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Mantelligence was created because my team and I were tired of reading the same bland, low-quality, and low-value content for men. We wanted to grow to be better men, but found that it was hard to find the right type of information online to help us.

What is the right type of content? To me, it follows three fundamental rules:

Rule #1: Easy to understand 

Rule #2: Actionable

Rule #3: In-depth

And it's these three rules help us create content with one goal in mind: to help you become a better, more intelligent man.

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2. Check out these 5 must-read articles

I put together this list of articles that I feel every man should read to help jump-start his Mantelligence.

These are some my favorite articles we've ever published... and if you're looking to become a better, more intelligent man, they're must-read articles:

Must-Read #1: Hack Your Memory with the Pythagoras Memory Technique

Memory is the foundation of our intellect and intelligence. The Pythagoras Memory Technique is an incredibly simple exercise that will help dramatically improve your memory.

Must-Read #2: 7 Common Flirting Signs [From Her]

Having trouble determining if she's interested or if she's flirting with you? Look for these 7 common and telltale flirting signs from our resident dating/female-insight expert Robin.

Must-Read #3: How to Become a Better Man: 57 Insanely Manly Life Tips

Talk less, listen more. Remember names. Drink your coffee black. Pay with cash. Use these simple 57 manly life tips to become an insanely better man.

Must-Read #4: 16 Studies Prove You Need to Dress Well

Do you dress well? Dressing well is one of the single most important things a guy can do... and to prove it to you, I gathered the results of 16 studies. Check out these 7 incredible, proven benefits of dressing well.

Must-Read #5: How (and Why) to Define Your Personal Values (+ a List of 75 Values)

A man's values are his foundation. Define your personal values today with these 5 easy-to-follow steps and our definitive list of 75 values of strong men.

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5. Turn off your computer... and go make some memories

When you're 80, sitting on your rocking chair, reflecting on your life... are you going to remember the time you spent on the computer, or the time you spent doing awesome stuff?

The world is an incredible, beautiful place... don't forget to enjoy it.

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