Sadly, the beautiful... incredible... and (most importantly) incredibly manly Mantelligence triva game app is no more.

Here's a little more on what happened and what is going on...

What was the app?

I couldn't have written it better than whoever this savvy (and probably good looking) genius did in the original app store description (okay, yes... it was me):

Put your manly intelligence to the test with this addictive new trivia game for men.

Battle fierce bosses, earn piles of treasure and set massive highscores to challenge your friend's man-telligence!

So what is man-telligence?

As we mature as men, we're expected to know certain things that aren't found in textbooks. We should know the difference between a socket wrench and a crescent wrench, that, in the NFL, the penalty for a false start is 5 yards and that storing beer upright helps to reduce oxidation.

This exciting new trivia game will test your man-telligence around every corner with questions from a wide range of manly categories: sports, tools, cars, beer and many more.

Each round you'll face more challenging questions. Answer them correctly to move on. If you can beat the final boss you'll unlock the intense Survival mode.

You need more than an axe and flannel to be a real man. You need Mantelligence.


  • Thousands of unique man-telligence questions
  • Seven question types (such as true or false and multiple choice)
  • Hundreds of beautifully designed images to compliment the questions (like sports jerseys and tools)
  • Seven challenging bosses (including a dragon and a pirate king)
  • Five strong powerups to help you along your journey (such as a shield and full multiplier)
  • Two exciting game modes: Quest and Survival


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Why is the app no more?

When I started Mantelligence back in 2013, it was was with a simple goal:

To give men a fun way to become better, more intelligent men.

But then something happened:

My bills started pilling up... and I needed to start making money. To market the app, I originally created a website (yes, this one). Fortunately, while the app was tanking (we at our max got like 2,000 - 3,000 downloads)... the website (it's traffic and revenue) were skyrocketing.

So, in (roughly) 2014, I decided to focus exclusively on the site.

Is there any way to download it?

Sadly, no. But, you can still watch our preview video get a taste of the real thing!

Will the app be coming back one day?

Sadly guys, it is extremely unlikely that it will. The app game is viscous.

Instead, I'm going to focus on creating content (where we have seen success with our community). You can see a list of all our active properties here: