.

Each month they curate 6 bottles around a theme, and focus on the culture and stories of the people who made them. We already knew wine brings people together, but what if it brought cultures together too?

For $79 a box you can have all 6 bottles, plus the articles, information, and tasting notes in theblacklabel magazine. Or choose the 3-bottle subscription for $49 a month, and choose your preference of all reds, all whites, or a mix.

They understand how the most recent generation of wine lovers shops. With no concern for tradition, they give you something interesting and unique as conveniently as possible. It’s so convenient, once you sign up you can skip months as often as you need and cancel anytime.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Wine Awesomeness Items

wine awesomeness - items
To see some of the unique blends they put together for subscribers, check out the table below.

This Back to Basics box is from April, 2018. This month’s issue of theblacklabel magazine is all about helping you learn the fundamentals of wine tasting with the help of these 6 delicious and very different bottles.

Because many of these wines are so obscure, we couldn’t always find a price to compare the subscription fee with. When we could, we filled in that information in the table below.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
wine awesomeness - 2016 Alloy Wine Works Chardonnay2016 Alloy Wine Works ChardonnaySweet and fruity like you’d expect from a chardonnay, but with hints of lemon lime and pie crust.$9
wine awesomeness - 2016 Giuliano Rosati2016 Giuliano RosatiFruity and floral, this wine goes great with red sauce dishes.$–
wine awesomeness - 2016 Nexo Rioja2016 Nexo RiojaA rich red wine with dark fruit notes and hints of tobacco.$15.99
wine awesomeness - 2017 Antipasto Sangiovese2017 Antipasto SangioveseBright and fruity and in a can. It’s easy to forget this is wine.$–
wine awesomeness - 2017 Estampa Viognier Reserva2017 Estampa Viognier ReservaCantaloupe, honey, and lemon are just some of the flavors in this bright white wine.$16

Wine Awesomeness Review

wine awesomeness - review

They want to disrupt the wine industry, and they’ve got some big ideas on how to do it. You can read all about how they’re changing the game in our in depth Wine Awesomeness review.

Pros vs Cons of Wine Awesomeness

wine awesomeness - proscons
For now, check out the Pros and Cons of Wine Awesomeness in the table below and see if this wine of the month club is right for you.


  • theblacklabel – with their monthly publication, it is like travelling the world for great great wine.
  • Unique wines – You’ll receive bottles you’d never see at your local liquor store.
  • Free Shipping – As long as your local laws allow it, They ship for free.


  • Price – Thankfully with two subscription options you can choose the plan that fits your budget, but price can be an issue even at the 3-bottle level.
  • Total unconventionality – In pursuit of total industry disruption, they got rid of the so-called-experts and sommeliers. Which is cool… but who’s tasting the wine?

Wine Awesomeness Coupon or Promo Code

wine awesomeness - promo

There is no current coupon or promo code.

How to Join Wine Awesomeness: 3 Steps

wine awesomeness - how-to

Joining is a pretty straightforward process. Follow these steps to join.

Here is how to join Wine Awesomeness:

1. Select your Membership

wine awesomeness - step 1
Start by choosing either the 6-bottle membership for $79 per box, or the 3-bottle membership for $49 per box. If you select the 3-bottle option, you can then select an all-red, all-white or mixed subscription.

2. Enter Your Info

wine awesomeness - step 2
Once you’ve chosen your box, enter your shipping and billing information on the next screen. You can always change your subscription frequency later.

3. Enjoy

wine awesomeness - step 3
Before long you’ll be enjoying the awesomeness of a great bottle of wine with a great story to tell.

More Great Wine Of The Month Clubs

Not convinced this subscription is for you? Check out some of these reviews for more great wine of the month club ideas.

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In Conclusion

Wine Awesomeness brings people together with great wine and great stories.

If you’ve got the room in your budget, this wine of the month club can introduce you to amazing wines you’d never find in stores, and show you the stories of the people who create them.

Check out for more reviews of subscription boxes and clubs from every other industry you can imagine.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?




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