Gentlemen, today we’re sharing with you 10 attractive daily habits for guys that will make any woman melt for you.

And because most guys tend to have a bad habit they may not realize they have, we’re also going to show you one habit that is always going to be a turn-off.

5 Habits That Make Men More Attractive - How to Easily Attract Her (Animated)
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10 Attractive Daily Habits for Guys

Here are 10 daily habits you should start doing immediately + the one habit you should avoid at all costs:

10. Slowing your Roll

While you know women like a guy who can put in work, they also universally want somebody they can be relaxed around. And one habit that easily conveys a chill, relaxing demeanor that girls like... is to walk a little bit slower when you can.

Crazy, but it works. So next time you’re passing through, walk fast enough to look like you’ve got somewhere to go. But slow enough that girls know they can talk to you.

9. Complementing Your Scent

Did you know that women have a stronger sense of smell than men? And that they rank your body odor as THE most important trait in how attractive they find you?

You HAVE to smell nice, guys. And your natural scent plays a big part in doing so.

So what does that mean exactly? Cologne reacts to individual body chemistry in different ways. In other words: The cologne your friend uses might not smell as good on you as it does on him. But wearing a unique cologne that complements your scent, will make a woman forever associate that smell with you.

8. Always Having Something to Build

Whether you’re working on a home project or learning a new language, you should constantly be building the foundations to make yourself a more desirable man.

Women like men with hobbies and interests (plus, staying busy makes them want you more.)

So start up a hobby or two. It will make you more knowledgeable, interesting, and, well… Manly.

7. Fix it, Don’t Replace it

When something around the house stops working or breaks down you have two options: You can spend more money than you need to on replacing it or you can fix it yourself for less.

And which option do you think a woman likes more? It’s an easy answer, right? And even better, regularly fixing things will not only save you money... it’s also a surefire method of showing women that you can solve problems and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty.

6. Holding the Door

Among the many things that women look for in a guy, good manners is close to the top of the list. And by far the easiest way to show good manners, is to hold the door open for people when you get the chance.

Because who knows? Not only could you make a great first impression with a girl you don’t know, you can show a girl you like that you’re the kind of good-natured dude she really wants.

5. Being On Time

We all know someone who will be late to their own funeral. And if you’ve ever had to wait on someone like that, you know how frustrating it is.

So get in the habit of showing up on time. Women can’t get enough of a guy who can manage his time properly. Because to her, not making her wait makes her feel wanted. And that’s imperative if you want her to want you.

4. Train Progressively

Otherwise known as working out, progressive training is more than just hitting the gym or getting muscles. It’s about getting strong and showing girls one of the most desirable habits of all: Discipline.

So whatever you want to do, pick a challenging activity you want to be good at and systematically improve at it day after day.

3. Meal Prepping For the Week

We’ve said it before, guys: Women can’t get enough of a man who has a healthy routine. So if a girl sees you know how to cook and eat right... it’s only natural for her to wonder about the other things you might know how to do.

So throw away the hot pocket and hit the grocery store. Because it’s time to up your game and start meal prepping.

2. Creating a Working Budget Every Three Months

If you haven’t noticed by now, women want a guy who has his life in order. So naturally, a habit that women notice, is knowing how to budget money. Because in the end, stability is king.

So if you want to show women you’ve got your stuff together, start by keeping tabs on your finances.

1. Always Having A Great Story to Tell

Telling good stories is - uh… it’s a - um, good habit to um… have because this way of speaking is -uh... sounds bad.

See how unattractive that sounds? Stumbling over your words is a fail-safe way to get any girl to walk away from you.

So train yourself to tell better stories and speak more coherently. Maybe try to learn a new word each day. Because if your words and ideas flow smoothly, women can only be more interested in what you have to say.

The Number 1 Bad Habit That Women HATE

Look guys… everyone has bad habits. We’re only human after all. But some daily habits are worse than others. And when it comes to getting the girl... being overly possessive is a HUGE red flag.

A little jealousy here and there is normal for a relationship (especially if you talk about it). But when you think that every guy she talks to wants to steal her away... you’re only making things harder on yourself. Being jealous and possessive with a girl shows her that you don’t trust her... and trust is the main ingredient to a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

So constantly bugging her when she’s out with her friends gets old very quickly. Which is exactly why controlling those urges to constantly check up on her is a skill you need to master. And as long as you trust her and let her do her own thing when you’re not together... it will go a long way in making sure she’s happy when you are together.

In Conclusion

Those are the 10 daily habits women love to see on a guy and 1 that’s an instant turn-off, no matter what.

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