Christmas is just right around the corner, and we'll help you find cool things to get for Christmas.

As a style expert, I have the best Christmas gift ideas to help you fiPexelsnd the cool things to get boys for Christmas. Some of my articles have been featured on HobbyCraze and BestLife, so I have plenty of experience with this.

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Ultimate List of Cool Christmas Present Ideas For Everyone on Your List

Are you the type who gives a gift card as a Christmas present? I hope not, because I have the best Christmas gifts ideas to help you become the most creative gift giver this year! This holiday season, we'll ensure that your Christmas tree will be filled with the best gifts.

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5 Handy Things to Get For Your Father That He Will Find Useful

Finding cool things to get your dad for Christmas (and Father's Day too!) will require some thought. You have to think about his passion, hobbies, and interests. Since Christmas happens only once a year, you'd want to get him a perfect gift that he'll appreciate. So, let's check out the best Christmas gifts for dad.

1. 3 in 1 Wireless Charger

If your dad is the outdoor type, this 3-in-1 wireless charger will be a wonderful gift idea. Everybody uses phones, smartwatches, and other rechargeable devices. But they're no use once the battery runs out. This charger is compatible with smartphones, Apple watches, and Airpods. It's fast charging with a wireless design, so your area won't be messy with a cord. It also comes with over-current protection, preventing over-charging damage to the equipment battery.

2. Warmies Slippers

After work, you'd first want to remove your shoes and slide your feet into some plush and comfy slippers. The same things go for dads out there. They may not want to buy it themselves, but they will surely use it if you give them one of these warmies slippers. It's made of ultra-soft material and dried French lavender. It will provide him with the comfort and relaxation he needs. The best gift for your hardworking dad.

3. Mini Projector

Perfect timing for a get-together. This mini projector can be used to watch movies or, better yet, homemade videos. Surprise him with cherished memories of your family. Connect it from a USB, TV box, computer, or digital camera to view a full HD experience up to 170 inches wide. It's small and portable so that it can be taken anywhere without hassle.

4. Popcorn Maker

Let your father have the complete cinema experience at home with this popcorn maker. This machine can make up to 1 gallon of popcorn per batch and has a warming light to keep the popcorn hot. You and your family can finally enjoy warm popcorn while watching 'The Grinch.'

5. Therapy Massage Gun

Check out this therapy massage gun if you think relaxation can never be so portable. It relieves muscle fatigue and pain and promotes blood circulation. Comes with 15 different massage heads and speeds; you can adjust it to your liking or comfort. It's cordless and portable, so it's a cool gift for your loved one.

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4 Tech-y Items for Kids That Will Find Interesting

Some kids these days are now more technically-adept than adults, so they're kind of hard to impress. But I know the cool things to get boys for Christmas, so you'll be the coolest Santa.

6. Artie 3000 Coding Robot

Kids with a knack for computers and programming will love the Artie 3000 coding robot. Drawing with your hands is a common way to create a masterpiece. How about making a robot do the drawing for you? That's way cooler! With pre-programmed designs, beginner to intermediate coders can start coding right away. It has built-in wi-fi, so it does not need an internet connection. Just connect your tablet or computer and get started.

7. Bright Light Chameleon

A fun and hi-tech companion for your little one. Give them this bright light chameleon that changes color according to their mood. It can express emotions through lights and funny sounds, just like a real pet. It's a squishy toy that reacts to petting, feeding and the sound of your voice. If your kid is not ready for a real pet yet, then they can start with this one.

8. Instax Camera

I wish someone would give me this awesome techy gift. The Instax camera brings back memories when you could actually get a hard copy of your captured memory. These days, almost everything is digital. This is one piece that brings back good nostalgic feelings. It comes with a selfie mirror and a macro lens adapter for close-ups. It's a great gift to capture those cherished moments.

9. Yoto Player

The Yoto player is an educational toy and an easy way to let your kids learn. It's an audio player that comes with 7 content cards, but it has a library of over 300 titles to choose from. They can also record personalized audio cards for playback. It comes with a customizable clock, night light, and sleep trainer. All you need to help your child fall asleep quickly.

5 Quirky Stuff to Give Your Rich Relatives That Will Surely Fit Their Taste

Have you ever wondered what would be the perfect gifts for men who have everything? Is there still something you can give them that they don't have? The answer is yes! There are still uncommon goods that even a man with everything does not have yet.

10. Temperature Control Smart Mug

There are times when you get too busy that you forget to drink the coffee you made a while ago. Or, you're taking too long to drink your coffee that it starts to get cold. This temperature control smart mug is the answer to your problem. It comes with a ceramic mug with a built-in 80 minute battery to keep your hot drink warm. You can control it with your smartphone and customize the settings. It also comes with a charging coaster to keep your drink warm for longer periods.

11. Bluetooth Beanie

What if I tell you that there's a head warmer, speaker, and microphone in one? Yes, with this bluetooth beanie, it's possible. Keep your head warm with a double fleece lining while listening to music or talking on the phone. It has a capacity of 10 hours when playing music and 12 hours talking through the microphone, and its charging time is only 1.5 hours.

12. Golf Practice Net

They say that golf is a rich man's sport. A golf practice net is a great gift idea for your rich relative. They can play golf in their backyard while enjoying cold lemonade. Comes with a large golf hitting net, a golf tee, golf balls, and a grass pad. They can have the whole setup in the comfort of their yard. It's also foldable and portable, so they can bring it wherever they go.

13. Mirror Digital Clock

Some of the most dreaded Christmas gifts are alarm clocks, photo frames, tumblers, and shower gels. But not this one; the mirror digital clock is a perfect gift for someone who is vain and likes to keep track of time. Imagine the alarm goes off, you get up to hit snooze or turn it off, and you see your morning face. Or, you use it to put on your makeup while keeping track of time. It has an adjustable brightness level so it won't be too harsh for your eyes.

14. Smart Reusable Notebook

One of the best unique gift ideas is a smart reusable notebook. I'll tell you why. It's a notebook with 7 different templates for planning, listing, goal setting, and sketching. Use any pen, marker, or highlighter that comes with it, and let it dry for 15 seconds. Then blast your notes to popular cloud services using the app. So you don't need to look through all your notebooks just to find what you're looking for.

5 Interesting Presents For Your Mother That Will Show Her How Thoughtful You Are

Usually, our mothers are the ones who are always in charge of holiday season preparations. So, aside from Mother's Day, Christmas is another day to tell her how much you appreciate her. Find cool things to get for Christmas to give her. I assure you, she will feel loved and appreciated.

15. Hot Air Brush

Let your mom feel gorgeous this holiday by giving her a hot air brush. It's a quick and healthy way to dry her hair as it prevents damage and frizz while giving it more volume. A perfect Christmas gift to show appreciation to your mom. Let her be the 'belle of the ball' with the help of this amazing hair tool.

16. Waterproof Rain Hat

Have you ever thought about how it's hard for your mom to carry an umbrella while running an errand? This waterproof rain hat will solve the problem. It protects your hair and face from rain, snow, sun, and UV rays. Let her free her hands from holding an umbrella. This is a stylish way to protect herself from the rain and sun.

17. Moon Lamp

After a long day, we all want to go to a cozy room, feel that soft blanket, and lie down. Mothers are one of the hardest workers in the world, and they deserve that good night's rest. Make it possible with this moon lampIt provides a relaxing ambiance to the room, with dual colors that can be changed with a soft tap.

18. UGG Fluffy Slippers

Complete your mom's relaxation with the UGG fluffy slippers. It's a cool Christmas gift because it is a combination of fluffy slippers and sandals made of soft sheep skin and airy platform. This is the perfect footwear for strolling.

19. Echo Show 5

Now, this is a very cool gift for all moms out there. Echo show 5 is a smart display connected to Alexa. You can check the time, and weather or ask Alexa to show you a movie. You can manage your voice control compatible devices on this display as well. Lastly, it can support what we all love to do - you can connect it with video calling and messaging. Everything she needs in one device.

Downloadable and Printable List of Cool Things To Get For Christmas

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of cool things to get for Christmas (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

How Do You Choose What Gift to Give to Someone?

There are a lot of gift guides as well as gift ideas you can find anywhere. But how do you know what gift to pick to give to someone? Surely, there's an easy way to figure it out. I'll tell you how.

1. Consider their hobbies and interests.

To ensure that the person will appreciate your gift, align it with their list of hobbies and interests. Giving them something related to their passion is better so they can use it. Uncommon goods may prove your creativity, but they may end up in storage.

2. Give them problem solvers.

A good Christmas gift is something that will solve an issue they have. They will surely appreciate your gift, from housekeeping to skin or hair problems. They will remember you as the one who gave that thing that solved an issue they had.

3. Think of their preferences.

We all have our preferences. Like me, I'm a coffee guy, so my wife gave me a coffee maker. I felt like a kid opening up the presents underneath the Christmas tree again. So you should know what they like or their personal style to make sure you choose the right gift.

4. Know your recipient's love language.

This is important to consider when choosing a gift for your loved one. Know whether they like a tangible gift or if they prefer to travel with you. There are many great gifts, and not all of them are tangible, like memories or quality time. Knowing your recipient's love language will help you pick the gift they will appreciate the most.

Ways to Make Gift Giving Fun and Exciting

Are you tired of the traditional way of gift-giving? You pick a name from the fishbowl and just hand over the present? Aside from great gifts, what makes gift-giving enjoyable is how we go about it. Check out these ideas to make exchanging gifts more memorable than ever.

White Elephant

All presents will go into a gift pool. Then each participant will pick a number. The first one will choose a gift from the gift pool and open it. The second one will do the same, but they can choose to either keep the gift or steal the present of the previous player.

Secret Santa

This is a holiday classic. Participants will pick a random name, and that person will be their recipient. A wish list of gift ideas will be given to their secret Santa. Then the giftee will guess which among the group is their secret Santa.

Musical Gifts

This is one way to spice up gift-giving this Christmas. All players will form a circle with gifts on their laps. Music will play, and they will continue to pass the gifts in one direction. It can go from clockwise to counter-clockwise. Once the music stops, whichever gift lands on your lap will be the one you'll take home.

Yankee Swap

It is similar to the white elephant, but you can add a variation. All players are assigned a number, and the first one will pick a gift from the gift pool. They have to unwrap it. Then the second one will pick another gift, then they get to choose if they will unwrap it or swap it with the opened gift. If they decide to switch, the first one has to pick another gift and open it.

Gift Auction

All players must bring one good gift and one gag gift. Then allot a certain amount of cash for the participants, say $100. The host will put up the first gift for auction, and the players will bid on it. Just hope that you bid on the good gift, not the gag one. Nevertheless, this will make your gift-giving super fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you made your list of cool things to get for Christmas yet? I totally understand if there are still questions that boggle your mind. The good news is, we are here to answer them for you.

Do men appreciate DIY presents?

Yes, we do! Generally, we appreciate any gift, especially DIY gifts. It's an awesome way to show someone your thoughtfulness and creativity. Your recipient will appreciate the time and effort you put into it. You cannot buy it anywhere because you made it yourself.

How much should I spend on a present?

It's understandable that aside from the gifts, we must allocate funds to other things. Although not all of us can afford a fancy gift, you would not want to give someone a cheap Christmas gift. It should be around $100 -$150 for your significant other and $25 to $50 for a family member and close friends.

Does the wrapping/packaging of the gift really matter?

The wrapping of the gift does not matter that much. But, according to studies, the expectation of what inside gets higher when a present is wrapped perfectly. So, it is better to keep it neat and simple. What's important is what's inside; nobody remembers the wrapper or packaging you used.

Aside from gifts, how could I let them know that they're special to me?

One thing that money can't buy is quality time. Take a leave from work and plan a travel getaway. Enjoy this time with your loved ones and create good memories. They will appreciate it and remember it for life.

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Enjoyed this list of cool things to get for Christmas? Christmas is about giving and sharing, but it does not revolve around presents. It's the love we express to each other and the memories we create. But, now that you know the cool things to get for Christmas, it would not be bad to be the best Santa in town.